Another crazy adventure/love story (the final part 8)!

This is the last part of my series 'Another crazy adventure/love story'. Thanks to sundaisy and MayRose for comments on the last part, I appreciate it guys :D I might make another series later, or might not... So this is the final part, and hope you enjoy it guys!

At the end of the last part, you had been left alone in the house, while the other guys went off to fight with Blaize's clan. You heard glass shattering in the window nearest you...

Created by: Innominate

  1. You watch, horrified, as the curtain is thrust back and someone jumps into the room. You realise with surprise that it is Katie. (Look back to part 5 if you don't remember her!)
  2. 'What are you doing here?' you ask, annoyed and a bit alarmed. She is gasping as though she had just been running. 'Where's Taylor?' she demands, staggering over to you. You remember she is obssessed with Taylor. She grabs hold of you. 'Where is he? Tell me!' You shake her off. 'What do you think you're doing?' you ask again. You think she looks slightly crazy. She gasps 'Taylor's gone hasn't he? You've let him go and fight Blaize! He'll be killed, and you don't care! I hate you, ___!' You think there's no point denying it. 'Yeah, he's gone, but there's not much we can do about it.' 'Isn't there?' she flashes. She grabs hold of you and drags you towards the door. 'Come on, we have to go and stop him!' You think
  3. You go with her, because you can't stand staying in this house alone any longer (especially now it has a broken window :P ). You follow her outside to where there are two big horses waiting. She jumps up onto the grey one, and you get on the bay one. Then you gallop off into the night. It's really dark and you can't help thinking it's a bit stupid to gallop through the streets. It's also really cold, and you wish you'd brought a warm jacket!
  4. *about an hour later* The horses are sweating heavily and starting to stumble. You drop into a walk. You realise you are on the track that goes by Skiddaw House. You urge your horse alongside Katie's. 'Where are we going?' you ask. 'Look there!' she says, pulling the horse back to a trot. You look to the right where she's pointing and see a red glow. You realise there a lots of people with torches on the flat piece of fell. 'What the -?' you begin, but Katie has started to gallop towards them, and you follow. Suddenly you come up to a mass of armed men talking to each other. You both stop and look at each other. Neither of you knows whose side they are on! You
  5. Before you have a chance to do whatever you were going to, you see a shaggy black pony trotting towards you and recognise Kismet riding it. (if you don't remember her, go back to part 5 again)'___,' she says. She points to the mass of people further away. 'The clans are fighting,' she tells you. You shiver, as you hear the clash of metal. Katie grabs hold of your arm. 'Why are we waiting? Taylor's over there, we have to save him!' Kismet turns to Katie and regards her scornfully. 'A friend of yours, ___?' she asks. Before you have time to say you would never in a million years have described Katie as your friend, Kismet has taken your other arm. 'That's not the real battle there,' she says quietly. 'We'll win of course, but then they'll just go back into hiding. We have to stop them. YOU have to stop them.' 'Me?' you say, alarmed. 'Yes, you and your friend too. Quick, follow me!' You are confused, but Katie says 'Taylor! Where's Taylor?' Kismet regards her scornfully. 'Actually,' she says, 'he's where I'm taking you.' You and Katie follow Kismet down off the common and down the track. Then she turns left and stops. You see a low opening going into the fell. At that moment, a group of figures emerge from the shadows. You recognise James, Taylor, Matt, Ivan and Rick.
  6. One more figure steps slowly out. You gasp, surprised. It is Lancelot. 'I thought you didn't know these guys,' you say. 'I didn't,' he replies. He takes your hand and looks sadly into your eyes. 'It was for you, ___,' he says, 'I had to make it safe for you. I'm going to save your clan, and then I'll go away from here.'
  7. 'How are you going to save us?' you ask. 'Follow me,' he says, and steps into the tunnel you had seen. Matt follows him. 'Come on, ___, it's okay,' he says, putting his hand on yours reassuringly. You follow Matt. The tunnel is low and dark. You have to bend over,and the walls are wet and coated in moss. You are aware of James behind you. He kisses your neck. 'It's okay, ___, there is a secret tunnel in here which Lancelot knew. He is showing it to us. Deep in the fell, there is an undergroung spring, that would flood all these tunnels. It's been blocked in with stone and iron by the other clan, because if it burst out, then all their caves would be flooded. We are going to break the casing and let the water out.' 'What about your caves?' you ask. 'Won't they be flooded too?' He laughs softly. '___, we told you,' he murmurs, 'our caves our a different system from theirs. The spring won't hurt ours. But it will make them leave for ever.' 'So that's what Kismet meant about the real battle...' you say thoughtfully.
  8. You follow Matt for what seems like hours along narrow tunnels. Then he stops suddenly and you walk into him. 'Sorry!' you exclaim. 'That's okay, you all right?' You are cramped from stooping most of the way, and sick of the dark, but you say 'yeah, I'm fine.' 'Ssssh, please, guys,' you hear Lancelot's voice from to the side. Peering forward, you make out that he is in a tiny side chamber with a flickering torch in it, with his ear to the wall. His face looks grim. 'James,' he squeezes past you. 'That's one of the chambers with special properties. You can hear the echoes of sounds in certain other passages, and the other guys are heading towards the central cave as fast as they can.' 'Push on, then,' James says. 'Can the girls keep up?' Lancelot asks, worried. 'Of course I can!' you reply. James gives you a hug and for a moment you bury your face in his neck. But Lancelot has turned round, and you follow Matt quickly as you guys head off again. Now you are going much faster, and you keep scraping your hands against the rock in the narrow twisty tunnels. Most of the time you can't see a thing, it is so dark. But eventually you come to a straight tunnel with a high ceiling, and you straighten up with relief. The corridor slopes steeply upwards and you are all running now. At the end is a massive iron door.
