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  • Hey.
    "To the user whose been going around and lying about me, kindly take my name out of my mouth. You have lied about several things, Misg"
  • Closure.
    "Tl;DR: I'm leaving the site, as I've done a lot of thinking about how I've bene using it as a safety net, and just allowing myself to contin..."
  • Closure.
    "I'm making this thread for personal closure, and for any of my friends not in discord. I will be leaving the site, I wasn't exa"
  • For my own information:
    "I dont think i could listen to anything you anymore, so id prefer monetary value, which would be, $15. You can send it to the PayPal I gave ..."
  • For my own information:
    "I did actually. I know because it was the same day I was mocked for adding Road to my DNI. But honestly, if you don't post in "
  • For my own information:
    "We never shared an account detailing our abuse, I said it in my main, in my thread. Lmao."
  • For my own information:
    "Road, you and I had an agreement to trade art. My drawing for a song, you then proceeded to tell people how s--- my art was and then ghost m..."
  • For my own information:
    "What alts tho? Name my alts that I used to accuse road of abuse. I've publicly stated and provided the screenshots of ro"
  • For my own information:
    "Except, the user you're referring to directly responded to multiple posts, literally qputing what I said that's not a vague <3 "
  • For my own information:
    "Hi, please fact check. We did not say " Road is an abuser" or " your abusive ex Road" That was an assumption Road, and you hav"
  • For my own information:
    "You do realise, that road made this thread right?"
  • "No, all addictions are extremely serious, so please don't do that 🙏"
  • "It's not good to drink a lot, because you can become addicted to caffeine /gen"
  • "Caffeine is relaly bad for you, what I did was not at all healthy, and I don't recommend doing it."
  • "No bestie, 3 cold brew espresso cans That's 6 shots of espresso."

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