Hogwarts Love Story Pt 38

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Time to explore the world after being in a coma for seven days. I wonder how things will be? Good or Bad? I don't know but I do know that every day of your life is one journey worth sharing!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Hi guys! So before I start, I changed up the results. I will give a short summary of how they feels but also input a little thought of theirs. I didn't do it for Oliver because I just thought about it when I made Draco! Okay! Oh and before I forgot, there is a song for Question 12 /watch?v=j4x__1KJsJg . Enjoy!
  2. You finished your bath and felt much more alive, Ebony and Luna suggested you get some fresh air after being asleep and inside for a week. You went alone, Luna and Ebony wanted to come but you insisted to go alone. It was different being outside, it was nothing like how it was when you were in the “in between”. You watched as other students were shocked that you were awake and how you looked fine, you usually wear your hair straight but this time it was slightly curled; guys smiled as you passed by but you paid no interest to them because…you didn’t know who they were. You found yourself near the Black Lake, there was hardly anyone there and the smell of the water lifted your senses; it was quiet and serene and you just wanted to stand there forever but then a splash rang loud in your left ear. You turned to your left and saw the boy named Reese, wiping his hair with a towel half naked with his pants rolled up to his knees staring at you. You didn’t say anything and he didn’t but when he saw you a little creeped out, he smiled and walked over.
  3. Once he was near you, he didn’t say anything until you brought up the confidence and at the same time you both said “Hi”. You blushed and he found it odd since you never did any sort of thing in front of him. “Feeling better?” He asked but then he slapped his forehead after remembering your condition. “I actually am. Do you swim here often?” You asked as you were still looking at him paying no attention to his body but you noticed he had abs, probably from swimming around. “I like being in water.” He smiled and then you nodded but you wanted to ask a question “How can you…” “Read your mind?” He did it again but this time, he was a little ashamed to do it, he walked away to his clothes but you followed after him. “It was just lucky guess.” He said as he fanned out his robe before putting it on. “It wasn’t lucky, you were in a memory of mine when I know, and originally you weren’t there.” He didn’t say anything again until you grabbed his arm “Just drop it, alright?” Reese said with his American accent, which you weren’t used to yet. “Even if I WANTED to tell you, you’d probably laugh or judge me or whatever you stupid British people do.” He said irritated and you were held back.
  4. “Why do you think I’ll do that?” You had tears in your eyes. Your intention was trying to understand because you wanted to get your memory back, right now; there are so many things you don’t understand. “Why do you think this is all a game? I…I just don’t get it.” You said irritated and the tears formed more in your eyes, Reese stared at you stunned and he scratched the back of his head with frustration. “If I tell you and you get your memory back, promise not to tell anyone?” You nodded your head at his words, he sighed and was a bit unsure of everything but he knew you were trying to understand and get back to your roots. “Legilimency and Occlumency.” He said as he leaned against a rock and you just stared at him oddly. “Legilimency is the ability for me to read one’s mind and Occlumency gives me the power to block my own thoughts from people. I can not only read mines, I can change them.”
  5. You stared at him, noticing the anxiety in his eyes but you smiled. "Then you can help me, right?" He wanted to smile but he frown "It doesn't work like that," You frowned and sighed "The memories I create for you and your real ones would clash, driving you to insanity. You may think this is a blessing but it’s a curse. When I couldn’t control it, I could hear all these things,” He said as he looked out to the water and placed the towel over his head “All sorts of things about me.” He shrugged it and stared at you “Promise not to tell?” You nodded and he smiled, when he wasn’t playing the creepy boy; he seemed really sweet. “Oh, I’m Reese by the way. You and I aren’t on good terms.” He said bluntly and laughed; you looked at him oddly and asked why. “Well, I read your mind without asking.” “And why did you do that?” He swung his towel over his shoulder and buttons his white shirt. “You intrigue me.” You blurted out a disbelief laugh and he smiled before turning around, he quickly spun around and began to walk backwards giving you a smile with his hands in his pockets. As he was walking backwards he managed to trip on a rock where he fell off balance and landed on his bum. You stifled a laugh and he shot up and walked off embarrassed.
  6. You lay down by the water, breathing in the fresh, airy scent. You felt so at peace. You wondered why everyone was crying and so distraught when Professor Dumbledore told them you had amnesia. You wondered what had happened that you didn't remember. You wondered if they were all okay. Some of them were crying. The Prince called Cedric had started to yell. You wondered if you would have anymore moments like this once Prince Draco brought your memories back. Half of you didn't want to remember anything, this was so peaceful."______?" Your eyes snapped open. You wildly looked around, you were so lost in thought, you almost screamed. You turned around and saw the Prince with black hair and green eyes. He gave you a small smile and wave. You just stared at him with wide eyes. "How are you feeling?" he asked you. "I’m fine. And you?" you asked. He looked at you in a confused way. "You looked pretty sad a couple minutes ago," you clarified. He grimaced as he sat down beside you; at first he didn’t say anything but stare into your eyes. They were green; just how you remembered it. “You’ll understand when you get your memory back.” He smiled, he seemed like he wanted to say something but he held back.
