Hogwarts Love Story Pt 33

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Oliver is back! Yup, it's the moment a lot or some of you been waiting for! But is it as all you expected? Let's see how his return turns out after a friend round of Quidditch!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Before I get this release out there for all of you, here is another massive shoutout to @Calypso1315. This girl has so much ideas in her, she was happy to pour them out and once I read them, I knew they had to be in the series! Basically speaking, she wrote question 6-7 and she also has been coming up with an ideal way for Cedric to confess to "you"! So, she deserves a massive thank you! She's really talented this girl! :)
  2. One night, you’re watching someone you dislike cry her eyes out the next morning; you’re reunited with your first love; however he doesn’t know it yet. “To those of you who don’t know, I’m Oliver Wood” Oliver’s Scottish accent rang in your ears; you hid behind Ebony and Jeremy who didn’t say anything. You could feel many eyes on you especially JJ’s, Cedric’s, Harry’s and the Twins’ “Before, we get started; I just want to see with who we have…” Oliver said as his voice became distant, he started with Hufflepuff, then Gryffindor and when he came to Ravenclaw “Where’s your seeker?” His voice rang; you didn’t tell Oliver you made the team, you didn’t know how this was going to start but Jeremy kind of decided on his own. He grabbed you by the shoulder and brought you to the front. “Here she is the finest flyer who tried out!” Jeremy boasted, your eyes met with Oliver’s chocolate brown eyes, the color of his face was flushed as if he has seen a ghost. “You’re…on the team?” He said slowly and ended off with a smile. “Surprise…”
  3. His hair was messy and flown to one side, you hardly recognize him if you looked at him from a distance, he smiled until someone cleared their throat. Oliver walked away occasionally looking over his shoulder at you; you were tense until he went to inspect the Slytherin. “Nice job! We’re going to get the finest training ever now!” Jeremy whispered in your ear then straightened up with a happy expression. “So, where’s your seeker?” Oliver repeated the question, the Slytherin Captain Graham Montague replied as his face winced, with the sun in his face “Harper is in the Hospital Wing for the season, we asked for a replacement but I guess he’s running…oh, and there he is.” Montague pointed at the Slytherin who was making his way to the field. There, you saw someone you felt mixed about being there. “Draco, you’re going to be the Seeker?” Oliver asked as he squinted at Draco, Draco shrugged “I really didn’t have a choice and…” Draco smiled as he threw his broom to his other hand “It’ll be interesting.”
  4. "Okay, everyone, mount your brooms!" Oliver said in his Scottish accent. Quickly, he threw a glance at me. You knew instantly this would be the most interesting Quidditch practice of your life. You all mounted into the air. The teams were separated to two games; Gryffindor and Ravenclaw team went to one field, and Hufflepuffs and Slytherins to the other. The four seekers; you, Cedric and Draco all launched into the air, already looking for a glint of gold. "Alright, Remember, this is PRACTICE, not a real game," Oliver said, from not far to your right, "Don't be too vicious." You could hear Fred and George snickering from the other side of the field. You were surprised to see the Puddlemere players just watching, instead of playing. Oliver, who still had his eyes on you, came over on his broom.
  5. "_____," he said. You smiled and replied, "Hello, Oliver; Long time, no see." He grinned and stared down at his broom. "Why didn’t you tell me you were on the Ravenclaw team?" His question wasn’t appropriate right now; neither was striking a conversation with you at this point. You gave a soft laugh "I wanted it to be a surprise. Well, surprise!" You could feel yourself focusing more on Oliver rather than the game, you quickly reminded yourself that the reason you joined Quidditch was to focus on Quidditch and NOT to get distracted with personal problems. You took a glance over to the Hufflepuff and Slytherin Team, as usual, Draco was playing nasty however, Cedric was paying no attention to his dirty antics; thankfully, Harry had yet to find the Snitch. “Look, Oliver. Could we maybe talk later? I have to go find a Snitch, you know?” You said, hoping your tone wasn’t too harsh but he couldn’t be any happier seeing you focusing on the game. “Sure, see you later then!” he said, with a small wave, and went to go break up a fight over in the Hufflepuff and Slytherin field. “Oi, you lot! Did you hear me say, don’t be too vicious?” You laughed hard and wondered where his mind was when Draco was clobbing Cedric. With Oliver gone, your mind was now focused.
  6. The practice ended with a satisfying yet humiliating defeat; on the bright side, you managed to win against Gryffindor and Slytherin, Harry and Draco played fair; however during the Slytherin match; you could see Draco hesitate once in a while. During the Hufflepuff match, was damn right, disappointing, Cedric wasn’t joking when he said he wasn’t going to go easy but it led the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff 10 – 180. Overall, as well as statics go, Ravenclaw was second with Hufflepuff first and Gryffindor and Slytherin tied for third. Cedric’s attitude had taken quite a turn from yesterday. “Wow, with a little motivation, you lot are amazing.” Robbie started off and used Oliver’s shoulder as an arm rest “But you’re all still rusty a bit, tomorrow, I’d like to see all of you.” Oliver continued having his eyes rested on you at the end of his sentence; you turned away from his gaze, embarrassed with the other dozen of eyes set on you. Everyone was dispersed, Harry was hesitant leaving, he kept taking double takes at you, Draco waited till all the Slytherins left so he can talk to Oliver, Fred and George distracted them right away, leaving Cedric in the clear.
