How much do you know about Russia?

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Well, what's that big thing on the map of Asia? You're probably talking about Russia. Russia is a country unlike any other. Now many people know about it.

How much do YOU know about it? Do you really know as much as you thought? Russia is one crazy place and we all don't know everything about it. Well, now you can see!

Created by: Holly Hills

  1. What is Russia bigger than?
  2. How many people died when an asteroid hit Siberia?
  3. What animals (besides humans) ride the Metro in Russia?
  4. What was the name of the Soviet Leader during the Cold War?
  5. How densely populated is Russia (people per sq. mi.)?
  6. How big is Russia (sq. mi.)?
  7. How many people live in Russia?
  8. What was Russia a part of in the 1900s?
  9. What continent is the majority of Russia in?
  10. What is the president of Russia's name?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Russia?