How Russian are you?

There are many smart people, but they don't even know what Russia actually is. Even the Russians. But you, can you challenge yourself of how much Russian you are?

Russia... Russia is Russia... But do you really know what Russia is? Try this quiz and get know how much Russian you actually are! (suitable both for Russians and Americans:)

Created by: iSunny

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is Russia?
  2. What is Crimea?
  3. What's the capital of Russia?
  4. Who is Vladimir Putin?
  5. Russia has the most friendly relationships with ...
  6. What's the weather in Russia?
  7. Russia do not have a common border with ...
  8. What are the first sentences of Russia's national anthem?
  9. What's a bad word in Russian?
  10. What happens if you stand up in centre of Moscow and shout out that you're gay?
  11. What would you prefer after dinner?
  12. Last question. How do you feel about how much Russian you are?

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Quiz topic: How Russian am I?