Hogwarts Love Story Pt 9.2

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The end is here. The Prisoner of Azkaban is freed. You'll encounter a lot of action in this series and outwit the chosen one by your brain. Year 3 is coming to an end and thus we end off with a smile, or do we?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. The golden time turner was flipped three times, you watched as Hermione and Ron became blurred figures and that moments from earlier were playing in reverse it finally stopped, with the occasion of the gong. "Are we in the right time?" You asked Harry, while placing the time turner around your neck. He ran to the doors and checked if the coast was clear "I have no idea. Only way to find out though" He said, making haste as he pushed the doors open. You quickly followed behind him, checking the behind to see if the coast was clear. "Harry! C'mon! He's waiting for us!" A voice said from the staircase "I think we went back farther than intended" Harry sighed as he watched Hermione, Ron and himself make their way to Hagrid's. In an instant, Professor Dumbledore's words replayed in your head "If you both manage to succeed, you will save more than one life tonight." "Buckbeak's execution..." You whispered to yourself "What?" Harry whispered to you as he jerked his head "We NEED to get to Hagrid's" You hissed and made haste to Hagrid's hut
  2. You and Harry sped towards Hagrid's hut. It was a stealthy excursion but you managed to get there without being caught. You both arrived the same time Ron, Hermione and Harry entered his hut. "There." Harry pointed to the grey Hippogriff sitting in the middle of the pumpkin patch. You and Harry dove behind the pumpkin patch & tried to think of a strategy "Are you positive that we need to save Buckbeak?" Harry whispered, you tried to catch your breath "I don't know really, but it's worth a shot. C'mon!" You said breathlessly to Harry but before you could run to Buckbeak, you saw Lucius Malfoy, Cornelius Fudge and the one performing the execution making their way to Hagrid's Hut. "Bloody hell." Harry whispered and swore between his breath "Did you make it out there?" You asked in a panic
  3. "Yep." Harry said, looking as if he was waiting for something "And?" You rushed him but he hushed you, you couldn't bare the wait, the three were almost at Hagrid's door. You found a rock near the stem of the pumpkin patch and saw Past-Harry standing by Hagrid's window. You grabbed the rock and flung it to Harry's head "what do you think you're doing?!" He turned to you, but you signaled him to watch. With your actions, you saw the chain of reactions; the butterfly effect. When the three from the Ministry of Magic entered, the Golden trio manage to escape. "You have great aim. Ever thought of becoming a beater?" Harry joked with you, you chuckled to his comment "Hurry! While they're still inside!"
  4. As the Golden trio left and were already out of sight and the Minstry of Magic were will discussing the execution, you and Harry made your move to help rescue Buckbeak. You ran over to unlock Buckbeak while Harry formally bowed to him, to gain his trust. Once he did, Buckbeak did the same, however he would not move one inch "C'mon Buckbeak! Move!" Harry groaned as he tried to pull Buckbeak to move, you also attempted to push Buckbeak but you both realize that you were going nowhere, just then you saw what appeared to be possums dangling on a stick. You grabbed three, as you flung the remains around your neck; you stood in front of Buckbeak taunting him with the meat. He managed to get to his feet and followed, Harry tried to make eye contact with Buckbeak, reminding him not to be loud. You managed to get into the forest without any words or distractions. You and Harry smiled as he picked you up and have you a spinning hug "We did it! Now, it's time to help Sirius!" Harry said happily, while Buckbeak continued to eat "But he was just here! Bloody bird manage to fly the coop" Hagrid roared happily in the distance
  5. Now, with the rescued Buckbeak, you and Harry made your way over to the Whomping Willow tree where the entrance to the Shrieking Shack was there. The three of you managed to find an area far out of sight but able to see everything. "What now?" You asked Harry, also jumping when Buckbeak managed to pull the leftover food from your neck. He looked at the sun which was still set "It's too early. Now, we wait" Harry said as he made himself comfortable despite what was happening
  6. As time went by, you managed to watch Ron being dragged by Sirius just as he described, Hermione and Harry getting pushed around by the Whomping Willow and manage to successfully follow Ron. It was sunset, you now saw Professor Lupin making his way to the Whomping Willow tree and had no trouble entering; Harry gave a small chuckle for amazement but quickly showed disgust for what he was about to see "Here comes Snape" he scowled as Snape had no trouble entering the Whomping Willow. It was nightfall, Harry knew what was happening to him and you too, also knew what was occurring this very moment. "Are you alright?" Harry asked as his attention was diverted to your expressions "Oh-uhm, yeah. Just thinking about what's happening to me, at this very moment." You muttered to him, as you watched Buckbeak eat the remains of what was left of the possums . "It'll be okay. Whatever happened to you, will be nothing more than a memory. The pain will still be with you, yes, but you have friends to help you to get through that." He smiled and reassured you. You were happy to hear Harry tell you rather than asking what actually happened. He jumped and leaned closer to the scene "It's time."
