hogwarts love story part 2

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in this one i got confused with all the 'you's so they are now 'i's but its still about you just pretend like youre telling it...i hate having to have wow i cant even mention the requirement .. o! and if you havent read part 1 i think you should

enjoy...i also hate having to do two paragraphs...there...dang i cant just put a billion periods man... dang i cant do blah over and over again either o! there enjoy

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  1. left off at "...only one will be best for you..." which did you put
  2. "...(your answer)!" my new table screamed and cheered. i walked over there and sat down with the other third years. "amazing." i say as i sit down. "now look at your robe" one of the kids said. i looked down and saw the inside change from black to match the color on the banner over-head. "kewl" i say still looking at my robe "dont forget the crest" another guy said. i looked at the front where the other guys crest was and saw the crest appear on the front marking me as an offical member of that house. overloading with joy i hear Marys name called and her being placed in the same house as me. she runs over to me and hugs me. she sat down next to me and i tell her to watch her robe. we both smiled as we watched her robe gain color and the crest "wait theres more" one girl said just as i thought this could get cooler "really? what?" i asked doubtful. a second later the empty table is full of great looking food and just the smell was enough to make my mouth water. i took a plateful of everything and was about to take a big bite when some one screamed
  3. everyone looked over to the source of the screaming. sure enough everyone ended up looking at the slytherin table. it was one of those snooty girls i keep seeing. her chair was backed up all the way and on her plate was a toad. she screamed again as the toad leaped onto her lap "Thalia did it! she hexed my food! its all Thalias fault!" i felt eyes on me and i cringed. i hated that feeling. a lot of eyes were on me but most of them were still on the girl. "now Susan, how was this Thalias fault?" the headmaster asked "she hexed my food i saw her" she replied trying to stay calm now that the toad was hopping up her leg. now all eyes were on me. i cringed even more. i really hated that feeling "i did not" i found myself saying "yes you did,"said one of the other girls, "i saw her too" "me three" said the other girl. i could hear some "no she didnt"s but apparenty so did the snooty girls because they all shot them evil glares and they changed to "yea, yea"s and "now that you mention it..."s. i couldnt believe it. ive been here all of fifteen minutes and now someone is accusing me of hexing a girls dinner. my fists ball up in anger but before i could do or say anything the headmaster asks, "who believes they saw Thalia hex Susans dinner?" a bunch of hands went up and i was furious. the head master counted hands and waved her wand. the air shimmered and there was a black square floating there.
  4. its a chalkboard and-
  5. -the chalk wrote a number on the board by itself which isnt the weirdest thing ive seen "now all who doesnt believe Thalia would do that." not even the four guys hands went up. i frowned and waited for punishment but the headmaster just continued "be honest..."she said with a sigh, "who was watching her the whole time?" i thought that was a ridiculous question but to my surprise everyone elses hand went up, even the teachers. "Susan, Sarah, Sierra, dont lie again and Sierra fix Susans dinner" with that she turned away and walked back towards the teachers table while the girl, Sierra i guess, pulled out her wand and, grumbling, changed Susans food back. the girls continued to glare in my direction.
  6. the rest of dinner went by silently...until dessert showed up.we were done with dinner and the headmaster clapped her hands and all the empty dishes in the middle were replaced by dishes filled with sweets. there was chocolate frogs, peppermint toads, birdy bots every flavor beans, sugar quills, popping candys, fizzing candys, exploding candys, every thing i could think of and i had quite a sweet tooth. after dessert was done the headmaster clapped her hands again (she loves doing that) and the tables cleared completely and we headed off to bed. on our way up the stairs, following some prefects, Mary started talking to me about something i didnt hear the headmaster talk about in her 'welcome back' speech. "are you going to go to the dance on Friday?" she asked "what dance?" i didnt think she was telling the truth but then i realized everyone else was talking about it too "the one the headmaster told us four times about before she let us go." she oviously thought i was joking but i didnt know anything about a dance "that may have been when i was shoving my face with peppermint toads." "well its just a semi-formal dance and they even canceled classes just so no one can have an excuse not to attend. pleeeeeeeeeease come. id be lonely without you." there seemed to be no way out of this and that seems to be the point so i agreed.
  7. so its the day of the dance i have no plans that day because all the classes are canceled. so i go to find the four guys but its like the week in Diagon Alley they just arent anywhere. instead of the guys i find the three snooty slytherins "well well well if it isnt new little Thalia" Susan said, its clear shes the leader. "what do you want?" "oh nothing" she said but it was obvious she was lying. before i could reply Sarah pulled out her wand and yelled, "stupify!" true i didnt know what it did (that sounds kinda lame doesnt it) but this is not a situation where i would want to find out. i rolled forward and kicked her wand out of her hand. just in that second Sierra pulled her wand out and yelled "stupify!" i started to think thats not a good curse i would want on me, especially if three girls who really dont like me keep saying it, then again what is? like weve all seen done a hundred times in those ninja movies i do a flip backwards and then before she could say it again i ran forward and kicked her in the chest and she flew backwards. she laid there unconscious with her wand well fifty feet behind her. Susan was the only one still able to fight since Sarah learned her lesson. "stupify!" i heard yell but it wasnt Susans voice. it was mine. i somehow managed to pull out my wand and curse Susan. after that i decided to stay in my room until the dance. many times Mary asked what i was wearing and i told her the same thing ever time, "youll see" she hated that answer but then shed wait a while before asking again. finally at nine it was time to get ready for the dance. i told Mary to wait outside while you put on my outfit. after several minutes, most of which i just stood in my room just to annoy her, i came out. "oh my god youre gorgeous!" i knew Mary was exaggerating but i did look good. i wore a plain white sleeveless dress and on the bottom was a line of fabric like my tie that represented my house and then of course my tie.
  8. after i did my hair i waited for Mary to show me her outfit. hers was plain white like mine but hers went across the shoulder and at the bottom it was kinda ruffly almost like a tutu. the inside of the 'tutu' was colored with the house colors "pretty!" i say as i finish putting her hair up "yours is better" she replied "no theyre the same and dont tell me otherwise" "k" she said smiling. Mary and i milled around in the common room, commenting on girls dresses, laughing at the guys whos dates made them wear pink, just waiting until we could go downstairs. an announcement came saying that everyone could head to the Great Hall now. when our house leaves, following a prefect once again, we get mixed in the rush of people trying to be the first ones there. entering the Great Hall was different then before. this time there were no tables instead there were dishes floating around offering the occasional sweet to anyone. im standing there alone, Mary went off to find the guy she liked, so i decide to do that too. i head off to find
  9. *me: i dont know what else to put for this one so thats all in this quiz*
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