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  • Your Result: Androgynous 76%

    You are between masculinity and femininity. If you are nonbinary, then you've reached the golden center of expression. You casually float in space beyond Mars and Venus. However, don't assume that you need to be perfectly in the middle of expression to be nonbinary. If you are a man or a woman, most people will be cool with it, except for the most conservative ones. Expect a lot of "are you a boy or are you a girl?" from confused onlookers. Enjoy being yourself.

    I actually identify as gender neutral!! This makes me really happy. ☺👌Thank you so much!!

  • 85% Very masculine

    "You are rough, tough, badass and practical. If you're a man, you fit society's norm perfectly. You are the classic macho man. If you're a woman, people are going to be upset and call you names, because you're quite far from what people think girls and women should be. Screw them - be yourself. If you're nonbinary, people will most likely not believe you and see you as a man, as it's easier in their binary worldview. That's their problem - expression is not the same thing as gender."

    Well I'm nonbinary, but I don't pass as male, so people get angry or say I'm a lesbian XD as long as they don't try to hook me up with any girls, I'm fine though

  • Androgynous 89%

    I suppose that sounds about right, but really it's more like "gender stereotypes aren't real and they don't matter so ppl can do whatever they want, therefore I can do whatever I want". I don't really see how I present myself or the things I like as big statements about expressing my feminine or masculine sides. Makeup, clothes, scents, go-to snacks, video games - none of these things even have a gender, they're just things. If that makes me "androgynous" then I guess I'm androgynous lol ¯\_()_/¯

    • oh that bit at the end was meant to be a shrug emoji lmao XD

  • 91%

    You are between androgyny and masculinity. If you're a man, you still fit inside the male norm, so you won't have many problems from this direction. If you're a woman, you might be called "a tomboy". Some people will think that's cool, others (more conservative) might hate on you. If you're a lesbian, you fit the stereotype a bit, so some people may say "I knew it". No matter what, be yourself. If you're nonbinary, you are still in the androgyny zone. However, some people may still see you as a guy. It might be easier if you are assigned female or identify as a demiboy (part male, part neutral). On the other hand, who cares what people think? You do!

    Jesus! Genders do not exist, maybe sexes but not genders... That's nonsense!

  • Androgynous. Fun. I just wasted my time answering questions that told me this cause I was bored and now know one more useless thing about myself. Thanks! Ps my friend said I looked like a girls for some reason. Thats strange considering I am a girl. So duh Ill look like a girl

  • So yeah...I'm a male with a very androgynous/feminin e personality. Nice.

  • I got androgynous 76% mostly masc. which is understandable. Im a tomboy girl lol.

  • I am bi so I am cool with this


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