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Day Two! Let's see if today's visitor isn't as emotional as the first one...who am I kidding? The emotional the better, right? Because we can truly see how much you mean to them.

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Day Two! Yes, this special belongs none other to Ronald Bilius Weasley! Here is the song /watch?v=IsTwU_NLC9g . I hope you enjoy and I'll start working on Day 3
  2. It was all too much. From watching her free fall to her death but saved by her ex-boyfriend and now Harry, my best friend, asking me if I know how it feels to fall in love…and I think I just tipped him off that I love ______. It was a new day, I usually don’t visit _____ alone because I’m a prefect and I have my own duties, however during free time since it’s my day to be with her, Harry tags along and I don’t mind because I have to run off to do my prefect duties and I want someone to be with her…but I really want to be alone with her.
  3. I was heading back to the Hospital Wing after taking my last shift, I watched as Harry held her hand as he did on the first day. “Thanks, you can go now.” I said, startling Harry making him jump a little. He seemed resentful letting go but he kissed her hand and smiled before taking off and then it was just me and her. I took Harry’s spot and sat by the bed, she was still breathing but there were no signs of her waking up any time soon. The image of Harry kissing her hand replayed in my head, the day I saw Oliver and ____ by the shrieking shack, Cedric dancing with her…mainly everyone had a moment with her and the reaction they got was natural but for me…I groaned and raised my head to the ceiling scratching my ginger locks. “I’m not like them…”
  4. All I’ve done was caused her pain and sorrow…but believe me; I’m trying to change that. It’s unfair, you know; seeing her happy with everyone else but me, spending her time with everyone else but me, I’m just don’t stand up to them. I’m no Oliver, Cedric, Harry…or anyone. What does it matter how I feel? She’ll probably just run away like how she did in third year. I leaned in closer and stared at her sculptured face. “I’m right, aren’t I? I don’t stand a chance with them.” I said as I crossed my arms and looked at her right hand just inches away from mine. I grabbed it and it was incredibly warm because of Harry. “If only I could hold your hand like he does.”
  5. But that seems impossible really, I placed her hand down and just stared at her face for the remainder of the time. She’ll never look at me the way she looks at everyone else. “Would you run away from me, if I told you that I had this insane bloody crush on you?” There was a silence around us and it was interrupted by the sound of my laughter, I looked down and brought my head up after this thought appeared in my head “I forgot…you already know my feelings…” In third year, she visited me in the hospital after I received an injured leg from Sirius. She asked about that night I kissed her and I told her why. It’s just so happens that I’ve forgotten all this time because…she acts like she never heard of it. “Right, you can’t think of me as anything else.”
  6. “I’m sorry.” I said softly as I examined the tiled floor “I wish there was a better way of telling you how I felt…” The silence was ringing in my ears, it was loud and unbearable “I never wanted to make you cry. I…I just wanted to let you know before you ran off with Oliver but I guess it’s too late now.” The next thing I did, I thought I was insane but I cleared my throat and brought my head up “But I hope you don’t mind me starting again.” I rubbed the palms of my hands on my knees and ran my right hand through my hair. Wow, even when she’s like this I’m still nervous.
  7. “Well, what can I say? _______,” I was worked up, I couldn’t process my thoughts if anything, and I know that I’ll probably do something that will make me look and feel like a complete idiot. “Ugh, I bet the other guys don’t have to deal with this. They have it so easy to them!” I groaned as I rubbed my face and letting my left hand support my head. “I think it’s better this way anyways, no matter how much pain I’m in; I’m not the guy for you and if you were to acknowledge my feelings properly…it wouldn’t be the best because…well, there’s Harry. He’s my best friend and from yesterday, I know that he’s crazy in love with you.” I smiled and tilted my head closer to hers.
  8. “You mean a lot more to me than you think but if loving you means giving you the best than…having me not in your life is the best. I’m really sorry about these past few years.” I said softly, it pained me. Heck, I’m pretty sure it will pain any guy who has to tell the person they love its best if they stay away from each other. “But…if one day, you feel like crying. Find me, I can’t promise that I will make you laugh but I can cry with you.” I hope she hears what I has to say because what I’m about to say is how I really feel about her. “If one day, you want to run away; don’t be afraid to find me, I don’t promise to ask you to stop but…I can run away with you.”
  9. “If one day, you don’t want to listen to anybody, find me and I promise to be very quiet…but if one day, you’re out looking for me and I’m not where I usually am…find me fast.” I sighed and smiled “Perhaps I need you.”
  10. “Look what we have here!" A voice came up behind me, I turned around over the head of my chair to see them skipping down to her bed. I wanted to get up and walk away but I was too late. They placed their hands on my shoulders and sat me down. "What do you want?" I said in an irritated tone, I was upset they caught me here alone with her, which will only cause them to talk but I'm more upset that they ruined my train of thought. "The better question is "What are you doing here?"" I didn't say anything but shrug, I didn't look at them in the eye and knowing them, they knew me and read me as a children's book. "You know, she likes it best if you're just straightforward and honest." He said, I turned to him and squinted my eyes at him "And when did you become an expert on her?" I stood and headed for the door "It's not easy you know! I'd explain but I don't think you would ever understand." With those words, I was gone. I heard distant murmur as I was out the door but the words that I caught left me as to whom it was referred to and they were "You didn't tell him, did you?"

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