How Wokingham are you? (quiz)

Unfortunately not everyone can be among the few true people from Wokingham. Being from Wokingham means you are exceptional. What is Wokingham? A nice town in Berkshire. ENJOY.

Wokingham is a small town in Berkshire and forth most popular place to live in the Great Britain. Until now you could only wonder if you were from there. But this quiz will help you know for sure.

Created by: Colin

  1. Where was the drill hall?
  2. Why do some pubs have shipping connections in their names?
  3. What was Rose Street famous for?
  4. Wokingham Station is (in railway miles) 62 miles from London. Why is this?
  5. Where was the cock pit?
  6. What large store started in Wokingham?
  7. Where were the brick works located?
  8. Where was the Bell foundry?
  9. Where was the fire station located until 1969?
  10. Where was the Original film Theatre, called the Electric Theatre?

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Quiz topic: How Wokingham am I? (quiz)