Hogwarts Love Story Pt 13

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As we wrap up this day, we're in for a surprise. It's going to be a sweet one as well. Let's see how our character and Draco hit it off tonight. Who knows, something might come out of it.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Free period was now over and you headed your way to Herbology. You knew of only one person in Herbology and that was Neville; perfect opportunity to talk to him. The Greenhouses was where the class was held, it wasn't your favorite place at Hogwarts because it felt like a sauna whenever you walked in. Sure enough, you felt a gruesome heat as you entered the greenhouse. Neville was already there hovering over Professor Sprout's shoulder, other students from your house and Gryffindor walked in after you. Neville smiled at Professor Sprout before he walked away, you took your chance to approach him. "Hey! Are you okay?" You walked over as you placed an apron over your uniform and placed your hand on his arm. "Y-Yeah. I'm fine now." He quietly said as he walked over to the flower pots and rearranged them, you walked through the crowd that now separated the both of you to get to him. "If something's wrong, you know you can tell me." "________, I told you when the time is right I'll tell you." He said with a rather annoyed tone. "If you're scared that I'll judge you or whatever. I won't. I'm your friend, Neville." "Well, a true friend should understand that now is not the time."
  2. "Well, I'm sorry that I'm worried about you. I guess, a true friend wouldn't bother..." You said quietly leaving at that, he gave a sigh before he turned around, as he did he grabbed your arm, making you halt rather than walking off. "_________. I'm sorry, but believe me when I say that now isn't the time. Not with everyone around that is, I'll tell you tomorrow. I-I just need a day to myself. I promise I'll tell you." He said giving you a sincere look, you nodded and it brought a smile to his face "Now, that we're all cheered up! Let's go! Professor Sprout has an amazing lesson for us!" Neville smiled, the only time he was truly excited for something was when he was studying the wonders of Herbology. The class ended, you suffered as you had to deal with the devil plant, or in Neville's eyes; Venomous Tentacula. A plant that can shoot poisonous venom to whoever harms the plant or it's surroundings. Luckily, no one was injured. It was now time to head downstairs in the dungeons to spend detention with your favorite person "Ambrosia Delrima?" Professor Flitwick called out as he stood on a like of dusty old books. She raised her hand as her other hand held a box of tissues; your prank from earlier didn't seem to settle just yet. "You girls will be dusting the entire room and alphabetizing any books or documentations." Professor Flitwick said as he stepped down from the books. You had one hour and on top of that: No Magic.
  3. Professor Flitwick left leaving the both of you alone, which was probably not the brightest thing to do. Ironic for the Head of House; Ravenclaw. You rolled up your sleeves and started to hit the books, you blew some dust off the books; the debris went flying towards Ambrosia "Ah...ahhh..." "I swear to God, if you-" "ACHOO!" Ambrosia let out a sneeze and with no help from the Mucoamnis spell; mucus was pretty much everywhere, thankfully none on you. "Yup, you're definitely number one on my hit list." You sighed as you looked around to see what was covered in snot "iz' ouln't hab habben ef 'oo didn't cass zat spell..." She babbled, she was barely speaking English as she had a rough time pronouncing the words with her stuffy nose "Backstabbing, useless and incompetent. Just what I've always wanted." You said sarcastically as you tried to find what wasn't covered in Ambrosia's snot.
  4. Disgusted as you tried to work your way through all the snot to get the job quicker. Ambrosia was no help, she attempted to clean but after a minute or two, she'd let out a sneeze. It was an hour detention and when Professor Flitwick dismissed you for the day, you felt as if you woke up in a different millennia as you exited the dungeon. You were excited as the time finally came, meeting Draco at the lake. You quietly walked through the castle, trying not to draw attention to yourself; you were already at the courtyard before you made a dash to the lake. It was dark, you had no idea where you were going to meet Draco exactly, a thought occurred-maybe this was payback because you spent the holidays with Oliver. "You actually came." A voice above you said, you looked up as you saw Draco sitting on a tree branch with his back against the tree with his legs dangling in the air. "Why wouldn't I?" He jumped down and landed a step away from you "I have my doubts." He laughed as he stood up
  5. It was kind of awkward being alone with Draco as you've acknowledge this was a date and the last time you had a date was with Oliver. You rocked back and forth on the heels and balls of you feet, there was a cool breeze that gently blew your hair. You waited as Draco was looking around "So, you were going to tell me?" You brought up, he was caught off guard and scratch the back of his head "Oh, yeah. Why don't we sit?" He gestured to the tree, however he walked around the tree and there was a picnic blanket with a white rose lying there. "Awe, Draco...I didn't know you were the type to do such things" You teased Draco as you nudged his arm, he ran towards the blanket and picked up the rose "H-Here..." He said as he motioned the rise towards you, you took it and saw that it was crystallized "That way, it can last longer..."He said shyly, you smiled and walked closer to Draco "Thank you" You sweetly smiled as you stared into his grey eyes.
