Draco Love Story (Chapter 1)-Third Year

This is a role play story about if you where at Hogwarts wold you and Draco get together at the end or would you go with Harry or another random boy. I am going to make carry on's so this is the first chapter that I will do! I hope you like it.

If you like this quiz, check out my others. There will be a chapter 2 VERY SOON!!!!!!! What do you think is going to happen to Draco/Harry? Will Draco get jealous? Is there a nice side of Draco?

Created by: DracoPotter14

  1. A new term of Hogwarts and it's your third year. You can't wait to be back as you can't wait to see Harry as you have a tiny crush on him, but you don't want it to be made obvious. You remember on the train ride that there was rumours that Draco Malfoy liked you. You do keep thinking about it in your head but the only thing you come to is...He would never change...or would he?You are about 40 minutes away from Hogwarts when the carriage door is pulled open, you finally get a detailed look and it is a boy dressed in Slytherin robes, then you look up and see Draco Malfoy waiting patiently to ask you something. He comes in saying "Do you mind? Everywhere else is full?" You say:
  2. If you said no way, this is Malfoy, then put DIDN'T HAPPEN! Draco, sits on the opposite chair in the compartment and looks at you, quite sweetly. After a LONG silence Draco keep muttering under his breath things about Harry Potter. Do you:
  3. Draco then asks you "Did you hear about them rumors that students kept making up last year about me and you?" He seems kind of nervous when asking you, but you say:
  4. The Hogwarts Express stops to a halt. Draco, jumps out and offers you a hand. You:
  5. You get to your house table which is:
  6. You catch a glimpse of Harry's eye and:
  7. After the b=great feast has commenced you get a note saying: Dear ......, can you please meet me near the forbidden forest at 10:00. However, this letter had no name at the end. You can't see where it had came from. Do you:
  8. If you DIDN'T go to the forest just click, DIDN'T HAPPEN!If you DID go to the Forbidden Forest this is what happened: Draco, came out of a high tree and told you it was him that sent you that note. Do you:
  9. After the forbidden forest journey, Draco walks you back to your dorm and says in a sweet non-Draco like form "See you tomorrow ........" This makes you think, does Draco have a crush on you? Before he leaves do you:
  10. Harry comes bursting round the corner before Draco leaves, shoves Draco out of the way and tells you that he wants to ask you something. Harry, starts telling you that he likes you, Draco overhears this and sighs. Do you:

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