  9. Lancelot grabs it and heaves it open and you all race in after him. Looking around, you see a smallish room, entirely lined with metal, with nine metal doors set round the edges at intervals. Even the ceiling is metal. In the center is a massive metal dome rising up from the floor, with loads of bolts and things fastening it. Even as you are looking around, panting from runnning, you hear footsteps down one of the corridors. 'Quick guys!' James cries leaping to the door you've just come through. 'Bolt all the doors!' You run over to another door. Like the other doors, it open outwards, and you are trying to heave it shut, when Rick leaps to your aid. He drags it shut and holds it in place, while you force the bolts into place. Looking round, you see all the other guys have just finished shutting the other 8 doors. 'Phew,' you say weakly, collapsing onto the floor. Taylor squats down and puts his arms round you. 'Are you okay, ___?' he asks.
  10. You hear the noise of men banging on one of the doors. It echoes all around the room. You shiver. 'Come on guys, we mustn't waste time!' Lancelot gives James and Taylor some tools. Then he climbs up a ladder at the side of the room, and heaves a small trap-door open. James and Taylor are working furiously on the big metal dome in the center, and Lancelot goes to join them. 'You other guys,' he says, 'I want you one at each door. When I say 'now' you must unbolt the doors so the water can get out, but not before. There are 5 of you, so 4 of you will have to do 2 doors each. Start with the ones further from the ladder. That's where we're escaping.' You nod. '___,' Ivan says, 'We'd better all do 2 doors except Katie, are you okay with that?' 'Yes, okay,' you say. He puts an arm round your shoulders. 'You just undo the bolts, don't swing it open, the force of the water will do that, and it'll give you more time.' You each pick your 2 doors, and you station yourself by the further one. Ivan takes your face in his hands and kisses you. You look into his deep blue eyes. 'Good luck, ___' he says, slowly releasing you, and moving away. You wait nervously. You can feel your heart pounding. Suddenly you jump at a cry from Taylor. 'Look out!' he jumps back. There is a massive crash, as the metal dome flies off and hits one of the walls. Water is shooting out from a colossal jet where the dome was. 'Now!' Lancelot cries. 'Undo the bolts!' You
  11. You tug feverishly at the bolts, then when they come open, you run to your second door and tug at them. You are going frantic when at last they fly open and you spin round and head for the ladder. The floor is already knee deep in rushing water, and you hear the cries from the men behind the doors as it hits them. Matt is behind you, and he picks you up as you are struggling through the water, and carries you to the ladder. Then you climb up as quickly as you can into a cave above.
  12. As Rick, who is the last guy up, emerges, he turns and quickly bolts the trap-door down from the outside. 'Where now?' you ask. 'Let's get out of this place,' Taylor replies, 'and quickly!' 'But how?' you ask, confused. The cave you are in is tiny and has no doors or entrances. Lancelot laughs and puts an arm round your shoulders. 'Up there!' he points, and you look up and see another colossally long ladder stretching up into the darkness. You shiver, and his arm tightens about your shoulders. 'Well, can we get going then?' Taylor scowls, moving jealously towards you. Lancelot releases you, and starts up the ladder. Taylor follows quickly, and Katie pushes in after him. You
  13. You follow Katie up the ladder. After a bit you look down, but you can't even make out the floor of the cave. Terrified, you hastily look up again and continue climbing. What seems like years after, you find you have reached the top of the ladder, and Taylor is holding out his hands to you and helping you up. You are in a tiny cave with chinks of a paler light coming in through the low roof. Lancelot is heaving back a slab of stone, and he sweeps you up in his arms and lifts you up. You clamber out quickly and find yourself on a steep, rocky fellside. The moon is nearly setting, and you realise it is still the early hours of the morning. The other guys follow you out, and after climbing up the fellside for about 10 minutes you reach the top of the fell. 'We're safe!' Matt cries. 'We're saved!' 'We've won,' Ivan laughs. 'What's that?' you exclaim. Flares of light are going up from the fellyou can see across the narrow valley. 'It's our guys letting off fireworks,' James breathes softly, coming up behind you and putting his arm about your shoulder. 'It means we've won that battle too...' He turns you round to face him. You see the early sunrise glow of the sky in the East. You look up into James' eyes. '___,' he says, 'Will you marry me?'
  14. But before you can reply, you hear a voice behind you. '___!' You turn to see Connor. For once he is smiling. 'Our clan has won, and thanks to you and these guys, the other clan has gone for good. They'll never come back here!' He comes over to you and grips your shoulders, and turns your head, forcing you to look up at him. 'But now you have to decide, ___. You can marry one of us guys - or you can go away forever.' His voice is harsh, and, looking into his green eyes, you are shocked to realise that he loves you passionately. 'Who - who can I marry?' you ask. 'Any of us.' There is absolute silence now from the other guys, who are all looking at you. Connor goes on 'James, Matt, Ivan, Rick, Taylor - or Lancelot, I think?' He looks questioningly at Lancelot, who nods. 'Or me,' Connor adds. He releases you and steps back. 'Well?' he says, very gently. 'Who do you choose?' You choose
  15. you choose...(continued)

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