  7. You looked in the same direction of Harry, you saw six people emerged from the root of the Whomping Willow tree. It was a familiar sight to see Wormtail hold back by Professor Lupin and Sirius and Harry talk to each other. "This is where I come in..." You whispered and true enough, it was exactly how it happened the first time. You watched as you relived your encounter with everyone and watched as Professor Lupin change into a werewolf. "I need to get Wormtail before he disappears" You grabbed Harry's arm and reminded him, that wasn't the mission at steak right now. He growled as he watched Wormtail escape once again, you watched as Draco pummeled you to the floor "That must of hurt.." Harry said, paying no attention to Draco. You both watched as Professor Snape emerged from the ground and protected the three. "Any minute a wolf will howl." Harry prayed awaiting to hear that howl, you watched as nothing was happening. You did the unthinkable, you formed an "O" with your hands and placed it over your mouth. You inhaled a large breath and let out a howl, by your actions, Harry jumped and watched amazed. Professor Lupin's attention was diverted away from the bunch and focused more on where the howl. "Where did you learn that?" You smiled as he asked you with amazed eyes "Kind of winged it." You watched what was about to happen and your heart sank "Run Harry! Run" You said in a panic as you took Buckbeak with you and ran deeper into the forest for the werewolf Lupin was making his way towards you.
  8. The three of you ran into the Forbbiden Forest, it was dark and a murky must made it impossible to know where Professor Lupin was. You and Harry hid behind a tree, while Buckbeak flew up and rested on the top branch away from the fog. You were breathing hard and so was Harry, you slowly pushed your head out of hiding to see if he was still following you. You were petrified once you turned your head, he was no further than a good 5 steps away from you, standing on his hind legs. "H-Harry..." You whispered as you place your hand on top of his fist that were ice cold. Harry looked over on his side to see Professor Lupin, Professor Lupin was literally standing beside him. Harry fell back, creating a domino effect
  9. Professor Lupin had his illuminating yellow eyes on the both of you. He slowly walked over to you, as he growled. He stretched out his paws and snarled. "If you want to any other unexpected tricks...Now would be a phenomenal time." Harry said under his breath as his back rested on your legs & the both of you were doing attempted a backwards crab walk. "I got nothing." You replied. Professor Lupin raised his right arm, getting ready for a strike. (Swoop) The two of you had widened eyes as you heard something cut the wind and Professor Lupin was no longer in sight. You both stood up and saw him being carried off by Buckbeak. You yelled for Buckbeak to come back but from what you saw, Buckbeak had dropped Professor Lupin off and swerved back. You both gave a relief smile and laughed as he both of you were covered in dirt. You both looked up into the sky for signs of Buckbeak it instead you saw hundreds of Dementors making their way to the lake "Sirius..." Harry said before disappearing into the forest
  10. You had no idea where Harry sped off to, but you managed to find him at a rock giving an overview of the lake. You watched as Harry stood over Sirius and the Dementors slowly sucking his soul. "H-Harry..." You said as you placed your hand on his shoulder "My dad will come. I know it, the bright light was a stag. His animagus form. He'll come" Harry reassured himself and you but the sight was horrific. You watched in pain and past-Harry let out agonizing screams. To your left, you watched as Hermione was standing helplessly there like she claimed. You looked back at the Harry who was frantically looking around "Harry, he's not coming. You're going to die.." You bluntly said to him. He shook his head violently and ran to the lowest rock, you screamed for him to come back. He drew of his wand and thrust it into the sky "EXPECTO PATRONUM" A bright white light emitted from his wand and spherical waves ran past everything surrounding Harry. You watched while covering your eyes as a cooperal patronus was formed. A stag walked closer to past-Harry before he laid unconscious.
