Love at Hogwarts Pt5

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Love at Hogwarts Pt5! you tell Professor Lupin about your secret and Draco and Cedric finds out how do they take it? Find out in Love at Hogwarts pt5!

Hey guys just a heads up I have decided not to use the twins anymore as it seems as I couldn't really add them in as a boyfriend only as friends. Don't worry they will still be featured.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. You closed your eyes. You couldn't bare to lose your friends. When you opened your eyes instead of going they stayed. Hermoine ran and hugged you. "Everythings going to be all right....But you'll have to tell a teacher."You nodded. "I think Proffessor Lupin's your best option."Harry added in. You nodded
  4. Today was the dreaded day. You were going to tell a teacher what you really were. When you got to his desk you saw he was looking over some notes about werewolves. "Proffessor?" "Dear child! You know how to scare someone don't you." "I need to talk to you about something. after class?" "Yep that's alright." You went to sit down at your desk and guessed who sat down next to you. Draco.
  5. "Miss me?" You shuffeled to the side wondering will it break his heart to know what you were. "______?is something the matter?" "No.....Yes""You can tell me.""No because you'll hate me." "I can never hate you." You looked up and blushed.
  6. "Fine in the free period though. Meet me at the lake." He nodded and messed you long raven black hair and you giggled. After the lesson you went up to Lupin. "What did you need to talk to me about?" "Not" He gave you a questioning look and you sighed. You took a deep breath and transformed. "Remarkable.." he said under his breath and turned into human form. "The best thing to do is to show it to the others let them understand" "And you know this by experience?" "Something like that...If I tell you you have to solemly swear not to tell anyone?" You didn the scout sign and he explained that he was a werewolf and his friends were animagus.
  7. "Who helped you?" he sighed. "James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and...""Amd?" "Sirius Black.""Black?" "Yes." "I'll keep my end of the promise and not tell but show."He nodded and with that you left.
  8. You went to the lake and Draco was there throwing a green apple to hand to hand. "Thought you'll never come."You giggled. "So what is it you wanted to show me?" You sighed and transformed into a peregrine and he stared as you came back. "Told you you'll hate me." "Wow....That's....amazing!" "What? I thought you'll be saying "Wait till my father heres about this"" "Do I really sound like that?" You nodded and he laughed. "Lupin says I should show it...what do you think?" "You....should let them understand and that you smiled. Instead of him leaving he walked straight over and kissed you. You melted in and then it stopped. You stared and blushed. "I...should...go" he said and you blushed even more.
  9. Instead of walking you transformed and flew. Everyone was staring and pointing it was fun. Some coward some were dumbstruck. They all followed you to the courtyard where you landed. Cedric patted you. "Back away from the bird it might be injured."You transformed. "I am not an IT! I am Birdie and I am definetely not injured?" He blushed and took a strp back. They all clapped.
  10. You tried to fing Harry after your stint and it took a while from so many questions from first years when you simply said. "My wings needed a strech." As soon as you saw Harry he pulled a peice of paper behind his back. "Should I ask?" "It's a map it shows ebveryone and where they are. Strangely it took a while to pick up you. I guess cause it's foot steps.""Oh...c'mon I want dinner and I am going to get it!" You grabbed and pulled his hand to the dining room and sat. Afterward you went to bed
  11. You woke up in the middle of the night because you couldn't sleep and went to get some water. As you walked to the common room in your tracksuit pants and singlet you tripped over something and landed on your back as someone dropped on your stomach Sorry..""Harry?" "Y-yeas?" "What the blimely are you doing?" "Trying to find someone with that map...Want to join?" "Fine, only if we can get some water."You got up and followed Harry who went to get water with you and find the mystery person.
  12. "He's right there."Harry whispered.You looked into the darkness and heard something or someone walking. You prepared but no-one came. "Potter!____! What are you doing strutting around the school and what is that? Just like your father Potter thinking he owns everything." "My father does not strut and nor do I. I would appreciate it if you lowered your wand."Snape snarled and grabbed at it but just in time Lupin cam back and grabbed the map and explained everything. ( as a lie ofcourse) then brought you to his office. "What were you two thinking?" You say:
  13. In mid sentence Harry cut him off and explained he was looking for Peter Pettigrew. "Peter Pettigrew?" "You know him?" Lupin glanced at him but you right ahead. "Isn't he the one Black killed?" They nodded. "Well get to bed you have the Hogesmade trip tomorrow."You nodded and you both went to bed.

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