Hogwarts Love Story Pt 7.3

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Aw, You & Oliver probably have to be the cutest thing alive! However, I can sense that you think otherwise. You know, you should give him a chance. Don't let your past get in the way. Why don't you listen to what Draco has to say?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. Things couldn't be any better; all the stuff that happened earlier was now forgotten. You and Oliver stood near the iron fence. It was nice and peaceful as you both shared a couple of laughs "Wait, so you did what?" You said as you laughed, using the sleeve your jacket to hide your smile. He bit his lip and smiled. "Like I said, I was just defending the goals and you know Marcus Flint? He tried to score but I blocked it with my broom and it ended up hitting him right in the stomach!" Oliver said while using his hands to add emphasis throughout the story. "Awe, poor Marcus..." You said quietly said, Oliver was a little taken back and shifted uncomfortably in his spot. "I'm kidding!" Don't freak out!" He let out a sigh of relief and ruffled your hair "You better be!" He said still ruffling your hair but patting it afterwards giving you a quick angel kiss (A kiss on the temples) Your thoughts:
  2. You blushed hard when Oliver looked at you after displaying his affection for you. "What's wrong?" Oliver looked concern with the way you were turning red yet confused; you placed the tips of your left fingers on your cheek. "Oh! It's-uhm-just..." You were caught off guard when he pointed out you were red "the little kisses you give me...I'm not exactly used to it." You said hesitantly. A small smile formed from the corner of Oliver's mouth. He placed his right hand around your waist and pulled you in. "Well, hopefully if you feel the same way I do, then you'll get used to it." The tone of his voice was so soothing, however 90% of your mind was focused on your feeling for Oliver rather than his voice. Thoughts are pounding in your head even louder
  3. You stared at Oliver's hand around your waist. You started to produce the feeling that something was lodged in your throat. "What if I do? You realize that it's nearly the end of the school year..." You hesitated because it was hard to face the fact that after all that happened this year, it'll be a memory when Oliver leaves "& you're leaving this year. I-I just don't think I can handle that type of distance away from you, especially with what happened this year. That is, if we decide to BE something..." Oliver took into consideration with what you had to say. He loosened his grip from you waist; thinking Oliver was going to let go, he placed both his arms around you, giving you a hug from behind. He placed his chin on your left shoulder. He smelled amazing, giving off an invigorating and rich scent. "I wish I could tell you otherwise but I don't want to raise your hopes up. I know difficult for you. Trust me, it's the same for me. I hate the thoughts of leaving you. You're the reason I'm deciding to stay another year at Hogwarts...I-I finally found SOMEONE worth caring for." The hug became tighter as he said that. You didn't mind, you simply touched his hand. "You bumping into me on the first day back, was better than winning any game. It was indescribable really, in a good way." He sighed and his breath felt warmed as his chin was rested on your shoulder. It tickled the back of you neck "When I look in your eyes, I knew you were someone I should get to know."
  4. You were going to say something but you couldn't help to feel like you were being watched
  5. You ignored that thought and focused on the moment. "To be honest, I guess I do like you. Before, I used to think you were another crazed Quidditch player but you're the most cutest, awkwardest and sweetest guys I've met this year...(Well, one of them)" You said which slowly turned into a soft mumble. Oliver let go and spun you around to stand face to face with him. "You what...?" Oliver seemed really surprised yet overjoyed "I...I like you? Well, I'm unsure we'll work out together, so that's why I'm holding back..." Surprisingly, a huge smile appeared on his face despite what you've said. "Just hearing that you like me is all I could ever ask for right now. If you feel that way, let's make it last while we're still together, right?" You didn't seem to keen on the idea, it sounded like the right thing to do but it didn't feel right. "But I'll get too attached and when I-" Oliver cut you off "Please! Don't think of that right now. We'll spend the summer together and all those holidays together. Please, give us a chance. Right now, I'm so close to become the happiest I've ever been..."