  7. You gave him an odd look and you were about to ask why but you thought it was best to wait. “My name is Harry, by the way.” He smiled but you were kind of frustrated when you heard his name and there was no memory you could recall from him except the memory when you were in the “in between” He noticed your emotion and sighed. “I’m sorry.” He blurted out but you smiled and shook your head. “Its fine, I’m just glad that I’m not alone but…” You said as you held your knees close to your face; you titled your head down and rested your forehead on your knees. “But…?” Harry asked. The tears formed in your eyes “It’s frustrating. Everyone around me is so glad that I’m fine; I find these pictures of events that took place two years ago but there’s nothing.” I could feel a tear slide down my face. “Don’t…Don’t beat yourself up. You shouldn’t dwell on the past too much! You have us now, we’ll help you out. We’re your family!” He smiled and then a sudden rush filled you, in your eyes you were in a mouldy house, a distorted image of Harry in front of your eyes “Don’t ever think that you’re alone anymore, you’re with your family. Everyone in this house right now, we’re your family.” You blinked hard and you were back on the beach. “Are you alright?” He asked and you wiped your tears. “You said that…before, didn’t you?” He was silent until he realized “You remember!?” “Not everything, just…just those words.”
  8. “That’s great!” He smiled and you flung your arms around his neck, when you pulled back he was a shade of a faint pink but then you frowned. “What is it?” He asked, you took back your arms and you tilted your head “Why did I remember that moment though?” “I don’t know, but if you want, we can see Professor Dumbledore.” You agreed and smiled, when you reached Professor Dumbledore’s office with Harry, you heard an argument coming from his room when it ended, a pink lady walked out. “Excuse me!” She ordered and you stepped away, she eyed you and noticed before she could say anything, Professor Dumbledore called you into his office. She scoffed and walked away, Harry didn’t want to tell you who she was because there were things you shouldn’t remember. “Yes, what is it?” Professor Dumbledore asked, Harry was smiling “Professor, just a while ago. _____ remember something I told her at the beginning of the year!” Professor Dumbledore smiled and looked at you “It seems I was right, with the help of your friends you can remember.” You gave a bearing smile and played with your arms. “Yes, but Professor, I don’t get it. When I found old memories I could never remember but when Harry said something, I was able to remember a memory similar to what he said.” “And what would that be?” You were hesitant but Harry gestured you to say. “He mentioned how I was with my family now and that I’ll never be alone.” Professor Dumbledore’s eyes widen and he smiled “The answer is simple. That memory you saw was something that affected you when you had your memory, it seems that despite your case of amnesia; the memories with the strongest emotions can never truly be forgotten.”
  9. “Even the memories that pained me the most?” You asked in fear, Harry flinched and walked over to the side; Professor Dumbledore sat back in his seat before pulling himself up and walking over to you. “Personally, Miss ______; I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now.” Professor Dumbledore eyes smiled “We cannot change our memories, but we can change their meaning and the power they have over us.” He stood up straight and walked over to Harry “Now, if you will excuse me. There is something very important I must discuss with Mister Potter.” Harry shot up at his name, you nodded and waved good bye to Harry. Once you exited Professor Dumbledore’s office, you walked over to an open window and inhaled, Professor Dumbledore’s words echoed in your mind “We cannot change our memories, but we can change their meaning and the power they have over us.” You smiled and took a sigh; they say a song is a best way to express how you feel.
  10. You closed your eyes, whenever you remembered the “in between” a soft gentle melody would fill your head and the lyrics of what you were about to sing formed. “One day, I’ll get my memory back.” You thought to yourself and smiled, you took a deep breath “You, rest inside my mind. Since the day, you came; I knew you would be with me. All the time we spent, what we shared was surely warm enough to know you cared for me.” You knew you weren’t going to be alone anymore; there was no need to cry anymore. You’ll make new memories, memories you would hold for a life time. “Light, floods through memories. Helps me walk my path, I’ll keep my head up high. Words and Faith and Love, your strength gives me hope. Someday I’ll find you with open arms.” You ended your song and ended off with a smile, a warm feeling was filled inside of you; you were excited for what was to come. “Nice song, Angel.”
  11. I’m such a tease! LOL. So, hey guys. I was really mad writing this! You have no idea! After Reese’s part, the brilliant @Calypso1315 helped me with Harry’s scene which I owe a lot of gratitude to but after that scene, I got mad so I brought Dumbledore and you can guess my anger brought Professor Umbridge! I simply love the ending. It’s so fluffy and light but that’s my opinion! WELL, SCHOOL IS TOMORROW! And you all know I won’t publish (Well, I will but not a lot) till the weekend! So, stay tuned! ;)

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