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  • Ninjago number quiz
    [published: Nov 20, 2020]

    This quiz is for complete ninjago nerds. If you are not a ninjago fan, this quiz is not for you. In this quiz…

  • What mythical creature are you?
    [published: Oct 15, 2020, 2 comments]

    Welcome to my What is your mythical creature quiz. It is a personality quiz so it will take the…

  • Witch original ninja are you?
    [published: Sep 12, 2020]

    This is a Quiz that tells you which of the four original ninja you are. Jay, the funny one, Zane,…

  • How brave are you? 10+
    [published: Sep 12, 2020]

    This quiz will give you a rough estimate of how brave you are. It won't be exact, but if you are honest it…

  • What canine are you?
    [published: Aug 28, 2020]

    This is a personality quiz that discovers what canine you are. Each of the four canines I picked have…

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