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It's time to wake up! It's been a while, a long while if you ask me. One week you've been in a coma and when you finally wake up, you forgot a lot of things. How will this affect the story? I don't know. Why don't you find out?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Part 36 is here! It's time to get this story back on track and but it's kind of hard when you know...your memory is...oh forget it, here's the song /watch?v=zVdNg16KQew&feature=relmfu . You might remember it! Enjoy!
  2. "What are your names?" You mumbled, everyone's face drained of color, some fell off balance. Draco fell back on the bed behind him, Cedric walked away and scratched the back of his head and covered his mouth with the palm of his hand, Ron stood there with a blank face, Neville and Harry were almost in tears, and George was comforting Fred who went into shock and Oliver remained undecided what to do. "_______, don't you remember me?" Oliver placed his hand on his chest, you looked at him and he could tell from his eyes you were clueless. "________..." He said more softly, Cedric now had tears in his eyes. "_______, you have to remember us...all of us we're..." "SHE DOESN'T REMEMBER, WOOD! SHE DOESN'T!" Cedric yelled out, Oliver was in denial. You opened your mouth which brought a smile to his face. "I-"You began with your mouth trembling open "I...don't know...you." Cedric was crouching to the floor with his hands over his head. Ron walked away to face a stone wall, Draco was on the other side of the bed with his back facing everyone. The Twins, Neville and Harry sat on different beds. Oliver pulled the sheets close to him.
  3. Just then Professor Dumbledore and the Head of Houses walked in and smiled "Ah, I see that Ms. _______ has woken up." He examined everyone's face and saw the pain and distraught they expressed. They didn't ask until Harry spoke wiping tears away from his face "Professor...she doesn't remember...anything." You sat on the bed clueless; you wondered why the Princes were upset; you knew their faces but nothing of them. Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout were aghast, Professor Flitwick was mortified and Professor Snape remained nonchalant. Professor Dumbledore walked over to you and looked you in the eyes, "Do you know where you are, Miss._______?" That answer you knew "I'm at Hogwarts." All the boys perked up, Professor Dumbledore smiled "And what is your name?" That was another question you knew "________. Sir, ______ _______" The boys were clueless. How was it that you knew where you were and your name but not who they were? "And do you know who these people are?" He gestured to the boys. Your face flinched and you furrowed your eyebrow trying to remember "Princes." Professor Dumbledore and everyone's face was confused. "Do you know their names?" "No."
  4. "Albus...?" Professor McGonagall said softly, Professor Dumbledore moved back and looked at everyone "Miss. _______ has a very...peculiar case of amnesia." The boys were distraught and made their way to resume the position they were in before Professor Dumbledore entered but then Neville asked "Is it permanent, sir?" This was a question everyone hoped had a good answer. Professor Dumbledore examined your face. "Professor Snape, might I ask if you can concoct a Memory Potion?" Professor Dumbledore turned to Professor Snape. Professor Snape crossed his arms. "Yes, but Headmaster, the Potion is very complex and must be made properly or it may damage her mind further." "How long will it take, Severus?" Professor Snape look at everyone's faces and then at Draco's "Three weeks but there is the matter of how long she's been in a coma." "Seven days, Professor!" Harry blurted out; Professor Snape shifted his eyes at Harry quite irritated. "Seven days." Harry repeated. "She may stay like this for about...a matter of weeks?" Professor Snape said bluntly, Professor Dumbledore adjusted his glasses. "Months perhaps." He added on. "However, Professor, might I remind you, I have some important manners I must attend to, that you asked not that long ago." Everyone suddenly got irritated, Professor Snape was the key to saving you but he's suddenly busy.
