Could You Live In Russia?

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Are you considering a move to Russia? Do you love Russia or Russian culture? No worries! Whatever your situation may be, this quiz will help you to know whether or not you're suited for life in Russia.

There are 16 questions. They all have to do with your knowledge of Russia and how well you would handle Russian culture and customs. I hope you enjoy the quiz! Have fun!

Created by: I. I. Shushkevich
  1. First of all, the most basic question. Do you enjoy cold weather?
  2. Would you be OK living in a society where men are generally more respected than women?
  3. How well do you communicate with strangers?
  4. Speaking of the last question, how many friends do you have?
  5. How would you describe your proficiency in the Russian language?
  6. How do you feel about Russian cuisine? (blini, pelmeni, stroganoff, borsch, shchi, etc.)
  7. The following is a list of American pastimes you'll have to give up in Russia. Will you be willing to give them up? If the habit doesn't apply to you simply select "Does not apply"
  8. Give up: Local coffee shops?
  9. Give up: Late-night gatherings with friends?
  10. Give up: Easy access to taxi cabs?
  11. Give up: Smiling at strangers?
  12. Give up: Dining out at local restaurants (not fast food chains)?
  13. Alright, done with the "American" questions. Now on to some more typical questions about Russian culture: Is it necessary to bring a gift or favor when invited to a dinner or even just a casual visit?
  14. Why should you NOT bring an even number of flowers as a casual gift?
  15. Do you know what a toast is?
  16. Finally, the last question for now: Do you like vodka?

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