Who Are You in the Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution was one of the most important and violent conflicts in history. Dozens of groups struggled to determine the future of Russia. From Black Hundredists to Bolsheviks, which side would you be on?

In this quiz, you will answer 10 questions with your position on important issues facing Russia in 1917-1918. Your answers will give you one of eight factions as a result.

Created by: Nikolai
  1. What era in Russian history is ideal for your preferred government?
  2. What should be done about Russia's involvement in World War I?
  3. What about the status of the Church?
  4. How should Russia participate in international affairs?
  5. The Tsar should have absolute power.
  6. Who should be allowed to vote?
  7. What should be done about the breakaway republics? (Ukraine, Finland, Georgia, the Baltics)
  8. What should be done about minorities within Russia?
  9. Which political movement are you most supportive of?
  10. Finally, what should be done about the massive famines, strikes, and food shortages ravaging Russia?

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