Another crazy adventure/love story! (part 1)

This should work for guys or girls. It's another story about... well i won't tell you cos that would give it away. Well take it and see what you think (sorry if it's a bit long) and oh let me know in comments, I'm thinking of changing it to just guys/just girls, cos it's really hard to do both. But let me know what you think. Whether it's great/rubbish or somewhere in between.

READ THIS PARA or you won't know what's happening! OK so let's set the scene: you have been invited by you best friend's family to go with them to England for the holidays. They are going to stay in a little town called Keswick in the Lake District which is place with lots of mountains and lakes. Your best friend is called Taylor and has brown eyes and black hair. You get on well, but he can be a bit moody sometimes. You will meet the other characters later.

Created by: Innominate
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  1. OK so you get to your hotel in Keswick with your best friend Taylor. His mum and dad say they're going shopping in Keswick but you and Taylor can go on a walk together. You two go inside and consult a map and decide on going up Blencathra which is a big mountain/fell with five peaks you can see from the hotel window. (Note: they call mountains fells in the lake district, so i'm calling them that from now on, and if you don't like it you can just leave!!!... but please dont :( ) Anyway it's early afternoon so he says we'd better hurry up if we want to be back before dark and take a rucksack with sandwiches and stuff, you never know what you might need. You scoot up to your room and change into
  2. So you get in the car (which hes hired) and he drives to a tiny village at the base of the fell. Then he says 'Um, look ___, is it OK if I just go and check out on a few friends i have here? I mean are you OK to go up by yourself?' You are a bit surprised as you didnt know he had any friends here, but it doesn't look as though you could possibly get lost so you say 'Er... yes, OK' He says 'All right then I'll put you out here', so you get out and he drives off and then, only then you realise OH NO! I never asked when/where he was going to pick me up! So you get out your phone to ring him, but there is no reception. You think
  3. Well never mind what you think, you say 'oh no!' out loud. You realise you didn't notice there is a cute guy with brown hair and brown eyes standing a few paces away looking at a map or something. He says 'Hi can I help you? Are you lost or something? My name's Matt by the way.' You reply 'no it's fine thanks' because you don't want to tell him your best friend's been so mean to you. But he still looks at you worriedly and then says 'are you sure? I mean I don't want to intefere but you look a bit upset.'
  4. Whatever you chose, you decide to tell him a bit of the truth, so you say 'well actually i don't know my way up this mountain!' He says 'Oh that's all right, I can tell you that: you go up this road and then there's a track off to the right, you can't miss it.' You thank him, then he says suddenly 'Actually the track's a bit hard to see. Tell you what, I'll go with you that far and show you the way.' So he takes you there, and carries you rucksack for you (if you're a girl). When you get to the track (which looks REALLY steep!) he says 'Look ___, I'm really sorry, I can't come any further cos I've got an.. um... well a kind of appointment in the village back there, but do you think you'll be all right?' You think
  5. You say 'sure I'll be fine'. He gives you a hug and then you both notice several groups of walkers standing by the foot of the track. One of them seems to be by himself, he is a really hot guy with blue eyes and blond hair over his eyes. It seems to you he and Matt look at each other a bit oddly. Then Matt says 'I guess I'd better be off', and the guy with blond hair comes up to you and says 'Hi, I'm James. Seems like you're going my way, so mind if we walk together?' You say
  6. Assuming you answered anything but the last, you set off together. The path is quite tricky, but he looks after you, and you get on really well. You get to what seems like the top, but he warns you there are 5 peaks to it! Suddenly you hear a harsh cry and looking up, see a massive black raven flying close overhead. You nearly jump out of you skin as a similar cry comes from right next to you. 'WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING JAMES?' you say. 'You sure terrified me!' 'Oh I'm so sorry' he says with a gorgeous smile, 'I'm quite into birds, you know so I like, um, imitating them.' You think that sounds a bit crazy, then he says 'Yeah, I know I'm crazy! But actually I think I need to be getting home, I've got an... um... appointment. Look take my advice and don't go any further today, it's about sunset, so you'll need to hurry to be back before dark. How about you come with me?' You say 'thanks but I think I'll eat my sandwiches first and take a few pics of the view.' 'OK then' he says and smiles at you. just then the raven reappears circling overhead. James suddenly starts to run on over the fell, and soon disappears from view.
