My inner animal spirit.

I hope you take my quiz. It's fun and tells you your animal spirit. You might want to know what you get. Maybe it'll tell you a little about yourself, or maybe not. To find out, take "My inner animal spirit."

Do you dare enough to find out your inner animal spirit? Unleash the animal inside you and find out. It is fun and a little different. It's not too long, and you'll find out fast.

Created by: Klayton
  1. When were you born?
  2. Which represents you the most?
  3. What's your hair color?
  4. Pick a number.
  5. You are stuck between four paths, you take the....
  6. Do you like to read?
  7. Do you like sports?
  8. You find out your best friend is leaving. What are you thinking?
  9. You find a missing wallet, you..
  10. Someone steals your bike/car, but the next day you find out who did it. What do you do?
  11. You see a sign saying "WIN BIG MONEY", with a phone number at the bottom. What do you do?

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