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This quiz is only for girls! There's lots of boys in the Harry Potter books. Most of them are unimportant. A few of them are, though. Those few will be in this quiz.

Which one is yours? In this story-quiz, you'll meet them all - except for perhaps Cedric. Don't forget to take the 'What Hogwarts House are You In?' by me (Rhiannon2000/bananarama14) and take part 3 after. :)

Created by: webkanz
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  1. You are in your first year at Hogwarts, and you are incredibly nervous. You have just been sorted into your house, and are glad that is overwith. Suddenly, a redheaded boy comes and sits beside you at the table. "Hi, welcome to Hogwarts and all that," he says. "My name's Ron. Ronald Weasley. What's yours?" You:
  2. He smiles at you. "Cool." Then he turns around and yells "Hey, Fred, George, and Ginny, come over here!" Two redhead boys and a ginger girl come over. They all look like Ron. "This is Fred and George, my brothers. They're twins." He nods at the two redheaded boys. "And this is Ginny, my little sister. Guys, this is [your name]." You:
  3. His siblings walk away. "So.. have you met my friends yet? Harry, Hermione, come over here!" A black-haired boy with glasses and a girl with poofy brown hair walk over. You:
  4. "Hello," says Harry. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Harry Potter." He extends a hand. You:
  5. After you are done shaking Harry's hand, Ron says "After we're done, why don't we show her around a bit?" to Harry and Hermione. "Sure." says Harry. "No. We've got other things to do." Hermione breaks in sharply. "Oh, come on Hermione!" Ron argues. "Let's show her around." "YOU can." Hermione storms off. You:
  6. You look back at Ron to see his face turning as red as his hair. He says "So, do you want me to show you around?" You:
  7. You walk away from them, thinking blankly of the pumpkin juice you left behind, and are considering going back to get it, when you bump into a tall dark-haired boy carrying a broom. You both fall over. You:
  8. He brushes himself off, and says in a thick Scottish accent "Sorry about that. I'm Oliver Wood, Gryffindor Quidditch captain. And you are...?" You:
  9. He smiles. "Nice to meet you. Well, I'd best be off to bed. Quidditch tomorrow." With that, he walks away. You:
  10. You keep walking, and you are on one of those creepy enchanted staircases. Suddenly, it starts to move! You are thrown to the ground, and get a nasty bruise on your knee. Finally, it stops moving. You have no choice but to keep going. You pick yourself up, and walk up the stairs, favouring your left leg. Once you get to the top of the stairs, you turn a corner and come face-to-face with a blonde boy. He looks surprised. You:
  11. He keeps staring at you. Finally, he says "What are you doing here?" You:
  12. He nods. "Happens all the time." You look at each other in silence. Finally he says "You fell. You should go to the hospital wing." You:
  13. He half smiles. "Here. I'll take you there." Before you can protest, he sweeps you off your feet and starts to walk, carrying you. You:
  14. He says "It's okay, I'll carry you." He walks for a long time, and you can tell he is starting to get tired. You:
  15. He beams down at you. "Yep, we're there!" He sets you down and you lean on him as you walk into a big room with beds lining the walls. I woman with a white dress hurries towards you. "Mr. Malfoy. What are you doing here?" Then she sees you. "What are you doing with a first year? Did you inflict this upon her?" He says "No - no, she fell on the enchanted staircases and hurt her knee and I happened to be there. Really - I didn't do it!" Their argument continues and you sit, forgotten, on the bed. You:
  16. Finally they stop argueing and the Malfoy boy leaves. The nurse turns to you. "I'm Madam Pomfrey. I'm afraid that was Draco Malfoy. What's your name?" You:
  17. She says "Not for first years to know. Here, let's take a look at that knee." She rolls up your pants. "Oh dear, worse than I imagined." She hurries off and comes back with a bandage roll, and wraps up your knee. You wince. Then she puts a blanket over you and a glass of water by your bedside. "Goodnight." She walks away. Suddenly, the doors burst open and yellow light floods the room. You see two tall figures carrying something between them sillhouetted on the wall. Madam Pomfrey hurries over. "Fred! George! What did you do this time?" The names seem familiar. "We were out practicing late night quidditch, and old Neville wanted to come out and give it a try. So we let him. But George hit the bludger too bard and he fell off his broom." explained one of them. They lay a boy on the bed beside you. You:
  18. Neville manages to turn his head towards you. "I got hurt real bad. George hit the bludger at me." He lifted a hand and pointed at the second tall gangly boy, who looked guilty and had his hands in his pockets. You:
  19. "I might have a broken arm," he continued "and apparently I have whole bunch of bruises on my face." He felt his face. "Yep, it feels like it." You:
  20. You notice Fred and George are leaving. Madame Pomfrey walks over to Neville. "Oh, if only that Weasley boy could get himself under control." she complains as she wipes off Neville's face with a wet cloth. "Ow, ouch, ow!" Neville whines. "Oh, be quiet, Mr. Longbottom." She gets up and throws the dirty cloth in a sink and pulls a roll of bandage out of her pocket and starts to bandage Neville up. You:
  21. Madame Pomfrey throws a blanket over Neville and turns off the light. You stare up at the ceiling, wondering how tomorrow will turn out. Suddenlym you hear "Goodnight." You:

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