  11. Harry joined you back on the highest rock and watched as the teachers from earlier carried Harry and Sirius away. Buckbeak flew down towards the both of you and you caressed his beak to say thank you. Harry jumped on his back and reached for your hand "Let's go! We need to find out where they're holding Sirius!" He said in a panic and exhausted from the tremendous about of power he put into. You grabbed Harry's hand and climbed onto Buckbeak's back, placing your arms around Harry's waste. Buckbeak sprung up and it felt amazing to be high up in the air, overseeing everything. From up above you could barely see that Harry being rushed into the castle while Sirius took a detour "Buckbeak! To the astronomy tower!" Harry yelled out. Buckbeak made a sharp right turn, only to have you tighten your grip.
  12. Buckbeak hovered above till he was signaled to land. You watched as Professor Snape locked Sirius, making Harry furious. When there were no signs of surveillance, Hary signaled Buckbeak to land; however you were 10 centimeters off the ground before you both jumped down to land. You ran in front of the locked door imprisoning Sirius and pointed your wand "Bombarda!" You said and there was a small explosion on the lock. Harry swung the door opened and gave Sirius a hug. "Hurry! They'll be rushing up!" You told them as you looked at the staircase, Sirius walked out and saw Buckbeak eyeing him down, you walked over to Buckbeak and told him to fly far away from Hogwarts from their sake. He cooed and you bowed to him to show your gratitude. Sirius cupped Harry's face and smiled "You're just like your father. Always getting into mischief but with your mother's gentle eyes." He said as departures words before gracing us with a thank you and taking off on Buckbeak's back and into the night.
  13. The mission was accomplished! You had joined alongside Harry to free the prisoner of Azkaban. You and Harry smiled at each other before he took you into his arms and gave you a long tight hug. "Thank you. I couldn't have done this without you." He muffled into your shoulder. You pulled back and smiled "I'm happy to help!" You and Harry made your way to the hospital wing trying not to be seen, at the door, you saw Professor Dumbledore closing the doors. "We did it Professor!" You gladly smiled at him "Buckbeak and Sirius. They're safe!" Harry smiled. Professor Dumbledore was pleased and gave you both rewarding smile "Were you seen at all?" He asked as his half-moon spectacles lowered "Well, at this point, I believe it was my father who saved me at the lake but Professor, there's something I'd-" "All questions will be answered in due time. It's time to hurry inside." Professor Dumbledore smiled and gestured you to enter. He departed and you walked in to see you & Harry disappear as you just flipped the time turner. "What? but you just left!" Ron pointed out, completely baffled when he saw you and Harry disappearing but reentering in a mere second. "How did it go?" Hermione said hopeful. You looked at Harry who did the same, he turned back to Hermione and smiled "We freed the Prisoner of Azkaban."
  14. Well, there you go. You've freed the Prisoner of Azkaban. We finally ended off this chapter but before anything, we need to have a closing ceremony to formally end of the year. This chapter was particularly easy because it's strictly movie based, nothing knew except some improv at some scenes. If you actually didn't find this interesting, I worked in it as soon as I woke up. So, please bear with me. I'm pleased to say that along with pt 9.2 finished on time, pt 10 is also finished. I will be releasing it late today. Which gives me two extra days to work on part 11. Thank you guys! This has been an amazing journey! Stay magical x Also, forgive me. The options and the effect it has, is the death of me. I never like those things.

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