Hogwarts Love Story pt 6

Sorry, shout outs are here today, firstly to natuhleegayle and 5thmarauder for inspiring me to write my own Hogwarts love story series, keep writing, your great!

Second to Aria who is an inspiration to us all, she deserves a medal, she's been through hard times and she still manages to be amazing and super nice. Last shout outs are in the parting words paragraph.

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. You woke up rubbing your eyes. You could hear an argument close by. You quickly shut your eyes and pretended to be asleep, listening intently. "Don't Neville, think what she's going through without an added guy, you're better off being friends, besides, if you truly like her, you wouldn't want hurt her," Hermione was saying. "I know, but it's hard. I mean it's not like a day passes when someone doesn't act around her," Neville said. "Exactly, she doesn't want anyone else, think Neville. Please just stop and think." There was silence. You opened your eyes and saw the bed next to you was occupied by not Harry but a whinning Draco. "Draco, what happened?" you asked genuinely concerned. " that oaf Hagrid stupid chicken kicked my arm, my father will hear of this," he added furiously. All sympathy left you imeadiately. "Maybe, but I'm sure that Hagrid gave you instructions, you just didn't follow them," you said coldly.
  2. "Said like a true Griffendor ____" Draco said haughtily. "I am Griffendor you idiot, do i behave like a Slytherin or something?" you asked jokingly. He opened his mouth to reply when the doors flew open and Pansy, a Slytherin in your year who fancied Draco, burst through the doors. "Draco!" she shrieked, "Oh my god, Draco baby are you ok? What did that awful beast do to you? I'll make sure the Oaf gets the sack, don't you worry," she said. "Hagrid is NOT an oaf," you said through gritted teeth. "Did I ask for your opinion Mudblood? No, so shut your revolting mouth," she said rudely, "Oh, before I forget, leave Draco alone. You follow him around all the time, give him a break from your grotesque figure Rivers! He doesn't like you, he deserves better," she yelled cruely. "Shut up Pansy, how would you know who I like? Besides, I thought you knew she was going out with Potter," Draco said tightly. "See! You've infected Draco with lies you little Muggle-loving Mudblood!" she screamed. Draco sat up and pulled you out of bed towards him, he yanked you down with his good arm and kissed you hard, crushing your lips with his own. Pansy ran out wailing. You pulled away from Draco and looked at him searchingly. You sighed and fell back into bed. Your hip ached like crazy and were exhausted. You soon fell asleep.
  3. You were woken up by a cornered Madame Pomfrey. "Whathaveyouwokenmeupfor?" you asked groggily. "Miss Rivers Sirius Black has been spotted in the castle, all students are requested to head to the great hall. I've told the headmaster that you can't possibly camp on the floor," she began putting emphasis on camp and floor, "of course he said that you could spend the night in a bed, unfortunately he said that you would probably enjoy a little excitement so you must sleep on a muggle camp bed." she said disapprovingly. "Madame Pomfrey, honestly, they're just mattresses, I'm muggle born remember, they're not bad." you said slightly amused. She pursed he lips and shook Draco and a Ravenclaw second year. The three of you were escorted down the corridor, up three flights of stairs and into the great hall. When it came to the stairs Madame Pomfrey told you to stop putting on a brave face and let her help you. Reluctantly you submitted to her help. You made a mental note never to fall off your broom again.
  4. You slumped down on a camp bed and laid back. "Standing over me with a knife!" someone said. "Are sure Ron? Sirius Black?" Hermione said. You pushed yourself up onto one elbow and tapped Ron's back. "So you saw Srius Black?" you asked. "Yep! With a knife and..." Oliver cut him off, "It started off with tangled hair, skeletal and a small knife and it's turned into ghost like, hoarse voice, knife covered in blood and a threat!" Ron turned bright pink and hung his head. You smiled sheepishly and nodded. "So how are you ___? Madame Pomfrey hasn't let us in since we last saw you!" Neville said. "we'll, um, I'm better I guess. I kind of lose track of time, you know. Anything interesting happened?" you asked looking to Hermione who had her nose in a book, she was scribbling hurriedly. You would pursue that later.
  5. "Did you hear about Malfoy?" Harry asked. You chuckled and nodded. "professor Lupin keeps missing classes with no apparent explanation," Ginny said. "yeah, the bad part of that is we get Snape for DADA, " Ron groaned. The twins nodded their agreement. "Talking of our dear Malfoy did I hear you had an argument with Pansy?" Oliver asked. "oh yeah," you blushed and told them about the whole thing. About halfway through Hermione went off and Ginny went to persue her. You hesitated when you got to the part about Draco kissing you," then Pansy caused me of harassing Draco, as if! Then, erm, well then he kissed me and she ran off crying. Well, I say crying, it was more howling," you finished deciding to be honest, they were your friends after all. You avoided eye contact with Harry during the silence that followed.
