How much do you know about Berkshire County, MA?

Berkshire County, Massachusetts is a special place unlike any of its surrounding states. With music, food, shopping and nature there's something for everyone.

How much do you know about this diverse Massachusetts county? You may know about the towns and the tourist attractions, but can you prove that you are a true Berkshire-ite?

Created by: Catherine
  1. Where are the Berkshires located?
  2. How is "Berkshire" pronounced?
  3. What famous orchestra performs at Tanglewood each summer?
  4. Which of the following performers has NOT performed at Tanglewood?
  5. Which museum is not located in the Berkshires?
  6. Why do thousands migrate to Stockbridge on the weekend after Easter?
  7. Which two places have a Walmart?
  8. Which of the following is NOT a pizza joint in the Berkshires?
  9. Which of the following movie theaters has the fewest screens?
  10. What town are the outlets located in?
  11. What are there too few of in Great Barrington?
  12. Which celebrity has a store in Great Barrington?
  13. Which pair is a town that borders CT and then a town that borders VT?
  14. There is a direct bus line between the Berkshires and what city? Most of the tourists are from this city
  15. Which college is located in the Berkshires?
  16. The Gypsy Joynt Family owns several businesses. Which of the following do they not own?
  17. What is SoCo?
  18. Which store is still at the Berkshire Mall?
  19. Simon's Rock is...?
  20. Which of the following is not the name of a school?
  21. What are the three seasons in the Berkshires?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Berkshire County, MA?