  5. "But Professor!" Harry protested. Professor Snape didn't pay any attention to Harry. Draco was looking down and he bit his lip before he brought his head up. "I'll do it." Everyone looked at him; Professor Snape was rather surprised himself. "I'll make the Potion..." Draco said nervously, Professor Dumbledore protested but he considered the consent of Professor Snape. "Mister Malfoy is an advance potion maker, Professor. I assume he may be quite successful; under my supervision, I will...check on him when I can." Professor Dumbledore nodded and turned to Draco. "Now, Mister Malfoy; please keep in mind you must follow exactly what Professor Snape instructs. If the potion is flawed in the slightest way, it may damage her mind further than what we can already handle." Draco nodded but his eyes showed the anxiety and pressure that was bestowed upon him. "I will." Professor Dumbledore smiled and nodded to Professor Snape. "Professor Snape, as Mister Malfoy will be busy, I suggest you find a new Slytherin Prefect for the meanwhile." Professor Snape looked annoyed that he had to go through this much trouble. Professor Dumbledore then looked at the boys.
  6. "Mister Malfoy will be working to restore Miss. ______ memory; however, I assume there is much more that she has forgotten and until that potion is prepared. You all must help her." The boys agreed in an instant but then Professor Dumbledore turned to Oliver. "Mister Wood, it is my understanding you are leaving within 48 hours, am I correct?" Oliver bit his lip, it was true. Initially, the trip was only for the season and after last week's Quidditch accident, Quidditch season was over. "Professor, might I ask if I could stay...until I know that she's better?" Professor Dumbledore took what he said into consideration. "There are some things she'd rather forget, Wood." Cedric blurted out. Instantly, Oliver turned around and had his hands on Cedric's collar. Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout separated them. "She means a great deal to you, Mister Wood?" Professor Dumbledore asked "She's everything to me." "Now hold on, why do you get to stay? She always spends her time with you and never with us!" Ron blurted out; the Twins were restrained to answer because they were his friend. Cedric agreed with Ron, and Neville and Harry were at a standstill. Draco didn't say anything. "Look, I just want her back to the way she was. I'm not going to take advantage of her while she is in this state! Unlike you lot." Oliver eyed everyone; a guilty thought popped into everyone's head. "Mister Wood is right. If you all truly care for this girl, you will act as if nothing happened. Help her remember your name. No one must take advantage of her because once Mister Malfoy succeeds, she'll remember everything and even the time you all spent helping her recover. If any of you, do something outside of the matter; she may resent you. Now, are we all clear? You will not take advantage of her. Mister Wood can stay."
  7. Everyone dispersed; Draco was off to make the potion along with Professor Snape while everyone was going to take their time helping you. Just then, Ebony, JJ, Luna, Hermione and Reese came in. They all screamed and hugged you after Ron and Harry helped you out of bed. "We missed you!" "Are you alright?" "That was quite the nasty fall." "Thank Heavens you're alright!" "You're pretty strong!" The same response you gave the boys earlier gave everyone by surprise. "Draco's trying to fix it as we speak." "Malfoy?" Hermione protested and didn't like the sound of that. "He's making a potion for her." Cedric blurted out but Hermione, JJ and Ebony weren't thrilled. "Draco? You're trusting, Draco? For all we know, he can change the way she thinks about him!" JJ said angrily. Everyone took that into consideration except Oliver. "Draco wouldn't do that." "And how are YOU so sure?" Ebony snarled at him, Oliver didn't say anything since no one would understand. "Exactly." "Look, I know Draco wouldn't do it and I believe and trust in him. Now, he's the our only hope right now; so unless all of you want to repeat two years of a friendship and have the same outcome then I suggest you all just be quiet." Everyone was silent. When it came to you, Oliver was more serious than ever. Suddenly, Cedric noticed you and Reese making eye contact for the longest time. "Hey!" He nudged Reese, Reese flinched and you blinked hard. "What was that?" He asked, Reese didn't say anything but stayed quiet. "How did you do that...?" You asked, and then everyone's eyes were on him. "How did he do what...?" Harry asked concerned, you were still in your Quidditch robes and you brushed your hair out of your face. "He read my mind."
