Draco Love Story First Year. -Part One!-

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This is a Role Play interactive Hogwarts Love Story with Draco Malfoy. You can choose your own character, the way the story is going to go and you can also be on a shipping story if you want to for example (Draco+ Harry=Drarry!) Hope you have fun. It will be in sections and never stop so after you finish Hogwarts the story will keep on going for as long as you like!!!

Have fun! Create different story lines, make new friend's that come to Hogwarts. You can also be in the Hogwarts House you have always wanted or change it up for this story. It is all down to YOU!!!!!!! ***Have Fun***

Created by: DracoPotter14

  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOU ANWSER!!! For more fun pick a character to be in this Love Story with Draco. You can also be yourself. (Can create Ship Stories as well)
  2. THIS WILL NOT EFFECT YOU ANSWER! The time has FINALLY come. Your going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You make your way to Platform 9 3/4 and notice the other first years gathering around the Hogwarts Express for their new school year. Do you:
  3. You finally get on the train and see people start to get on to. A boy comes up to you. He is the same year as you, his hair looks like it has been bleached blonde, they had deep and mysterious grey eyes. When the carriage door was opened they came inside and looked at you and then sat down on a seat opposite you. After five minutes, he then started to talk to you. He said, "Good luck I found this carriage everywhere else is full! I'm Malfoy by the way. Draco Malfoy." He then looks at you like he has said something amazing to you. Do you say: (When you see ..... that is where you put your name.)
  4. Draco starts to make a conversation with you. He tells you all about his family history when they where at Hogwarts. After fifteen minutes of Draco's Family stories, he then tells you that he would like to be put in Slytherin. He then says to you, "What house do you want to be in?" You say:
  5. When you arrive, an enormous giant man stands guard at the station where the Hogwarts Express drops you off. Professor McGonagall then tells all students to wait outside the Great Hall and they will be called in shortly. You see Draco looking at you. However, when you turn around noticing him he then quickly turns away and whispers something into another students ear. Another Student is caught looking at you, but this time Draco sees and gives an evil glare at them and smirks when turning back around to his mates. Professor McGonagall then all sorts you in your houses. Draco gets Slytherin, you also then get sorted into the Hogwarts house that you wanted. (Don't worry this is a random student that I am trying to make-believe that is in the film so I don't have to use any of YOUR characters)Rylie-a boy that Draco caught staring at you in the corridors came over to you and started talking. Draco notices and comes over to you and starts being mean to Rylie. Do you:
  6. After the Great feast you go to your house dormitory and get washed and changed into your night clothes. You start to think about how Draco was being mean to Rylie. After that, you fall asleep onto your house bed and dream about Draco for some strange reason. The next morning, you bump into someone who then says to you "Watch where your going!" You recognise the voice. It was Draco's. He then notices that he had bumped into you and stopped his next part of the sentence. You tell Draco:
  7. After the incident with Draco, you walk off to potions. Draco is already there as your house learns with the Slytherins. Professor Quirrel is your Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. He says, "O-okay, children. I want you-uu into pairs-s." (Stutters badly) Draco, incidentally looks at you. You pair up with Draco as he seems to know what he is doing. Rylie, then turns to you. He asks you "(........ Your characters name), can you meet me outside class when Potions is over? Please." Draco, tells you not to but you insist in going as it might be something personal that Rylie thinks he can talk to you about. Draco says, "Hey, Rylie. You shouldn't be asking students to follow you out in the corridors after class. Leave ...... alone!" Draco smirks at Rylie and then Rylie tells Draco to meet hum outside instead of you. Draco agrees. Do you say/do:
  8. Find out what happens with Draco and Rylie in the next chapter!!!I hope you all liked this quiz. Trust me the next chapter will be a lot more interesting. (THIS WILL HAVE AN EFFECT!!!) Are you:
  9. When potions class is finished you quickly make a run to your house dorm. After about ten minutes you here yelping and strange noises coming from downstairs. It is Draco and Rylie. They are having a wand fight!!! Do you try to:
  10. Half an hour later after the fight Draco finds you sitting on the corridor stairs crying. He asks if you are okay. You tell Draco to go away and leave you alone! He tries to comfort you by giving you a hug. You think it is sweet of him... In your head you think about:

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