Hogwarts Love Story Pt 34

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Okay, let's see how things are going to turn out now that you are forced to join the Inquisitorial Squad! Well, I know that we're in for a bumpy ride and every time there's just another story to unfold!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. There is a song! /watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=PzYpXgZw-5o Play it at the very end of question 12; right at the very last line! It really fits, to an extent! Trust me on this !
  2. After what happened on the Quidditch Field, you needed to escape the world. You didn’t head to class and you didn’t go to lunch or dinner. Basically you spent the entire time in the Forbidden Forest pondering your thoughts. It was nice and peaceful and despite the conditions that you were not allowed in the Forbidden Forest, it did not stop you. You wandered the forest, following the sound of the stream; you were side-track as you noticed that you weren’t alone in the forest. You did not have your wand; you were still in your Quidditch Robes, if anything were to happen, your only option was to run. You heard distant murmurs, a girl’s voice; curiosity got the best of you as you followed the voice. You walked until your eyes caught a girl in a Ravenclaw robe, light brown hair to her shoulders with her hands in the air stroking gentle motions; she turned her body sideways and you saw Ambrosia smiling for once.
  3. You watched as she was stroking air, you thought for once in your life. She has gone mad; you took a step closer to see if there was something you were missing. A branch cracked under your foot and Ambrosia’s eyes swiftly landed on you. There was a silence but Ambrosia looked back and it acted as if something had run away from her. “What do you want?” She said sharply, her defenses were back; who you saw in front of you was nothing as the person you saw last night showing her vulnerability. You didn’t answer, you didn’t know what to say frankly, part of you said to leave right now while the other part made you stand your ground. By the way you said nothing, eased her mood but not enough as her defenses were back. “I don’t need your sympathy.” Straight off the bat, that’s what she said before she turned around and walked to have her hands in the air once more.
  4. “I wasn’t offering.” You said as you took a few more steps, Ambrosia’s hands became gentle as if whatever she was doing, she was telling something everything would be okay. “What are you even doing?” You asked as you eyeballed her weirdly, you touched a very sensitive nerve as she became silent and rested her head but to you, it seemed like she was tilting her head to the side. She seemed to ease up and she sighed, she brought her head up. “It’s hard to explain if you haven’t seen death before.” Right at that moment, every part of you wanted to run but again, her words gave a sense of interested and allured you closer. “And you have?” You said, hoping you weren’t being a bit too harsh but after what happened with Oliver, you knew you were. “I did, my Dad.” She said it blunt and fought back her tears and forced a smile.
  5. A silence filled the air but now to Ambrosia’s words, you thought it was best if you gave her some type of console. “Was that why…last night…?” You said awkwardly, she ran her fingers through her hair and you could see that she was inches away from crying. “Five years. Last night marked the day he passed away, it’s been five years since then,” Ambrosia was completely vulnerable now, her defenses were down but it wasn’t long before they were back up again “But why should you care? You never lost anyone you loved.” Where has she been for the past three years? You’ve lost your father to her and she took Oliver away from you but bringing that up would be inappropriate now. “I did. My dad…” You said gently, she laughed “That doesn’t count. He’s still alive and he cares about you very much. Trust me.” You shrugged “Doesn’t matter, he left me and my mum for you and your mum.” She scowled; you wanted to apologize for your snappy comeback. “I’m…sorry.” “It’s alright. It’s only fair.” This was the real Ambrosia, not the one you’ve hated for three years. Right now, you saw Ambrosia for who she truly is now, sensitive, fragile and gentle.
  6. “So, this thing…whatever it is you’re petting or doing…” You stroke up an awkward conversation, you took off your Quidditch gloves and placed it in your pocket. “They’re called Thestrals, only those who’ve seen death can see them…I don’t know why but that’s how it is. Luna showed them to me.” It struck you as odd that Ambrosia and Luna would ever hang out together “They’ve been my friends as long as I can remember.” She was being to trail off but there was still a question wavering in your mind, it would be a bit rude to bring it up but you had to know. “So, you’ve seen your father’s…death?” A silence filled the air once again, “He died…trying to save me. My Dad…studied dragons. One day, I went with him to work; I was about 7 at the time. I strolled away from my Dad and accidentally managed to stumble across a…Hungarian Horntail.” That brought back memories, last year, Harry managed to be victorious against one with a sprained arm as a memoir. “The next thing I knew, my Dad threw himself at the dragon, yelling at his coworkers to take me away; he wasn’t alone at the time…he had other people with him but, he…he…I was inches away but I watched as the Horntail swung it razor sharp tail at my Dad, one of the spikes entered through the back and through his heart. To this day, I blame myself. If it wasn’t for me, he’d still be alive.” Tears were pouring down her face.
