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    "Oh, why don't they trust the site? That's really odd. Well, it depends what the gtq does about my account but I really don't know what to do..."
    "Hey guys, I can't stay on this thread long but it's really amazing what you guys are doing. It's really touching to see all of you guys com..."
    "Nathalie - Regardless, it's your choice. You know I support you no matter what. In a way, this is just my way of supporting y"
  • "Aha, guys you're making me cry (the more we continue this convo, i have to make an offbeat forum) @DeathStar321 - email me at"
  • "@Deathstar321 - awe, haha! I really don't want to see it go too but i'm over the edge mad about this, and yes, I have checked my email @caly..."
  • "bump"
  • "Hi! I know I've written at least half of a hundred quizzes but I'm really tired of people stealing my quizzes and calling it "
  • "If you don't check the quizzes regularly but you're on here a lot, well, I should let you know that if you love the series about Hogwarts th..."
  • Favorite book characters!
    "Draco and Oliver from Harry Potter Peeta and Katniss from Hunger Games Patch/Jeb from the Hush Hush Series Jace from th"
  • "The Harry Potter one, I plan but it'll take some time because it's not in the format of the story and other than that, I have to reconstruct..."
  • "However, the only stories that are on my wattpad right now are "Music in Me" and my Percy Jackson story. :)"
  • "Hey guys, school just started for me and well, It's hectic but I've moved to wattpad where all my stories will be copyrighted. My user name ..."
  • "wait, i'm gonna leave so i'll message when im back."
  • "doing a ustream right now. lmfao i'm bored and if you guys wanna talk, talk to me there. it ustream(.)tv/chann"
  • "What I posted isn't in part 43 but basically what she said; sneak peek of what will happen in teh future."

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