Are you an Emotional Vampire?

After writing my list of ways to restore, maintain & protect your energy, I had a reader refer to people who take your energy as an emotional vampire. I really liked that term and looked into it further. We all take some energy from others but are you aware of it? And are you aware if you are taking it or it is being given to you?

A little shout out for my friend who helped me with this quiz - Thanks Leah! Leah is a fellow blogger from Mommy in the Mountains. She writes about all kinds of things pertaining to home and family. She is a kindred spirit!

Created by: Indiaterd of A Marmie Life
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  1. A friend starts to tell you about their new job. You
  2. You are with a group of friends when you see someone that you have a negative history with. You
  3. You are at a restaurant with your family that you don't like. You
  4. Your good friend has just repainted her living room & is so excited about it. You
  5. Your spouse is thinking about changing careers and tries to talk to you about some options. You
  6. You are at a party where you have been drinking and someone is sporting a serious muffin top. You
  7. You continue to hang out with someone who bothers you. You
  8. You have made some poor choices or sad things have happened to you. You
  9. When you are with a group of friends, you
  10. When you are feeling either bad or good emotions, you tend to

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Quiz topic: Am I an Emotional Vampire?