Which are you out of your friends?

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Which are you out of your group of friends? Find out with this awesome quiz!!!!!! Are you the athlete? The brains? The joker? Or are you the lonely outsider in your group?

Personally I'm either the athlete or the joker but I hope you enjoy and the time I put into this quiz is worth it!!! :) I would appreciate if you could tell me what your result was after you take the quiz too!! Enjoy!!!

Created by: Madalyn Ash-lea
  1. What are you most likely doing after school, on weekends or in your spare time?
  2. Choose another (same question).
  3. Choose another (same question)
  4. Which subject are you best at?
  5. What describes you the best?
  6. What month are you born in?*If you aren't born in any of these there are more on the next question so just skip this one.
  7. Which month are you born in? ***if you have already chosen don't pick one, skip instead*if you haven't chosen one from the question before. Choose now
  8. Are you a leader?
  9. Are you good at sport?
  10. Are you funny?
  11. How many hours are you on a device a week?
  12. Do you feel like an outsider in your group?
  13. How popular are you? Be honest.
  14. How smart are you? Again-Be honest
  15. Do you like animals?
  16. What's your Zodiac sign?Same As month-if yours is not on this one skip to the next question
  17. If your zodiac was not on the last one it will be here. If you answered on the other question then skip this one.
  18. Would you RATHER be:
  19. Which Do you think your best friends is?
  20. Have you ever told a joke that people laugh so hard they cry?
  21. Have you ever won a race?
  22. Have you ever got an A on a maths assessment?
  23. Have you ever took on a leadership role in your school? E.g. Sport captain, student council, school captain
  24. Have you ever been left out of something?
  25. Do you have your own iPad or iPhone or computer/laptop?
  26. Do you have a pet?
  27. Have you ever been told someone likes you?
  28. Did you enjoy this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which am I out of my friends?