  7. “I’m incredibly sorry…but please, what I’m about to ask you now, if I’m right answer, don’t answer.” You said and inhale, she stared at you oddly with her glistening brown eyes. “You’re the person you are now because of that incident right? You’ve become a rude, obnoxious, wannabe Slytherin?” She hesitated which brought your head down, a sound escaped her mouth “That’s partially true. I changed because…well, I was always teased by the Slytherins and I couldn’t handle it and I wanted to be on the other side of all of that and find out how it feels.” You heard Ambrosia’s words, a slightly detailed explanation but all in all, it was the same reason you thought of. “I’m sorry.” Was the next thing she said, you looked at her this time, with kind eyes. “I’m sorry too…for not being there in the beginning.” She smiled and you returned the smile. “So, I heard from Draco…you’re in the Inquisitorial Squad now.” The atmosphere changed, but you weren’t mad at Ambrosia. “How do you know?” You sounded defensive; Ambrosia hesitated and looked down but then back at you. “All members of the Inquisitorial Squad were informed. There are no secrets between us.”
  8. “I’m only in that stupid squad because Oliver forced me. If it were up to me, I’d have absolutely nothing to do with it.” Soon after, you heard skin contact from behind you. Ambrosia looked behind her who meant that the Thestral she was looking at has fled; you both were now looking behind you and what you saw was horrendous; Oliver and Cedric rolling around in the dirt throwing punches at each other. Your heart dropped, you and Ambrosia knew you both had to separate them. Ambrosia grabbed Oliver and you grabbed Cedric; Oliver turned around and met Ambrosia’s eyes. “Get off!” He jerked his arm away from Ambrosia who was stunned but she couldn’t blame him after what happened two years ago. Cedric calmed down now that you were by his side, he sighed and you could see his hair was messed up but Oliver’s was worst. His eyes quickly turned to Oliver “You’re a spy, Oliver Wood! How did you know about it!? And why would you do this!? How could you do this to everyone, to _____!? What’s your problem!?” Cedric was pouring out secrets, Ambrosia looked confused but Oliver was more evident. You pulled Cedric’s arm softly.
  9. “What are you talking about? I’m not a…spy.” He gave a chuckle, right now, he was amused by Cedric’s accusations but not a fan of the punches he threw. “This isn’t funny!” Cedric yelled, veins appeared on the sides of his neck. “STOP IT!” You yelled but they weren’t listening. “And how did I know about what!? The only reason I made her join that Squad was to keep her safe!” Ambrosia knew by the words Squad and safe that Oliver was fed the wrong information, she tried to get a word in there but Oliver resented her more than he did Cedric. “She’s already safe,” Cedric grabbed your hand, Oliver eyes slightly widen by the way he grabbed your hand. “No thanks to you!” Cedric continued, his grip tighten; Oliver ran his fingers through his hair but clenched to a fist by what he was seeing. “Enlighten me.” He slowly said; Cedric really resented Oliver more than ever. “I WAS THERE FOR HER EVER SINCE YOU ABANDON _____ FOR HER!” Cedric yelled and pointed at Ambrosia, Ambrosia was frightened and Oliver sharply looked towards at Ambrosia. He muttered a word at her which brought Ambrosia’s face to hide behind her hair.
  10. “She’s here with me…” Cedric lowered his tone but shook his head “And then you come in and try to ruin everything.” There was a silence, your hand was still in Cedric’s but you wanted to pull away; the way Oliver was looking at you now was an unbearable pain. “She’s safe because she’s with me.” There was a silence, Ambrosia was on the verge to cry but it’s ironic because you should be crying. Oliver was appalled “You won’t hit me, now that ______ is here with me.” Oliver wanted Cedric to eat those words, he was ready to attack. “______, I don’t know where I stand with you. I have NO IDEA exactly, what I mean to you.” His back was faced towards you but his words were directed for you; your heart was racing, you thought that issue between you and Cedric was left alone two days ago. “But something I do know, ________ is that, every time I think of you, all I want to do is just be with you. ________, I love you.”
  11. A sneak preview of what’s to come in Pt. 35: “You know, I really thought me coming back would be great. I guess I should have left you alone when I left.” Oliver said staring at me with his brown eyes that were filled with sorrow. “Don’t say that…” Your eyes were watery, everything that happened before joining the Inquisitorial Squad, Cedric’s confession, it didn’t mean anything. “You don’t need me anymore, you have someone else.” Oliver’s eyes turned cold but like you, he was fighting back the tears. “It’s not like that…I never knew!” You were screaming with the tears pouring down on your face. “Oliver, I…” “Don’t even say it.” He turned around quickly before he became a faded image in front of your eyes.
  12. “Basically, with the song playing right now make this seem like an episode. I really wasn’t planning to do it but the moment was really perfect when I wrote that and this song came on my shuffle. However, @Calypso1315 wrote the whole scene with Cedric and Oliver, when I mean write, I mean input it in word and fixed it! Also, a shout-out to @FInduilas for the Oliver and Cedric idea! It was needed! LOL Anyways, I wish I released more parts earlier because today marks the end of the long weekend. I hope you all enjoyed! Until the weekend again! :D

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