Hogwarts Love Story by natuhleegayle makes a comeback

If you read the title, then you should know what this is about. I think this will be the last quiz I will post up, maybe, maybe not but this is pretty exciting news considering it says Hogwarts Love Story.

For old times sakes: Let's Blame Magic is a newly rewritten take on Hogwarts Love Story. Follow Ariella Price during her years at Hogwarts as she stands by the sides of the beloved cast of Harry Potter and if anything goes wrong, let's blame the magic. Read the series on my Wattpad!

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. If you read the title of the quiz, you know why I am here.
  2. I've been reconstructing the plot of Hogwarts Love Story and created a Heroine, I've also struggled to create the story into an actual story rather than a quiz.
  3. However, with that in mind, it will not be posted on GoToQuiz. It will be posted at the given link of this quiz which is found beside my name. "My Wattpad." It's too much of a struggle for me to come up with the results but I purposely create the series for the story itself.
  4. Yes, I am rewriting it. I am not giving it away, I've spent the time watching the Harry Potter series and I really did miss bringing those adventures to life. Now, I should give you details about the newly rewritten Hogwarts Love Story.
  5. A revised edition of the story that started it all, a loved story that helped me get to where I am today; Let's Blame Magic is a newly rewritten take on Hogwarts Love Story.
  6. Ariella Price never really stood out; she was always hidden within the crowd. But now, it's her Third Year at Hogwarts and all of that is about to change. Join Ariella as she takes a familiar journey with the beloved cast of Harry Potter! And if anything goes wrong, let's blame magic, shall we?
  7. Yes. I really wanted to create an actual character for my story which made writing a whole lot easier. I'm also writing in Third Person which is really hard since I'm usually writing in Second Person. Anyways, I have somethings I have to say...
  8. I've been coming back to GoToQuiz for a while to reread my series (Which I found poorly written in the beginning) but as I was here, a lot has changed. Not a lot of stories than how it was before. However, I'm still touched that some or most of you still remember me, I know Aria does. Thanks for those shoutouts and quizzes by the way! They really touched my heart and in all truth, I haven't forgotten about any of you who have followed up with my quizzes!
  9. Now, to all of you that are still here and creating new Hogwarts series. It's really quite stunning to still be the reason why you created your Hogwarts series! So, please, keep writing and I really have been reading all of the new quizzes! The most recent I've read belong to @music826 and @vulturemonem. Guys, if you haven't yet. Please take the chance to go read them! Forgive me if I got your usernames mixed up!
  10. Anyways, some parting words before I leave! The magic you've kept close to your heart doesn't disappear as you get older. It waits deep within, waiting for the day to shine in your eyes once more. And when the day comes, for the magic to shine again, it invites you to a place where possibilities are endless, stories have yet to be read and where magic never really ends. It brings you back home.
  11. Welcome back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We've been expecting you. And you can blame the magic for that!
  12. Be sure to read the newly revised edition of Hogwarts Love Story. "Let's Blame Magic" on my Wattpad! And with that, I hope you all have a good night! Stay Magical! x :)

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