are you energy, essence, or spirit?

just a short fun quiz i made, not to be taken seriously.basically it will classify you as one of three things, essence, spirit, or energy. reminiscent of the chinese jing qi and shen. honeslty, just wanted to see if i had the attention span to do it,lol

what drives you as a human? hwat makes you tick? what is your general character? what is your reason for living? why do you do the things you do? do you want a clue?lol (im not being serious)

Created by: vyrtigo
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  1. A friend comes to you with a problem, in a sort of indirect way, his human pride prevents him from directly expressing his problem... you
  2. the world is in turmoil, wars break out, innocent people are slaughtered, generations are doomed. your outlook is
  3. you have a free day to do whatever you want. you
  4. you are driving along the road, and you see a reckless driver, he swurvs around your car and slightly endangers you, you manage to avoid it. you
  5. how do you see raising a family?
  6. your view on life can be summed up as
  7. you see friends as...
  8. your view on god.
  9. your view on women.
  10. you may come off as...

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Quiz topic: Am I energy, essence, or spirit?