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I'm curious, aren't you? I mean, Cedric was about to tell you that he loves you but you walked away, I wonder how Cedric feels about all of this right now, if anything, you probably got him thinking but who am I to speak for him? Why don't you just find out yourself?

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Here's the lovely song for today's special /watch?v=kjUJVVLfnUk&feature=related. MASSIVE AND SPECIAL THANKS TO @CALYPSO1315 WHO HELPED ME WITH THIS SPECIAL! She practically wrote the first question and from her reaction, I'm pretty sure most of you will be conflicted with Cedric and how you feel towards him! Massive thank you to her! She's absolutely lovely and a brilliant writer! x
  2. I was lying in my bed, with both my hands behind the back of my head; staring up at the ceiling. I took it better than expected. In my head, I relived the moment I was about to tell her that I love her and she walked away. I thought my reaction would be much worst but I made it seem like it was nothing when really, everything inside me shattered. I grunted as I sat up and scratched the back of my head. But there was still one unanswered question tugging at the back of my brain. Why did she walk away? I tried to remember the look on her face. Did she look sad? Was she crying? I couldn't remember. All I remember is being so crushed when she turned around and grabbed Hermione by the arm. Then, I suddenly remembered I wasn't the only one in love with her. Oliver Wood, her boyfriend from two years before, was probably on her mind. She's dated older guys before. Or maybe she wasn't thinking of him at all, but got the idea what I was going to tell her, was minded of Wood and had to leave. Well, no matter the reason; either way...she walked away and now, I'm...barely hanging on.
  3. "Damn it!" I said as I violently slashed my hand in the air. I could hear the sound of wind slice; I'm barely hanging on but I didn't want to let go. "Man, Cedric...can you go to sleep?" My friend who was sleeping beside me complained, I just eyed him and saw he could barely keep his eyes open. "Whatever, man." I said as I threw one of my extra pillows at his face; he was already knocked out cold to notice. I was lying on my side staring at the other bed and saw the other guy who was beside me, his mouth was open and drool escaped his mouth. I just can't afford to think like this right now, especially with this practice for Dumbledore's Army. Hopefully, this will all blow over in my sleep.
  4. Last night's sleep didn't work out so well, I ended up sleeping at four in the morning and woke up late for breakfast and my first class. I was a total wreck, in my last class before practice, Transfiguration class; Professor McGonagall kept calling me out and embarrassing me in front of everyone. She should tell that I wasn't in the mood, my hair was untamed, my robes were barely on right and last night's situation did not blow over. "Mister Diggory, can you explain why Love is an exception to Gamps' Law of Elemental Transfiguration?" Is she serious? Out of all the people to ask, out of all the questions in her head, she had to ask me and she had to ask me something relating to love? I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "It..." My voice was hoarse but I cleared it however it did irritate my throat "cannot be created however through love potions and spells can create a power obsession for the other person." I trailed my voice off at the end, Professor McGonagall nodded "And what do we call that type of obsession that confuses people to think they are in love?" I hesitated and sighed to myself "Infatuation." And that's when things got complicated; I have strong feelings for her, strong enough to make me say that I love her but...was it love or infatuation?
  5. Class ended terribly, after what I just realized during that lessons, I was confused. You know that saying, if you love someone you'll let them go but for me, if I did let her go; I would regret it...was that love? I really didn't know where I was going until I bumped into someone who had the sweetest scent of flowers. I looked up and met her eyes; seriously, it just had to be this moment. Her hair was slightly out of place; her eyes had the darkest rings under her eyes. "Couldn't sleep too?" I said straight the conversation light, she was about to shake her head until a small yawn escaped her mouth which ended up bringing color to her face. I couldn't help but laugh, seeing her embarrassed, her eyes widen and the faintest color of pink flushing her cheeks was quite a sight to see. "Sorry, about how I look...I should have put more effort into it..." She said with disappointment but I didn't understand what she was saying, she looked beautiful. "No, it's fine. It doesn't matter how you look, you're still you." I said ending off with a sincere smile, she eyed me and laughed until she got a better look at me. "You're a mess. It's the first time that I've seen your hair out of place." She said as she ran her dainty little fingers through my hair, my heart was about to burst.
