Hogwarts Love Story Special - Cedric Diggory #2

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Day Four! So, 1000 house points to the people who guessed it was Cedric Diggory! Yes! Here is Cedric, now I wonder how he feels about the whole situation after all he cherished you , second ,after Oliver that is.

Look into the mind of your favorite Hogwart's Love Interest! Who knows, it may be heartfelt, filled with sorrow or things you might not have known. It's an invasion of privacy but we're all curious.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Day 4! Haha! So, a lot of you have been asking for the next special; so here it is! So, whoever guessed Cedric (which was obvious) was right! Here is the song /watch?v=Hs0HELcUYUY . ENJOY!
  2. It happened all so fast. One minute, she was fine the next she was in the hospital bed. It's been four days and she hasn't opened her eyes yet but she's still breathing. That's better than anything. Should I blame myself for what happened to her? Yeah, I should. Five days ago, I confessed that I loved her, not just to her but to her ex-boyfriend Oliver. My behaviour was a bit unorthodox because I found out that Oliver made her joined the Inquisitorial Squad and ...I punched him. He deserved it. He's only getting ____ in trouble. But I haven't told anyone about that yet and I don't plan to.
  3. I was here yesterday, when I walked in on the twins. They were arguing and being very loud even if she is in a coma, that type of behaviour isn't appropriate. Instead of the stool that was on her left, I pulled up a chair that I can lean back in that was on her right. I didn't talk, I haven't talked in four days and by doing that, I noticed everything. I noticed every day the flowers sitting on the end table were fresh, it seemed as if every day someone changes it. I leaned in closer to her with my elbows on the mattress. I brushed hair out of her face and gave a smile. "You're still shining bright..." I said softly.
  4. Lately, I found it difficult to go on in life. When she was awake, she would always push me to do my absolute best which is why I get at least 150% during the D.A Practices but now she's here and I found it meaningless to do anything. She saved me from my death but I did nothing but gave her a possibly fatal injury. I picked up her hand noticing it was warm which meant she was still holding on. I held the tips of her fingers close to my face, my thumb slid under her forefingers as I gave her tender hand a squeeze. "I'm still holding on, you can do this. Wake up soon, please?" I closed my eyes and prayed with her hand still in mine.
  5. What if she didn't wake up? That's what crossed my mind. I left her hand down but still had a gentle grasp on it; I leaned back in my chair and placed my left hand in my pocket. I won't forget how she ran away after I told her that I loved her, she ran away and chased after Oliver. Now I know, it's not meant to be but I don't want to let go because there's the possibility of "What if?"
  6. But what if she woke up and went with Oliver? Should I still hold on then? It pained me. Normally, I should be talking to her, motivating her to wake up but I can't find my voice. But if I wanted her to wake up, I needed to try. "_____." My voice was scratchy since this is the most I've spoken in four days. "You believed in me, you knew what I was capable of. I know it's selfish of me telling you that I'm finding it pointless to live on without you but I want you to know that I believe in you. I know you're going to wake up soon. I just know it. You're a strong girl and I wanted you to be independent once I'm gone but if I wanted you to be independent, I should start with myself. If this is what you want. It's fine with me."
  7. As soon as my words faded, I looked at our intertwined hands, she has let go but I'm still holding on. I'm holding on to someone I managed to fall in love with in two years but she doesn't love me back. I stare at our hands, mentally yelling at myself to let go but I couldn't. I tried with all my force to let go, I eventually did and I held back my wrist letting her hand gently lie against the mattress. I sighed and the hand that held onto hers, I placed on my face and rubbed the bridge of my nose. "I need her to be alive for me to carry on in life but I need her to be with me." I groaned
  8. I stared at her for the remainder of our time together. I was afraid that if I were to hold her hand again that I won't let go. I don't know how long I've been sleeping but I drifted off to sleep and images of her and the image of four days ago when she ran off haunt my dreams. I couldn't escape it. She doesn't want me. She wants...just someone other than me
  9. An overwhelming scent of flowers filled the air; I opened my eyes and saw him placing freshly new flowers, the same ones every day. Her favourite flower. He felt my gaze upon him and knew that I had woken up. "Sorry..." He said sheeply, I shook my head and smiled. "It's fine. They woke me up...hopefully; it'll do the same for her." I said with a smile, he blushed and I stood up. He asked where I was going but I just turned around "I know how you look at her, the same way...Oliver and I do." I smiled and placed my hand on his shoulder "If she had to choose between the two of us," I looked down because what I was about to say was the honest truth and it pained me "You have a better chance with her than I do. I'll see you around."
  10. I turned around and saw that he was stunned, I gave a small smirk. "It's better this way." I mumbled to myself.

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