  6. Just then Ron and Neville walked down. Neville had a cheery look upon his face while Ron had a look that he rather be somewhere else. "Not interrupting are we?" Ron said not making any eye contact and sounding rather hurt "Hi there ___________, Oliver. Having fun on your date?" Neville was obviously oblivious to the atmosphere with his cheery tone of voice "Oh...Hey, Neville right? Yeah, It's going okay & don't worry about it Ron." Ron just shot Oliver a glare but it didn't last more than a second. "Uh, so-uhm, why are you here exactly?" You said moving away from Oliver and scratching the back of your head "I get a good view of everything." Ron shrugged "And, it's time to go. Professor McGonagall told Ron to go look for you but he took long. Found him just up the hill." Neville exposed Ron actions, Ron had a crazed look in his eyes. Neville pointed where Ron was standing, sure enough, you were right it wasn't far from where you & Oliver were standing. You just gave a half hearted smile at the corner of your cheeks showing you gave interest to what he was saying. You then looked at Ron who was staring at the ground & avoiding all type of contact
  7. It was starting to get awkwardly quiet "We all should head back. We'll worry the Professor. ___________, come on." Oliver said while extending his hand out to you. You really couldn't deny it but it just didn't feel like the right thing to do with Neville & Ron standing and watching. "Let's! I'm freezing out here." Neville was the last to make a comment before everyone decided to leave. You were hand in hand with Oliver but it wasn't as cheerful as before. "If you don't mind me asking, Ron, what were you doing standing at the top of the hill?" Neville asked as the four of you were making your way back to Hogwarts. Your ears perked up as soon as Neville asked the question "Hmm? Of, ah, I was just talking to some girl but she left. She seemed really annoyed though. She kept mumbling to herself." Ron was caught off guard when Neville asked the question. "Oh, I think I passed by her. Don't really know her." "Well, yeah" Ron shrugged. The moments after that were nothing but silence. It was quite painful; whenever Oliver said anything cute or sweet, Ron would just cough.
  8. After a good 30 minutes of walking, you and the boys arrive at Hogwarts. "Well, that was...wonderful. I'm going to see Harry. Want to join Neville?" Neville nodded and the two of them headed up the staircase. You really could care less about what Ron was about to do next. Oliver turned to face you, his face was red because of the harsh wind. "So, about us..." Your head wasn't in the right place to talk about what will happen between you & Oliver. "Uhm, can we talk about this later? I promised to talk with Draco when I got back from Hogsmeade. Ah, don't worry. Potions related" You said as you let go of Oliver's hand. You gave him a smile but before you were about to walk away, Oliver quickly grabbed onto your arm. "Later? I want to talk about us. I'll be on the Quidditch Field with my friends." "Yeah, later" You smiled and with that you left
  9. As you were given permission to see Draco, you walked in and saw Draco reading a book. "Is the book any good?" You asked while taking a seat beside Draco's bed. He did not notice you as the book was covering his face. "It's dreadful really. The witch in this book fallen in love with the family enemy rather than killing him. If I was this Juliet witch, I'd blow up Romeo." Draco groaned as he closed the book and placed it on his lap. He turned to face you and his jaw dropped "____________..." You laughed and picked up the book he was reading. "Is this Romeo and Juliet? I never knew you were interested in Muggle romance novels." You laughed and flipped a few pages of the book. Draco laughed. "Muggle romance? No wonder that is the stupidest thing I ever heard of; falling in love with an enemy." "I don't think so. It's pretty lovely really. Juliet looked past Romeo's flaws with him being a Montague and accepted him. It really shows love has no boundaries." You said in a dreamy tone while thinking about Romeo and Juliet's relationship. Draco was staring at you in amazement but snapped out of it. "Well, if you think so. I see you look rather dolled up. How did you date go?" The was the last thing you wanted to talk about with Draco.
