Hogwarts Love Story

Ok,so yes,I have taken other HP love story quizzes and I just thought,I'd do one.This is my first time please don't judge me....

The choices are Harry Potter,Ron Weasley,Fred/George Weasley,Oliver Wood or Draco Malfoy.I forgot to add Neville and Cedric to the results,but yeah.Maybe next time k?

Created by: 5thMarauder
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  1. You were standing on Platform 9 3/4 beside your older brother Kian getting ready to get onto The Hogwarts express to go to Hogwarts.You were 13 years old and about to join the the 3rd years,although it was your 1st year at Hogwarts because you were transferring from a school in Ireland.
  2. You got onto the train looking for a place to sit.Kian joined some 5th years he already knew,so you were alone. You opened a door and saw two redheaded boys who looked liked twins. "Can I sit here?" you said and they replied "yup".
  3. You walked in and sat next to the twin on your left."I'm Fred" he said and at the same time his twin said "I'm George".You laughed and said "I'm _____".They grinned and said "where are you from?","we would have remembered meeting someone as beautiful as you".You blushed and said "I'm from Ireland".They nodded and you got up to go to the bathroom.
  4. On your way to the bathroom you bumped into a tall boy with light brown hair.You and him were both walking in opposite directions quickly,so when he bumped into you,fell backwards landing on your back."I'm so sorry!" he said helping you up."Its fine" you said,going red from embarassment."my name's Oliver" he said,smiling at you."I'm _____" you replied.He smiled and waved as he walked past you.As you were washing your hands the water froze and everything went cold.
  5. You froze in shock as a hooded figure came around the corner.It advanced on you and before you knew what was happening it had its hand around your throat forcing you up against the wall.It began taking your soul but you grabbed you wand and hoarsely yelled "Expecto patronum!" A big black panther burst from the tip of your wand and that was the last thing you remembered before fainting.
  6. When you woke up you saw four faces,three of which you recognized. Two of them were Fred and George,the third was your uncle."Remus?" you said,confused."Yes" he smiled "I suppose I forgot to mention that I'm teaching at Hogwarts this year".You looked at the fourth person and saw that he was about the same age as the twins,but he had a Hufflepuff crest on his robes.Your uncle handed you a piece of chocolate and left.When you looked at the fifth year properly you saw that he was very handsome,his hair a light bronze colour,his eyes honey coloured.
  7. "What happened? Who are you? Are we at Hogwarts yet?" you asked.The boy smiled and said "I'm Cedric.I saw the Dementor coming out of the bathroom,so I went in and found you." "Oh" you said and Cedric stood and said "See you".You spent the rest of the trip with the twins,laughing and talking.
  8. When you got to Hogwarts you saw Hagrid calling the first years." I suppose I've to go with them" you said to the twins,waving to them.You,Kian and the first years travelled to the school in boats.When you got to Hogwarts,a lady who you presumed was a teacher explained about the houses and the sorting.When all the first years had been sorted,you heard Professor Dumbledore start talking."This year,we have two transfer students,who will be sorted now" he said and beckoned to you and Kian.
  9. As you and Kian began walking up to the sorting hat,all the heads in the hall turned to stare at you.Your heart was pounding and your stomach felt like a it was full of snakes,or butterflies or whatever.Kian walked up to the stool first and sat down.The hall was perfectly silent while he sat there for about 30 seconds before the hat yelled "GRYFFINDOR!" The hall erupted into cheers while Kian took his place at the Gryffindor table.You walked up to the stool and sat down,pretending to be calm,when you really felt like you were about to be sick.
  10. You heard a small voice in your head saying "ah,you will be difficult to place in a house.You are smart,loyal,brave and cunning.I think you'd better be in....SLYTHERI-! the hat stopped and you heard whispers in the hall.Then,making you jump,the hat yelled "GRYFFINDOR!"

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