Are you peak oil aware

The Chinese have a saying, "we live in interesting times". Never before has there been such a conjunction of population growth, economic growth and the easy availability of cheap energy with which we in the advanced countries can employ a few hundred "virtual energy slaves" and even the poorest of us can live as Ancient Roman nobles. Add to this the geopolitics of energy and religion and these interesting times are also dangerous times.

How aware are you of the limits to our good life. Do you see a lifestyle proped up with a temporary infusion of fossil energy or is the world a kind of magic pudding which will never run out. Take this quiz to find out where you stand.

Created by: Gogo
  1. Peak oil means
  2. In 1956 the renowned geophysicist M. King Hubbert predicted
  3. This prediction has
  4. The age of oil production is generally agreed to have started in
  5. The most generally accepted ultimate conventional oil endowment, that is past production, plus reserves, plus expected future discoveries by members of the ASPO is
  6. ASPO means
  7. EROEI means
  8. The Brent and WTI oil index prices generally refer to
  9. "Sour" really means
  10. The "oil window" means
  11. The North Sea oil province
  12. The higher the API of oil
  13. Oil deposits require
  14. Oil is derived
  15. The largest oil field discovered in the world is
  16. The "Creaming Curve" is
  17. Indonesia is no longer a member of OPEC because
  18. The area under the Hubbert Curve
  19. The discovery of the Prudhoe oil field
  20. Global oil production is
  21. Food production
  22. Without fossil fuels, and oil in particular, transport
  23. Suburban sprawl

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Quiz topic: Am I peak oil aware