  8. Cedric placed a hand on Reese's shoulder. "Reese..." Reese was petrified what you blurted out loud, he didn't like all the eyes that were on him; he brushed off Cedric's hand and began to walk away. "REESE!" Cedric yelled out and began to follow him, faster Reese was out the door. Neville quickly walked over to you. "What do you mean, he read your mind?" He asked as you blinked, you smiled at Neville as you remembered the kind gentle Prince from his eyes. "The only memory I have is in the meadow, with all of you...and he wasn't there but when he looked at me, he was." The group looked at you oddly "Wait, with all of us? So you do remember..." Fred said with a hopefully face. You smiled but out of sympathy. "You're all Princes, you wanted to rescue me but...after that, the conversation I shared with all of you turns mute; I don't remember what your names are or the times we spent together. All I remember was that you all were there, trying to look for me." Hearing that you remember how they look gave them hope but it wouldn't last as they remembered they would have to repair your memory while they can. "Is that all?" Ron asked more hopeful, you closed your eyes and only words filled your head. "Voices." You said and they were curious; all eyes were perked up. "What did they say?" Hermione asked gently. You repeated the words Harry said and he almost cried, you repeated Cedric's words but they had no clue what you were talking about and then it came to the last thing you heard. "You just keep hanging on, Angel." You said. Oliver was frozen until you looked at him. "That was you, wasn't it?" He nodded and was about to tear up as well. "I don't know why I remember these voices. They, they were always there. It went on for hours, a different voice every time." Ron, Neville and the Twins' knew she heard but they worried if she would say them out loud to everyone.
  9. After, Ebony and Luna brought you to your dormitory. "Here's your room." You walked in and saw a stone wall room with satin blue drapery and velvet blue couches and a fire place. They brought you to your bed and took out a fresh new robe. Ambrosia walked in and she eyed you, she was amazed you woke up but didn't say a word. "I see SHE managed to survive." She said with her alter ego but you saw in her eyes she was actually concern. "Huh?" You blurted out; she looked at you oddly before she left the common room. "What? No snappy comeback?" She said with her fake voice, Ebony explained what happened to you and she was mortified. As she was speechless, she left the room and you asked who she was. Ebony explained all the negative qualities about her and why you ended up hating her, it sounded almost right but you felt as if something was missing. "We're going to draw you a bath. We'll be back, just change into that bath robe and leave your Quidditch uniform here." Luna said in her dreamy voice, you thanked them and they left. You took off your gloves and placed them at the edge of the bed, one of them fell off the bed and when you bent down to pick it up, you noticed a small box underneath your bed.
  10. You laid on your stomach to drag the box out from underneath your bed. There was a layer of dust on the cover and you blew it off; some managed to get in your throat and you left out a wheezy cough. You place the box on your bed and opened it slowly; inside was a crystalized rose, a different one than the one you found when you woke up. A little black book, a corsage where there was a picture of you and the Prince you knew who had amber eyes who was known as Cedric in a ball gown and tuxedo, in the picture was also all the Princes and on the back read "Yule Ball. 1994" You stared at the picture and your face, you couldn't recall any memory. You picked up the black book and opened it, on the front page read "Property of Draco Malfoy." You remembered that was the Prince with blond hair and grey eyes. You flipped through the pages, most was blank until you stumbled upon an entry where the book had an indent along its neck "Entry #15; June 19, 1993 "She probably hates me after all that's happened. I didn't want to hurt her, which was never an intention of mine. I really care about her, I really...I guess at this point, I really do love her." You stared at the entry and didn't recall anything nor knew it was meant for you. Inside the box, there was a pile of letters addressed to you from Oliver, one by one you opened the letters; there weren't any you could recall till you found the most recent one "I know that the last time we saw each other, I told you to see other people because it's better for someone to be there for you rather someone that's a thousand miles away. I regret saying that." No memory you could recall but you learned one thing. That Prince Oliver and you share a deep connection.
  11. Hi guys, so, here is Pt. 36! I really felt sentimental and was about to cry when I wrote the scenes where you found memoirs of the past years and you had no memory of them. Anyways, thank you so much! I'm really glad that some of you found the amnesia plot to be really intriguing while I know most of you kind of want your memory back as fast as possible. So, all we can hope for is Draco to hurry up! Also, Reese; @Bluebird's character will probably have an important heartfelt moment with you since, he has something he would like to explain. Thank you so much for your support! I am working on Pt. 37 and I hope you stick around to read it! Stay Magical!

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