  10. "Well, spit it out. I'm sure your love story is better than the novels I've read." You laughed and ran your fingers through the crown of your hair. "Trust me, it's worth reading." Before you went on about your date, you didn't know where to start. You let your chin red in the palm of your right hand with the book on your lap. "Well, we met at the Three Broomsticks, we talked and it was going really well...Uhm, after that he took me to the field near the Shrieking Shack and well, he kissed me." You decided to leave out the part about what you an Oliver went through because of Ron. Even though he comforted you that night, it was best he did not know. "You kissed that incompetent excuse for a Quidditch captain?" Draco was in disbelief, you bit your lip thinking about it. "Hey! Stop that!" You said defending Oliver. Draco gave a whistle "It must have been some kiss if you get so worked up when I simply insult him." You were shock to what Draco had to say and shook your head "Haven't I always defended Oliver?" "Nope" Draco's response was so fast, he didn't need to think about if there was ever a time. "So, are you guys...dating?" Draco said but it came out in a struggle, he couldn't look you in the eyes. "No, we're not. I mean I like him, he's a nice guy...but just like what everyone tells me, he's leaving this year. I don't like getting too attached to people." You quietly said; old memories were appearing in your head that you didn't want to ever relive. "A-Are you okay?" Draco asked. You were staring to tear up as you relived your most painful memory. "Yeah, it's just that...You know how I'm always so sensitive right? There's a reason for that." This memory was going to haunt you if you didn't let it out; talking about it was the only way for you to find relief.
  11. "Well, when I was a seven. My parents were everything to me; my father would give me small quest about defeating a dragon and saving the Warlock's daughter. I love him so. He'd say that I was everything to him, his precious daughter, nobody could ever give him what my mum and I gave. In time, I realized that was a lie, everything was. He was cheating on my mum and he had another family; a daughter the same age as me & a son. He didn't have to think twice about who he would pick, he left me and my mum. After that, I trusted the words of no one; I didn't want to see I was attached to walk out on me. I guess that's why I cried when the Weasley twins and I were in a fight. My dad always did that trick for my mum but thinking how he did that with his other wife...I-I'm sorry." You poured your life story to Draco, he didn't say anything. Instead, he patted you on the head and caressed your face. "You should know that people aren't like your dad and if Oliver cares about you the way I think he does, you should...give him a chance. I mean, if you really do like him." You were stunned, it was like the Draco you saw the night of your incident with Ron.
  12. You thought about what Draco had to say, he seemed really sure that Oliver would never try to hurt you. You smiled to the kindness Draco was displaying; you stood up and gave Draco a hug. "Thank you" When you pulled away he blushed but it was pretty faint. "I should go find Oliver, he's waiting to know my answer." You smiled as you walked to the foot of Draco's bed; he smiled "Good luck." When you walked out the door you swore you heard Draco say "That was probably one of the hardest thing I had to say..."
  13. As you were making your way to the Quidditch field, you were thinking about all that has happened today. A sweet loving man you found in Oliver & Draco and forgiveness you should give to Ron after the way you saw how hurt he was. But nothing could top what you were about to see next. On your way walking down to the Quidditch field, you saw your past relived. "Haha, aw. Oliver you're so sweet!" A familiar voice and face said as you saw Oliver holding hands with another girl. "A-Amber...?" You said with your heart dropped, Amber looked in your eyes and gave you a sly smile. They continued to walk up the hill, it was even more heart wrenching when they both walked past you. Oliver turned his head towards you and walked past "Not as sweet as you." He giggled.
  14. Ouch! Did that hurt you like it hurt me? Well, Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed, I'm pretty satisfied with this edition. I managed to fill out some more request such as "a flashback or past" of the main character, also bringing back Draco. He was the number one demand throughout the whole series. So, you guys think that the romance saga is done because Amber stole Oliver away? Think again, things are just getting heated up plus you still need to tell Oliver your plans. Also, I'm excited that Year 3 is about to end & I'm going to end it very sad & heart warming when I bring in the original Harry Potter story (Yay! we get to see Sirius) and my own story. It's going to be a joy writing it!~
  15. Wanna sneak a peek? You had your back face towards him, your fist were clenched up ready to make a final blow. "Really think it's that simple? After all that you did to me?" You heard him take a step forward "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER TO ME!" You didn't dare shed a tear, you had enough of all of this. "_________, I really do like you. I never meant to do all of those things. It's just that -" "I don't want to hear it!" You turned to face him, his eyes were bloodshot red and tears were running down his face. You heard a faint howl in the distance "...Harry..." With that you've sped off leaving him by himself under the moonlight.

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