  7. You walk on after him, until you come to the last peak, where you take lots of pics of the sunset and then sit down to eat your sandwiches. You are just finished when you jump with fright, there is a girl standing about two feet away from you the other side of the cairn (you: what's a cairn?, me: a pile of stones to mark the track, you: oh right,thanks, me: don't mention it.)back to the story: the girl looks really weird, you have never seen anyone like her before. She looks about 17 (your age), but it's hard to tell, she is tall and slender with brown eyes and long wavy gold-brown hair blowing in the wind. She is wearing cotton shorts and a fleece top that look as if it she had it when she was 10; the sleeves only come to her elbows, and it is full of holes and darns. Her feet are bare (even though the rocks are quite sharp). She isn't even looking at you, just staring away at the valley beyond.
  8. You wonder whether to stay invisible, and decide it's impossible, so you say tentatively 'er...hi?' '...' You try again, 'hi, my name's ___'. She turns and stares at you for what seems like ages. You are just beginning to get freaked out, when suddenly she smiles sweetly at you and says 'then let me advise you, ___, get home quickly. It'll be dark in a couple of hours, and I'm guessing you don't know your way.' You wonder whether she'll offer to show it to you, so you agree and offer her your sweets; she takes one and offers you one of hers. You don't like to refuse, so you have one. It tastes strange, but kind of nice. You are just beginning to realise you really are tired and wondering whether to head off when two ravens appear in the sky over the valley and head towards you. She spins round, and is about to head off when you say 'hey, what's your name?' She looks at you uncertainly and then says 'actually, I have several names. But the one i go by at the moment is Kismet.' 'Kismet?' 'It means Fate' she tells you, and runs like a deer away down the fell roughly at right-angles to the way you came. The ravens are following her. You notice there are lots more fells that direction, also that it is growing dark and you're getting cold. And you really are VERY tired. You try to keep your eyelids from closing but its impossible. As you drop sideways on the ground your last thought is
  9. You wake up, it is pitch black and at first you've no idea where you are. Then you remember, and are relieved to realise you've not been kidnapped. You climb stiffly to your feet, and look around dumbly. You can't even remember which way you came up. There doesn't seem to be a track anywhere. Then you notice the moon is just rising and it is full. To your left you just make out a long line of fells. To your right and behind you, a long, steep drop *shudders*. In front of you, a (fairly) gentle slope down
  10. Well, you decide in the end to go straight ahead - at least it takes you down. You set off, and go on for what seems ages. Then you are brought up sharp, there is a hideous drop in front of you. You go right. It is there again! You turn to the left - what seems like a crazily steep slope of scree and loose stones. Surely it's impossible anyone could get down there? You turn back to the edge and look down in despair. Eeeeek! It's a long way down if I am to fall, you think. But what was that? You catch sight of a movement down there... You crane over to see better. The moon is well enough up for you to make out a tarn (you: a what? me: it's a small lake up in the fells... dialectword, yeah? You: are there any more dialect words cos if so I'm leaving! me: um, i don't think so... Please don't leave :( . Well you make out a tarn glimmering in the moonlight, it looks DEEP and COLD and a Long Way Down. But that wasn't what caught your eye. At the far side is a string of dark shapes making their way along slowly. You strain your eyes to see better. 'Ponies' you exclaim louder than you meant to. The same instant you feel two hands grip your neck from behind. 'Yes, ponies' a voice whispers, vaguely familiar, although your senses are weakening. Everything is going hazy. The voice says 'I'm sorry ___, truly I am. But I have to do this to you. You see, you just know too much...' Is that a raven you hear somewhere near, or are you hallucinating?
  11. OK guys that's the end of part 1! Cos i need to get off my computer now. So yeah cliffhanger - sorry! If you want to know what happens next or you like it, please tell me in comments, i will be really grateful for any suggestions. but I will only make part 2 if you like it, otherwise i just won't bother so plz tell me if you want part 2! (oh by the way, there's a guy called connor in results, but he hasn't come in yet, cos i took longer than i thought writing this. sorry!) Yeah, so who do you like now?

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