Hogwarts Love Story pt 3

Love is flying around Hogwarts castle now. Boys are falling for you and at long last you are told by a most unlikely person in an unusual way! This part is your (rather complicated) date with Harry and your first quidditch match. A friendly practise match against Ravenclaw and the beautiful seeker, Cho Chang!

From year three to year seven you will be given the chance to get your Hogwarts crush! Where ever the story ends at the end of year seven, each result will give you an alternate ending for your crush. The ending I write in the main text will be my crush who I am keeping a secret so no one can accuse me of being biased, thought is is only a story! Enough jabbering from me, on with the story!

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. The day of your date with Harry dawned. You awoke, dressed, had breakfast and headed down to the courtyard. You handed your permission slip to professor McGonagle. You saw Harry and her having an argument. It ended with Harry stomping back inside. Your heart fell like it weighed a ton. You looked to Ron and Hermione for consolation but only Hermione gave in to you, Ron seemed triumphant. Then Harry came over to you. " hey ______, I'll see you later" he said as he touched your hand lightly. You sighed. Date in the common room, really good. Hmm.
  2. You headed down to Hogsmead glumly. However, you perked up when Oliver came over. " hey ____, quidditch practise will be every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:00pm except exam week. " " thanks Oliver, I'll be there. You can count on your number one chaser! " you joked. " you should go to Honeydukes sweet shop. Anyway, bye!" he said. " shall we go there?" Ron asked, directing his question at Hermione. Both of you nodded eagerly.
  3. Honeydukes was pretty much Ron's heaven. It was filled with rows and jars of every sweet imaginable. He sped off excitedly. You reached into your pocket to pull out your purse when your fingertips felt parchment. You frowned and pulled it out. It was a quickly scribbled note. It read, ' ____, I'll meet you by the shrieking shack at noon. I'll be under the cloak. Only bring or tell Hermione. Be there. Harry.' you showed Hermione who scanned it quickly. " well its half eleven now and it's on the other side of town so we'd better hurry. RON!" she shouted. You rested your hand on her arm, " don't bother, he's happy here with Dean West, look." you pointed to your left. She nodded and motioned for you to follow.
  4. The shrieking shack was run down andy falling apart. You were both panting as you had sprinted the last half mile after being held up by Draco. " I will kill Malfoy someday." Hermione panted. " I'll let him fall to my curses," you replied. You both burst into peals of laughter. You turned as you sensed movement behind you. " _____, Hermione, Black betrayed my parents. He was their friend!" he yelled. Hermione spotted Ron a way away and rushed away. " Harry, oh Harry that's awful, " you said your voice full of genuine concern as your put a hand on his shoulder.
  5. He calmed down a little and stood up, taking your hands in his. " never mind that now. Not when I've broken so many rules to be with you." he smiled. You smiled back. "_____, I just want to say thank you, for everything," he said before pressing his lips to yours. His lips were warm and smelled faintly of peppermint. You kissed him back, resting your hands on his chest. He put on arm around your waist and one hand on your cheek. He pressed himself against you, creating an electrical feeling between you. You never wanted it to end. But oof course it did.
  6. "so, this is it?" a familiar voice said. You both jumped and brome apart. Ron stood there fuming. " Ron, I told you I was seeing ____ today, I also said I'd talk to you later." Harry said angrily. " ron, why do you seem to suddenly hate me?" you asked in a small voice. " why do I seem to hate you?" he asked incredulously, " because, because you don't seem to realise that loads of boys like you. Everyone talks about you!" you stared at him bewildered. He glared at you and stormed off. You leant into Harry and cried into his jacket. He put his arms round you and stroked your hair gently. Then you both heard a twig snap and Draco's drawling voice. Harry gently pushed you away and hid under the invisibility cloak.
  7. Draco strode up to you. " dreaming about potter again?" he asked softly but with malice in his voice. Then, a snow ball flew from nowhere and hit him it the face. Then Crab was tripped over, Goyle mysteriously had his trousers pulled down and Malfoy was dragged through the snow. You laughed as they ran away and Harry reappeared laughing. " I'll see you back at the castle, you need to go back to Hermione, she's with Ginny at the three broomsticks." you nodded. He gave you a quick kiss before leaving under his cloak. You followed the invisible footprints before heading towards Hermione.
  8. " how was it?" Hermione asked. You quickly explained everything as you headed back to the castle. Hermione whistled when you finished. " wow, what a date!" she said. You laughed sheepishly before signing back in. You headed straight to dinner as you were starving. You sat next to Harry who's mind seemed to be on Black. You caught that Black was Harry's godfather before Oliver began jabbering about quidditch. The first practise was tonight. You groaned, you had meant to practise before you had training but had been too caught up in the date. You left the table to change and get your broom.