  6. You both sat on the picnic blanket and laid down as you stared at the night sky. "So, are you ever going to tell me?" He sighed transitioning to a chuckle "You're not very bright. Obviously, it was for you." You punched Draco lightly as you blushed in the darkness of the night "Love is a pretty strong word. A-Are you sure?" "Well, maybe it's not love-" Your heart crumbled down once he gave you some clarity "but I just can't get you out of my mind. Whatever I'm feeling for you, love or infatuation. I just never want to see you hurt over a guy or in general." He said as he turned his head towards you "I wrote a song for you. Well, lyrics, there is no music." "Y-you wrote a song?" He chuckled as he sat right up "I'm very good with words but when it comes with words. I want to do more than just tell you. Want to hear it?" "Obviously, what kind of question is that?" You said as you sat up, he took of a piece of paper and smiled.
  7. {There's this girl, that I know. Captured my heart by a glance. Now, she haunts my dreams and every waking moment. She can't be with me-yes, I know. She has a love of her own. It pains me as I see, I'll be just a memory I've come to notice It pains me to show it That how I feel for her, she'll never feel for me. She's all I see, she's all I need. But I'm not the one she's calling for, I'm not the one she's longing for But I'll be, the one she needs. To hold her close late at night, the one to keep her safe tonight.} He sang in a kind and gentle tone, it mesmerized you but it was hard to see that this song was for you. "I wrote this song when you were with Oliver." He smirked as placed the sheet of paper away "I know it's ridiculous-" "It was amazing." "But you don't feel the same way." He stated
  8. He smirked as you hesitated but it didn't seem to bother you. "Are you going to the Ball?" You didn't know what Draco was talking about, it was the first time you ever heard of this. You explained to him that you had no knowledge of it, he explained that this year here was going to be a winter ball. It sounded magical, however you didn't have a dress. You thought it was a good idea to go home and return the following day with a dress. "Do you think we have to waltz?" You asked while fiddling with your rose "Maybe but I'm pretty good at it. Do you know how?" He asked as he stood up, you shook your head and he smiled "May I have this dance?" He bowed as he asked for your hand, you took his hands that were surprisingly warm, he pulled you close. He placed his vacant hand on your waist as you places your other hand on his shoulder "Follow my lead." He said taking a step back "Don't look away" He smiled.
  9. You and Draco waltzed around the tree, he took the lead so easily and dancing with Draco was like dancing in the clouds. He placed his hands on your waist to lift you up and spin you, you laughed and grabbed his hands once he placed you down. He was genuinely laughing as he spun you out then later attempted to seem like he was going to drop you when you spun in, however caught you. He stood you straight up and began to take the lead, you started to move slower and slower. You continued to stare into his grey eyes and was completely lost in the moment, you smiled as you placed your arms around his neck. "What are you doing?" He laughed as he also placed his hands around your waist "Don't look away" You teased, you leaned in closer to Draco. He was breathing heavily as you did, his breath smelled like apples. He pulled you in closer and you pulled away as you laughed, he was upset that you pulled away but he also laughed. He caressed your face with the palm of his hand, he cupped your face and smiled. Your hands were on his and he pulled you in and giving you a gentle kiss on the lips.
  10. It's been a while since you've been kissed and you couldn't help but to miss the feeling. Draco pulled away as the pressure lifted, you bit your lip and smiled. He was stunned yet overjoyed. You were standing so close to him with your hands holding his, his hands were on your neck as he pulled in and kissed you on the forehead. Suddenly, the worst thing that could ever happened, happened. You thought of Oliver. "I-I got to go..." You said as you pulled away and taking the rose with you. He turned around and was puzzled, he thought you were having a great time. You turned around and apologized, you were on the verge of crying but you didn't want to, not in front of him. He placed his hands in his pockets and turned around, you were already making your way into the castle and he shouted out "I'm sorry that I'm not Oliver." That done it, you couldn't hold it in any longer.
  11. As you ran throughout the castle returning to you common room. You were filled with emotions, you completely fell for Draco but thoughts of Oliver told you otherwise. As you entered the common room, it seemed as no one was there but then you saw Fleur. "I was waiting for you! I was hoping you'd come back so I can help you prepare for your date! I saw you with that boy on the staircase. I told you!" She cheered with glee but when you emerged out of the shadows she saw the sorrow on your face "_________..." She said with deep concern, you ran to her arms and cried your eyes out on her shoulder. She patted your back as you both sat on the sofa. You couldn't stop, it was getting hard for you to breathe. You sat there crying into Fleur's arms as the pain was unbearable, you've forgotten the price that came when you fall for someone. The night went by, you stayed with Fleur. Do you remember those moments where you mention someone's name and suddenly they appear? It happened, however you were unaware, because there lying on the table in front of you was a letter assigned to you sent from a Mister Oliver Wood.
  12. Well, there you go! If you're going to retake the quiz, there is a song where you and Draco are dancing. It is [Can I have this dance by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens] I'll also be posting the lyrics to Draco's song in the comments. There is a tune to it but it'll be hard because it needs to be sung to make sense. I hope you enjoyed that very "romantic" date but I'm sorry, some Drama had to be accounted for. Also, some clarity, Fleur was the one watching on the staircase; she was going to help you prepare for the date which explains "My! Looks like there's work to be done." Next chapter; we'll reveal the tri-wizard contenstants, start the first day of work and hear from Oliver who was out for 2 days. Also, I think you and Ambrosia are going to have a serious talk. I better start working on it.

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