  7. You watched as Reese who was watching from the front bleachers gave a smile from what your eyes could see and walked away with his grey hoodie up. JJ and Ebony smiled and waved good-bye. Cedric showed his gentle side by shyly waving and smiling at you, he made his way towards you until Draco and Oliver cut his path. You watched as Cedric hesitated, took off his Quidditch gloves, gave a departing wave with a bearing smile but the only aspect from him that bothered you was the way his eyes widen and his emotions dropped when Oliver and Draco cut him from his path. “It’s later now!’ Oliver said cheerfully, Draco was deep breathing as if that Quidditch practice was a year workout for him but he managed a laugh in between. “It’s later!” You echoed and ended with a smile “Quidditch team, I still can’t believe it! You’re an amazing flyer!” Oliver smiled as if he had a child and that child announced that they will be playing in the Quidditch World Cup. “She really came out of her shell after Third Year.” Draco said now full of breath.
  8. You made a face at Draco who couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s true though. You’re as spontaneous and daring as ever!” Draco was obviously exaggerating, the only time you did something spontaneous and daring was last year, when you entered the maze and came out alive. “You’ve been holding out on me, have you?” He smiled and your heart couldn’t help but to flutter. It was time to get back at Draco. “I have but it’s not nearly as much as Draco!” Draco’s eyes widen, you caught him off guard but it worked when Oliver patted Draco on the back and smiled. “Like what?” Backfire. By the look in your eyes, Draco knew you obviously had nothing, he smirked and you tried your hardest to think. “Well, I’m a prefect now and part of this new Inquisitorial Squad that one of the Professors started. Basically, it’s a group of students who look out for the students.” Draco covered, for putting Draco on the spot and having nothing to say, he managed to save you; however what he said was false, the Inquisitorial Squad is a group of students who look out for suspicious people, deduct points and all contain pure-bloods. “Wow, you two are really giving it your all! _____, are you in the Inquisitorial Squad?” Oliver’s words struck a nerve. No, why would you be? “No.” You echoed your thoughts to an extent
  9. “Well, I think it’s a great idea! The Inquisitorial Squad, even Draco’s a part of it! You should join!” Oliver smiled, Draco turned and smiled and eyed you. This was just what Draco wanted yet at the same time, not what you needed; you were already a part of Dumbledore’s Army, you can’t play both sides. “I asked her the first time but she said no. She gets into trouble though.” Draco said pulling your hand and exposing the scars from your night with Umbridge, immediately Oliver took your hand and caressed the back of your hand with his thumb. The scars almost blended with your skin except for where the scars penetrated; there was still an obvious mark from where your skin opened. You pulled your hand back and stared at the grass. “You’re joining.” Oliver stated “Draco, go tell whoever the Professor in charge is that _____ will be joining.” Oliver was in control of your life now, your eyes widen and heart turned to stone. Draco didn’t look sympathetic at all, it was if, he planned this all along but his eyes were hard to head. He took his leave and headed straight for Professor Umbridge’s office. “Is there a reason why you did that!?” You raised your voice at Oliver; his eyes widened but didn’t back down to your tone “It will get you on the Professor’s good side. If this keeps happening,” He gestured to the scar on the back of your hand “I’ll ask Madam Hootch to make me stay for the Quidditch season until I know you won’t get into any more trouble.” Oliver was serious but that wasn’t an excuse to cower down.
  10. The grass whistled in the wind, it should feel relaxing with the sun kissing your cheeks and the wind blowing through your hair but it was if you were standing at a fork in a road and the only options you had, were options of death. “Don’t treat me as if I’m a child, Oliver. I can handle myself.” You said with a kind expression hoping it will calm the atmosphere “You’re giving me reasons why I should treat you as one! “ His tone did not change; you were confused whether he was concern or just acting as a dictator. “I’m a Fifth year for Merlin’s sake! I’m not in nursery! You dated me!” You raised your voice trying to give him sense, he ran his fingers though his hair “Exactly, you’re a Fifth year, when are you going to start acting like one!?” His tone was sharp; you had no idea what he meant by “acting like a Fifth year?” You eyed him down and saw the fury enraged into his eyes, if it was evident in his, it was evident in yours. “I’m not joining.” Reasons were no longer of use; it was just statement from this point on. “You’re joining. And I’ll make sure of that.”
  11. Well, Oliver’s return is starting off rather…pleasant. This was the question most of you were asking when Dumbledore’s Army was formed “What about the Inquisitorial Squad?” Well, here’s your answer; we all know that Oliver is protective over you and hates seeing you harmed, what better way to keep you out of trouble but to be the one looking for trouble? This is going to get a little crazy from now on! I would also like to give a shoutout once again to @Calypso1315; she’s been practically writing the quiz alongside with me! She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and an amazing motivator! Always asking how I’m doing and offering her help! As always, I hope you all enjoyed this release and stick around for the next one! Until then, stay magical! x

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