  9. You trudged down to the quidditch pitch. Oliver gave you a passing drill for a warm up. He then gave you exercises for your particular positions. Everyone passed well and your goals were always on target and Oliver only managed to save two despite his excellent keeping skills. Then the Ravenclaw team walked onto the pitch. " griffendors, I've arranged a friendly game with Ravenclaw every month. Play fair and good luck!" Oliver announced. Madame Hooch released the balls. Oliver and the Ravenclaw captain Cho Chang shook hands before the quaffle was released. Ginny caught it swiftly but was tackled and passes it deftly to you. You caught it and decided to risk a long distance goal, it was your best shot. The quaffle flew through the hoop scoring the first points of the game. Ginny imeadiately intercepted the ball and scored well. Then you and the other griffendor chaser, Angelina, tackle the Ravenclaw chasers. Your efforts were rewarded as Ginny caught the falling ball from below, passed back to Angelina who scored. Ravenclaw then scored twice. With Ravenclaw still in possession Angelina and Ginny decided to tackle more ferociously. Unfortunately Angelina was whacked in the stomache by the Ravenclaw beater's broom. Though Angelina was unable to play due to vomiting Ginny easily scored the penalty and you scored two ore spectacular goals. Harry the did a dangerous nose dive and caught the snitch. Ravenclaw congratulated you and Cho said " we look forward to meeting you for a real match" she batted her eyelashes prettily at Harry for a while and blushed and giggled when he told her that she was quite a good seeker. Though Harry payed know attention to her flirting and was only being friendly you were furious with Cho. How dare she? You couldn't resist throwing it in her face. You walked up casually and talked politely for a while with Harry's arm around your waist. Then you both said goodbye. Making sure she was still watching you, you were about to kiss Harry but he beat you to it. You kissed for a while before breaking apart smiling into each others eyes. " I couldn't bear Cho trying to take your place" he whispered gently.
  10. You changed into fesh clothes and headed back to the common room. You were in a very good mood. You sighed as you pulled out homework. You needed to do potions and arithmacy. Neither were too hard for you and arithmacy was fun! Ron groaned over some divination. " just make up some old rubbish about bad stuff and she loves it" Hermione said wisely. " is she really that bad?" you asked Ron. " no, worse. Honestly she said Harry was gonna die, Neville's grandmother is gonna die and Dean will develop a nasty case of flu." Ron blushed as he remembered he was ignoring you. "that's just a few, I'm probably going to drop divination next year. It's nonsense." Hermione said. "I couldn't agree more," Harry said happily. " well I have nice, sensible arithmacy," you joked. You all laughed.
  11. There was a loud pop from behind Hermione as the twins appeared. Fred carried a red envelope, definitely a howler. "got your howler then?" Hermione asked. " yep, we sure have" Fred said as he eyed the envelope warily. " took mum long enough" George added as he opened it. As shrill voice of and angry, yelling mrs Weasley erupted from the envelope. " Fred and George Weasley! How dare continue your pranks after them being banned. I am absolutely disgusted. Percy now has a Potions N.E.W.T. exam to take with no per-prepared notes. Do you have any idea what that means? No because you don't take interest and you don't seem to care! Well start taking an interest boys or reality will slap you when you leave school" the letter then lay still. You snorted, " pleasent letter. I'm sorry mrs Weasley but your sons will make a fortune is they can find the upfront funds to set up their shop." you said truthfully. The others nodded their agreement. Hermione yawned, " I'm going to bed. Good night all." " I'm coming too. Good night boys." you said. Harry stood up and gave you a quick kiss on the lips before retiring to bed himself.
  12. Okay guys, that's the end, I have writers block so I'll post more tomorrow night. I usually finish these at about 01:00am uk time and get up for school at 06:20am. I do it in my bed so I do kind of rest. (IPad on lap) I get approximately 5.5 hours sleep on a weekday and 8 at the weekends. I get up much later. Bearing this in mind please realise I can't post everyday, I have a real life you know! Thanks.
  13. Okay, shout outs, a huge shout out to HogwartsLove who has really kept me going. Aria, keep being amazing. 5thmarauder and natuhleegayle just keep writing and keep inspiring everyone. You inspired me to write this series! To all of you who read this, thank for taking my quiz, you are helping it work into the top 100 which is my aim!
  14. Lastly I'd like to say that I think this is my best so far. The love is really getting going with some characters (Ron, Harry and a little with Draco)' and I promise that in a near- future post the twins, neville, Draco and Oliver will have more love or flirting parts. The twins will be difficult as Rowling doesn't really portray them as characters that are at all interested in girls. This will mean I will have to change their personalities slightly. I might wait until the fifth year which is their last year, before I do much love scenes with them. They can mature slightly then to fit romance scenes. Sorry guys, I thinks that helped me way more than it helped you!

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