  6. At least it was comforting that she wasn't holding what happened yesterday between us, she took back her hand after playing with my hair. "Yeah, I really had a rough night." I said hoping that she would not ask for any further detail. "I did too, listen about yesterday..." Okay, I would have preferred her talking about last night than what happened yesterday; I really wasn't ready for this. To her, I was think fearless confident guy who always knew what he was doing but honestly, I'm just think conflicted guy who luckily gets by every day. "Oh." I said in a nonchalant tone, she bit her lip and gave a worried yet sympathetic tone. "I'm sorry about walking away from you, it's just that, it was so sudden and you caught me off guard." "Why are you sorry? If anything, it's my fault. I was just being dramatic you know?" She stared at me oddly; I really needed to think of a cover story... "Hey, you're my star remember? My bright shining Orion star, let's forget about this, I don't want anything bothering you that causes you to lose your shine, alright?" I said as I took her into my arms, this was actually hurting me more than she could imagine.
  7. She looked up at me with her beautiful captivating eyes and returned the hug then later pulled away. "I just don't want to lose you." She said in a mumble. If she placed her ear near my chest, she would probably hear my heart failing right now. She...didn't want to lose me. "We should get to practice now; you'll set a bad example for your students." She smiled and grabbed my hand. My head was foggy after that, my heart was didn't stop beating and I couldn't stop smiling. During practice, I couldn't stop looking at her and from time to time, she smiled and got embarrassed as the people around her teased her. Some of the boys, such as Ron, were irritated from the way he stunned me; he stunned me really good that I flew back to the wall but I was too happy to argue. "Nice one, Ron." I smiled and looked at him, I turned my attention to the floor and then at her. And then I realized,
  8. It's love. Its love that I feel for her, now before you argue with me about what I learned before; I can rebuttal just as well. Infatuation wants the best for yourself, focusing on needs rather than feelings, it's rushed and you feel nothing but desire but the way I feel for her, I let her be with Oliver when she was my date, every word that escapes her mouth has me holding on to her more and more, she's beautiful and flawless and immaculate no matter how she looks and I can't describe how I feel for her because there aren't enough words that describe how I feel for her. "So, you made up your mind?" Reese said as he was now my stunning partner, I turned to him and smiled. "Yeah, I did." I said in a gentle tone. "So, is it real or not?" Reese said before he flipped his wand in the air before catching it, I took one look at her and sure enough she was shining, brighter than ever. "Real."
  9. After practice, the plan was, tomorrow, I would tell her that she'll never lose me because she means so much to me and she's someone worth holding to. When dawn hit, I was more excited than ever, my heart was pounding, I could smell the fresh cut grass as I touched the Quidditch Field; those who were a part of their house Quidditch team were called for a special meeting, no one knew why but it was probably nothing of concern right now. I watched as the Ravenclaw team stood between Gryffindor and Slytherin while the Hufflepuffs were at the end beside Gryffindor. "Dude, you need to calm down." Justin Finch-Fletchey said, he was two years younger than me but I paid no attention to him, I just needed Quidditch done as soon as possible. I'm telling her, I'm telling her that I love her and that this was not, just a mere crush.
  10. "Okay, everyone, you all been called down because you all have exhibited poor spirit during Quidditch and you ALL need to change that." Madam Hootch called out as she stood in front of all four teams, my eyes were fixated on her who was behind Jeremy and Ebony, she looked nervous. "To help me, we have returning students coming back as well as their team to help you lot back to shape; you all know them, very well known to the Gryffindor team." My head shot back to Madam Hootch, I swore under my breath and prayed. Harry looked nervous and well as the twins. A group was walking towards the group "Everyone, for the two weeks, the Puddlemere United Quidditch Team will be your mentors; let's all welcome back Oliver Wood and Robbie Calder back!" Now standing in front of us was now my greatest rival, I was furious and paralyzed. There he was, two inches taller, messier hair and his brown eyes that scanned the whole crowd, I looked over at her and she hid behind Jeremy and Ebony. Did he know? "To those of you who don't know, I'm Oliver Wood"

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