Who are you in 1917 Russia?

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Based on the Arzamas Academy quiz that has since stopped working, this quiz analyzes your political views and which faction you would align with during the February and October Revolutions in Russia.

Are you a hardcore Bolshevik? Maybe you're a more moderate Menshevik --- or maybe you're on the other side of the aisle completely as a Conservative Monarchist or even a Black Hundredist.

Created by: nunya
  1. The year is 1917, and the House of Romanov has fallen to the republican Provisional Government. What was your reaction to this event?
  2. The Provisional Government has begun to assemble into a true government for Russia. How should this new government organize itself?
  3. Radical Russian leftists have begun to gather around the flamboyant revolutionary Vladimir Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, who recently returned from exile in Switzerland. What's your opinion on Lenin?
  4. The nascent Black Hundredist movement, once popular around Russia after the 1905 Revolution, have finally been abolished. The Black Hundred was defined by its nationalism, Russian supremacy, and hardcore religious devotion. What's your opinion on their abolition?
  5. Breaking news from Petrograd! General Lavr Kornilov has attempted to march on the capital and overthrow the Provisional Government. This failed, primarily because of the actions of the Petrograd Soviet, but many supported him as he attempted to install himself as dictator. What are your opinions on this?
  6. One of the biggest questions the new Republic has to face is what to do with the former monarch. What should be done about Nicholas II and his family?
  7. Despite promises for peace, the Great War still goes on against Germany. The nascent leader of the Republic, Alexander Kerensky, has recently launched a disastrous offensive against the Germans. What's your response to this development!
  8. The primarily Bolshevik-dominated Petrograd Soviet, alongside soviets (elected worker's councils) across the nation, continues to grow in strength and influence. Should they be stopped?
  9. Attempts at diplomacy have failed. The Republic is descending into violence and disorder. The Bolsheviks and Left Social Revolutionaries have taken to the streets while the Russian army and Republican forces begin to mount a defense. Who will you side with in the upcoming Civil War?
  10. Finally --- out of the 10 possible results, which one do you agree the most with?

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