Find out Your Inner Animal

What type of animal are you? Are you tame or are you a wild beast? This quiz may let you find out, but you may not like the answer. You Animal you! Are you a sweet puppy dog or the king of the jungle. This quiz is not just for pet lovers. There is only one way to discover! If you dare..

Has anyone asked you this before and you had no idea? Did you have sleepless nights contemplating this age old question? Fret no more. This quiz has been designed with you in mind. We want to help you help your self. Take this quiz and your problems will be solved. Next time someone asks you you will be prepaired, and who knows, maybe you'll be asking them.

Created by: Kirsten
  1. You think a great day would be spent
  2. You wish you had more free time too...
  3. Out of the following foods, which one do you perfer?
  4. How do you let someone know you are interested?
  5. Do you fart in public
  6. Do you mind your P's and Q's?
  7. Who do you perfer...
  8. Are you a loud person?
  9. How much do you like affection?
  10. What kinda of music do you perfer?

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Quiz topic: Find out my Inner Animal