What kind of light are you?

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This quiz is a personality test on which kind of light you are most like. You may never have wanted to know, and you probably still don't, but don't take this seriously, It's just for fun.

I have tried hard to make this quiz interesting, so I hope you find it so. The options you could be are, Starlight,Electric light, Sunlight, Moonlight,Candlelight or darkness. Please enjoy.

Created by: Malafactor
  1. How well can you empathize?
  2. What comforts you most?
  3. What role do you have in your friend group?
  4. What is your opinion on justice?
  5. What is your favourite time?
  6. Which emotion is your favourite to feel?
  7. What is your main goal in life?
  8. How intense are you?
  9. Are you bad?
  10. A few short questions, feel free to skip.Blue or Red?
  11. You like animals
  12. wild Cats or wild dogs?
  13. You like arts.
  14. Would you ever litter?
  15. Do you ever sit for ages staring at something in nature?
  16. End of those. For what reason would you kill someone?
  17. What is your favourite genre?
  18. What is your favourite type of lightbulb?
  19. How good is your imagination?

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Quiz topic: What kind of light am I?