What Is Your Gender Expression?

Ever since the dawn of time, people have connected various objects, activities and personality traits to genders. It largely depends on culture. For example, did you know that once upon a time people thought high heels and color pink was for guys and blue and programming computers was for girls?

A quiz on the Internet cannot tell your gender, as it's an intimate part of your identity. It can, however, look at how well you fit the stereotypes. This quiz is more about your aesthetic and style than about your actual gender, but it's fun none the less. Are you more masculine, feminine, or androgynous?

Created by: EdgyPotato
  1. Someone compliments your appearance. What word would you prefer to be called?
  2. What would be the best hairstyle for you?
  3. What color would you dye your hair?
  4. What kind of scent appeals to you the most?
  5. What kind of stuff would you wear on your neck?
  6. What would you like to wear on your hands?
  7. How do you sit? (most of the time)
  8. Your snack of choice?
  9. What is your group of friends like?
  10. Which outfit would you pick?
  11. In your group of friends you are...
  12. You go to the mall. You head straight towards the...
  13. Which of these books would you read?
  14. Which superpower would you like?
  15. So you have a superpower. Cool. Pick some cool, extra modification to your body.
  16. And another body modification. Just for fun!

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Quiz topic: What Is my Gender Expression?