Which Elemental power would you control?

Hello! And welcome to my first quiz in a very long time! I've decided to return to my roots and do a series of superpower quizzes.Your options on this one are water, wind, earth, fire, light and dark

Please answer honestly, none of the elements are weak, nor are they "evil". So please don't feel bad if your result is not what you expected or wanted!

Created by: Fifidee
  1. How would you describe your morning routine?
  2. Which of these would you prefer as a celebration ?
  3. Which would you prefer?
  4. Which one best describes you?
  5. Which one best describes you
  6. If you were in a fight, which type of conflict resolution would you consider first?
  7. What would you use your powers for?
  8. What's more important to you? Being just or being honest
  9. Would you give up something you'd wanted for years, to make someone else happy?
  10. Strength or mind

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