Hogwarts love story part 1

So here we are part 1, before you say ANYTHING yes, I do read the other peoples hogwarts love stories, and I love them. I figured what the heck, it looks like fun, might as well. This was meant for girls, but a guy can take it to, I guess...

So this about your first year at hogwarts, of course guys aren't really interrested in girls at this point... but here you go anyway. Your choices are Oliver Wood, Harry, Ron, Draco, Neville, and Fred (or George).

Created by: Ginger_Person
  1. Imagine it, will you? You are sitting down for breakfast with your mum and dad. Then you hear the mail clunk through the mail slot. Your mother asks you to go get the mail. To your suprise a letter addressed to 'Miss (Mr) _______ (insert your address here)' in a thick brown envelope lies on your welcome mat. You pick it up and carry it back to the breakfast table. "What was there sweetie?" Your mother asks. "A letter for me..." "Oh that's nice who's it from?" "I'm not sure, it doesn't say." "Well that is interessting isn't it?" You open it, inside there is a thick sheet of parchment inviting you to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "Mom, I'm a wizard!!!!" "Wow! Really? That great! We're so proud of you! Aren't we honey?" Your dad looks up says "Oh, yeah, sure." There is also a list of instructions, were to go to get your supplies, how to get onto platform 9 3/4 and a ticket for the hogwarts express! Congratulations! How do you react?
  2. Ok so flash forward to diagon alley, ok so you have your wand, parchment, etc. one last thing, what kind of pet would you get?
  3. Now you are on the Hogwarts express, who do you sit with?
  4. Before being sorted professor mcgonagall asks you to stay outside the great hall. Then the boy with bleach blonde hair steps forward and starts teasing Harry Potter how do you react?
  5. ok here is the breakdown, the blonde boys' name is Draco (Slytherin), the twins (Fred and George) are gryffindor, the guy obsessing over a broomstick is Oliver (also Gryffindor) The guy freaking out on the trains' name is Neville (Gryffindor), Harry (boy with jet black hair) and Ron (awkward red head) are both sorted into Gryffindor. Who's house do you want to be in?
  6. You are called up, the sorting hat is placed on your head, but slips down over your eyes, "You're a pretty little girl aren't you?" The sorting hat whispers into your ear. "Smart, Brave, Sly and Loyal... A tough one I see, and I also see you will cause much trouble here, but where to put you?"
  7. ___________ (whichever house you want) The sorting hat cries out. You sit down at the assigned table and don't talk much for the whole of the feast. You go up to bed and fall asleep quickly. Who do you like so far?
  8. Fast forward through most of the year. Would you go with Harry, Ron and Hermione to recover the Philosophers' stone?
  9. Too bad if you said no, they made you come. You get past the devils' snare and the chess board but stay with ron when he gets injured and go to the owlery and send a message to Dumbledore.
  10. You later find out that Harry is in the hospital wing, how do you react?
  11. ok you go back home, and all that so yeah hope ypu liked my quiz... bye

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