  6. You glanced at him and was relieved and a little surprised to see he was smiling slightly, clearly amused. It was Ron who spoke first. "That's disgusting," he said flatly. At first you all thought he was joking but then he continued, "You let Malfoy kiss you. Really, what kind of girlfriend are you ___? You seem to go round letting any old guy kiss you. But a Slytherin. That's, that's, that's just, just offensive," Ron blurted out. "Ron, I need hardly remind you that you are one of those boys, yes I do know. I'm not offended, what could she have done? I trust her. But you are fast losing my trust. Please don't." Harry said quietly.
  7. That tipped Ron over the edge. The pulled out his wand. Harry pulled out his in self defence. Then Ron shot a stunning spell at Harry. He blocked it but didn't retaliate. Oliver pulled you behind him and gave you a brief kiss. You felt a huge wave of gratitude for your captain, he was the only guy to love you, but not try to tell you. He loved you from the bottom of his heart but he would never spend his life with you, at least, only as a friend. Alicia was his lover, that was as you wanted it to be. As you tried to find the words for how you felt about him he kissed you. His kiss was gentle and meaningful, his lips were hot and smooth. There was something there that made you return the kiss. When you broke away you looked into each others eyes.
  8. The moment was broken when a powerful wave went through the room. Hermione stood in the doorway creating a shield with her wand. "If either of you send one more spell at each other, I will personally drag you to Proffessor Snape's office and request some horrible punishment. Ronald don't you dare start anything like that again." she yelled through gritted teeth. She lowered her wand and headed over to you. Everyone seemed to be dispersing and going to bed. Harry slumped down on the bed next to you as Hermione sat down by your side. " _____, this is some of the class work, what do you make of this? Read my notes too," she said giving you no clue to what on earth she was talking about. You studied the text on werewolves.
  9. It was relatively simple stuff, easy to understand and all. You looked to hermiones notes. You frowned, it was a list of Proffessor Lupin's absences. Strangely, each two weeks apart. You saw that by each date a moon was drawn in feint pencil. Then you made the connection. "Hermione you're a genius!" you whispered. "I'm not, more importantly, the teachers known. I got a hunch when Proffessor Snape set the essay. I'm sure I'm the only one who worked it out. But, remember in our first year when we all got detention with Filtch and had to file his list of old detention records? Well, at the time I couldn't help but notice four went together, R.Lupin, P.Petigrew, J.Potter and S.Black. Lupin and Sirius Black were old friends! Of course I noticed that when I found out who the DADA teacher was. But I didn't know he was a werewolf then," she finished. You contemplated this and then said, "ok, so say Lupin is an evil werewolf, like that Greyback guy, well then he could be working with Black, then Harry could be in serious danger. But I think we're both forgetting something, Dumbledore. You said it yourself, if Dumbledore is here, Harry's safe. Dumbledore hired Lupin. I'm guessing he trusts him, but even he makes mistakes, I agree there," you said becoming a little worried. "what do we do?" Hermione asked calmly. "well, I think all we can do is make sure someone is with Harry at all times, in the castle it's easy, it's swarming with people, but if he goes out one of us needs to be with him, and don't tell anyone at all. But I'm not out of hospital for ages, if it were up to Madame Pomfrey she'd send me home but Dumbledore said I could play against Slytherin if I wished but, even so, I won't be out until a at least a month before term ends. If I'm lucky. Look after him Hermione, it's all we can do," you finished. She nodded and hugged you being careful of your hip. Harry stepped towards the two of you. "goodnight Hermione, and thanks!" you said as she left to her own bed, two to your right.
  10. "____, I can't help noticing you're pretty popular with other guys, so, um, where does that put us?" Harry asked embarrassed. "oh Harry, it puts us no different. I love you, never doubt that, I'd tell you if anything changed. I promise," you said softly. "I could never ask for more," he said very quietly. He kissed you softly for awhile. Then he broke away and stroked your face with the back of his hand. He kissed you again and then went to bed.

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