Hogwarts, A Love Story

This is my first Harry Potter quiz, I hope you enjoy it. I have tried to make it different to all the other quizzes out there, but it is kind of hard coz we have to stick to the story. THis quiz takes place on the Hogwarts Express and your first night at Hogwarts. Enjoy :)

So, the quiz goes from year 3 to year 8 and you get to choose from Draco, Harry, Ron, Neville, Fred and George. If there are a lot of requests ill add in other guys, but for at least this quiz, those are the guys.

Created by: Princess_Demon
  1. You are settled on the Hogwarts Express, a little nervous to be going back to school. You stare out of the window, thinking how fast your first two years have gone. The compartment door is shoved open roughly and you jump, looking up to see a blonde haired, grey eyed, Slytherin called Draco Malfoy and his lackeys, Crabbe and Goyle. You:
  2. "Sorry, I thought the compartment was empty." He apologises, seeming genuine. You smile, surprised at his behaviour and tell him it was fine. He smiles and goes to say something more, but Harry, Ron and Hermione gather around the doorway, trying to look around Crabbe and Goyle. You
  3. "You aren't bothering her are you, Malfoy?" Harry growls. "What's it to you, Potter" Malfoy replies menacingly. "Leave her alone Malfoy!" Ron chimes in hotly. Malfoy laughs, but after eyeing your strained expression backs off. "I'll see you later _____." He says to you and montions for Crabbe and Goyle to follow him out. "Are you alright??" Harry asks anxiously as soon as Malfoy leaves. You think:
  4. You tell Harry that you are fine and he smiles and sits next to you. Ron drops into the seat opposite you, leaving Hermione to sit next to him. "What did the slimeball want anyway?" He asks curiously. You shrug and say you're not sure. "I dont think he realised I was in here to be honest." You laugh. "Well he's not a good person to be around!" Ron says seriously. "His family are all rich gits. Take my advice and steer clear of him!" He advises you. You think:
  5. You nod and change the subject, asking how their summers have been. Ron and Harry laugh and Hermione looks on disapprovingly, as Harry tells you about accidentally blowing up his Aunt Marge. You laugh with them, but also agree with Hermione, Harry should be more careful. You were interrupted by Fred and George sticking their heads into your compartment. "Hello giggling youths, would you mind doing us a favour, some free merchandise is in it for you!" You laugh some more at the twins joking nature. Your thinking:
  6. The two jokers ask you to switch to a smaller compartment so that they can have your bigger one. You agree and gather your things with the others and wander down to the smaller compartment. You hesitate at the door because there is a man there that you have never seen before. "Is he a teacher?" Harry asks curiously. You shrug and move into the compartment cautiously. Hermione puts her things down. "He's Prof. R J Lupin." She informs the three of you. Ron looks at her in disbelief, then turns to you and Harry. "She knows everything! How is it that she knows everything!??" "It's on his suitcase, Ronald." Hermione says, looking pleased and amused. You laugh and you all take your seats, giving the Prof. a wide berth.
  7. The mood darkens as Harry says he needs to tell you all something. You listen in horror as Harry tells you that Sirius Black, a man convicted of killing 13 innocent people, had escaped from Azkaban to come after him. There is a moment of stunned and slightly awkward silence. "Oh, Harry..." Hermione says fearfuly, trying to be supportive but clearly terrified. You, Hermione and Ron make a few comments, trying to help but soon give up and fall silent. It is silent for a long time, until the train suddnely slows down and stops.
  8. Why are we stopping? We can't be there yet!" Hermione says echoing your thoughts. Ron suggests that the train might have broken down, but you don't think thats likely. You notice how cold it's suddenly gotten, but before you can voice your thoughts the train lurches and the lights go out, leaving the compartment in almost complete darkness, the little light coming from the window too weak to penetrate the darkness of the area. The compartment door slides open and you squeal in fright. "Sorry!! It's just Ginny." Ginny whispers. "And Neville!" Neville adds. "Come in and sit down." You invite them. "Not here! I'm here!!" Harry says hurriedly as Neville drops into the seat beside you. You cant see Ginny, but you can hear her still apologising to Harry, somewhere near Hermione. "I - I think someone is coming aboard!" You all whisper together in fright. "Quiet!" A voice barks, making you jump and clutch at Neville. It is Prof. Lupin, he has obviously been woken by the kerfuffle. You all fall silent. You're thinking
  9. You shiver uncontrollably as the compartment continues to drop in temperature. Neville puts his arm around you and you huddle together. You see a dark figure pause outside the door. You gasp as the door slowly opens, revealing a tall hooded and cloaked figure. It looks around, seeming to inspect you all. You let out a small whimper, you feel cold and empty, completely lifeless. You keep remembering all of the worst moments of your life, over and over they play in your head. You hear a strangled sound coming from Harry, you can just see him in the dark. He has gone rigid in his seat and his eyes are rolling back in his head. As he tumbles, unconscious to the ground, Prof. Lupin stands up. He steps over Harry's body and faces the thing. "None of us are hiding Sirius Black under our cloaks! Be gone!" He demands. The thing hesitates and Lupin shoots a spell at it, driving it off. The lights sputter back to life and the coldness that had settled over your heart vanished, you were able to feel joy again. You look around at your friends, they look just as shaken up as you are. You think
  10. While the others managed to get Harry conscious again, Neville pulls you aside. "Are you alright?" He asks, clearly very concerned
  11. He nods and both of you return to the group and recieve chocolate from Prof. Lupin. It is a very quiet remainder of the trip and an equally silent carriage ride. As you get down from the carriage, your foot slips and you almost stumble but a hand catches and steadies you. "Careful." Malfoy's voice says as he helps you down the rest of the steps. "Thank you." You say, surprised. He smiles and tells you it was his pleasure. You blush and his smile turns to a smirk. He leads you inside and you pause at the entrance to the Great Hall. "Thanks again, Malfoy." You say. "Here I was thinking we were on a first name basis." He grins. "I'll still call you ______, if you don't mind." He winks at you and you blurt out that he can call you whatever he likes. He smirks again. "I'll remember that." He says and walks away without another word.
  12. You sit down and watch the sorting, cheering when anyone is allocated to your house, listen to Dumbledore's speech and clap hard when he announces Prof. Lupin is the new defence againt the dark arts (DADA) teacher. He really knows his stuff. You feel eyes on you from both the Griffindor and the Slytherin tables.You feel pressured to look at someone, so you look at:
  13. He smiles at you and you turn back around, you finish your dinner and walk slowly with your house to the common room and up to bed. Your exhausted and you fall asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow.
  14. Hello darlings, thats the end of the quiz for today, if you have an suggestions or feedback, please comment and rate!! Hope you enjoyed my quiz!

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