my story part 1

Okay this is my first quiz. you are going on a adventure trip with 3 other students but somethings go wrong and... it's not a fictional story so there's no vampires and etc.

the boys are: Dan the funny nice guy with brown eyes and brown hair. Justin:the mysterious guy with light brown hair and gray eyes. Peter: the sporty nice guy with blond hair and dark blue eyes.

Created by: Unkown
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  1. it's the day! you think to yourself as you get up and get ready to go to school.last year at school you and 5 other students won a match and your prize was an adventure trip for 1 month! you go downstairs with your stuff that you are going to bring with yourself in the trip and see your mom, dad and little sister standing by the put down your heavy backpack on the floor and hug all of them and say" I miss you all" your mom looks into your eyes and says:" be careful okay? call us as soon as you arrived." you:
  2. you come to school a little late and see Peter, Dan and Justin standing near the special car you're gonna travel don't know them very much you just know they are on the team too. you say hi to them and ask where are the others. Dan says" they'd better come sooner..." but he is interrupted by Mr.Jones." I'm sorry but Kate and Naomi are not coming." you hear Justin muttering something like"I knew it." Mr. Jones continues "so hurry up! you should drive a long way! Mr Pearson will join you at night. remember to pay attention to the map we gave you. now go!" you and boys get in the car. you are thinking:
  3. peter drives the car and Justin sits on the front seat so you and Dan sit together on the back seat. you guys drive for almost 7 hours. finally peter stops and point to a sign which leads to two different ways and says " guys look at the sign. the letters are not clear." Justin says" what's on the map?" peter says" follow the sign." Dan says "have you guys seen wrong turn?" peter laughs and says "shut up Dan! lets go this way" driving starts again and you look out of the window and see that it's getting dark. the road isn't asphalted anymore. suddenly car starts and peter says "Damn! we've run out of gas!"
  4. you say " I think we should call Mr Pearson." Dan get his phone out of his pocket but say " no signal" all of you pick your cellphones up and after a second look at each. NO SIGNAL!
  5. Justin says "we should stay here until Mr Pearson comes." you guys agree and get out of the car to get some air. it's cold out there but you are tired of sitting. Peter suggests to gather some wood and light fire to get warm. Dan and peter go to find dry woods and you stay to help Justin get things out the trunk but he completely ignores you. you try to break the silence "when do you think he comes?" he shrugs. you try more "I hope he comes sooner so ..." but he interrupts you "so we won't have to listen to your nagging. yeah I hope so too!"
  6. fortunately Dan and Peter come back. Peter looks at your face and says "are you ok?" you nod. after lighting the fire Dan comes and says "but it seems like you've been attacked by a monster. you look white." you laugh and think " yeah something like that!" 2 0r 3 hours pass but Mr Pearson doesn't show up.
  7. you guys decide to wait until tomorrow and sleep a little. so you pair up and one pair sleeps and the other keep an eye on the road in case someone or something is coming. the first shift is for Dan and Justin. so you and Peter take a nap in the car.
  8. it's your shift after 2 or 3 hours. you and peter go and sit near the fire and start to talk to avoid sleeping. " we'll find Mr Pearson tomorrow and start our adventure trip." he says. you laugh." I thing it has started!" you say. " you're right. an unexpected adventure but I really..." he stops talking because a voice came from behind some trees...
  9. who do you prefer?
  10. sorry if it was bad. it's my first time.

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