~ Love Story ~ *Part 3*

This is part three in the series. Honestly, the quiz was named after the Taylor Swift song, so if you feel like listening to Love Story while taking this quiz, be my guest.

I hope you get who you want. But each person is differently matched to each personality. By the way, each question and answer is drastic to your result, so try not to skip any questions.

Created by: musicgirl
  1. You know the drill... Are you more of a talker or a listener?
  2. Are you a people person (i.e. Do you like to be around people)?
  3. Who do you often fall for?
  4. Are you rebellious?
  5. Alright, on the the story. Whoever you choose to bunk with is thrilled you'll be staying with them. It's time to go to bed, you feel...
  6. You fall asleep in ____'s bed, and they're sleeping on a make-do bed on the floor. After what felt like two minutes (but was really 4 hours), you wake up, and _____ is staring at you, and has been watching you sleep. You...
  7. All of a sudden, you hear a crash coming from the other room. Everyone runs into Zane's room to see what's happened. Zane isn't there, and the window's been broken. How do you react?
  8. You look around at the guys' expressions. Ben's in disbelief, Kilian's shocked, Jules is concerned, Tucker looks unaffected, and Eli looks a mix of all. Which do you go to comfort?
  9. Ben is the first to speak. "He's here. We have to take her someplace safer." Jules replies, saying, "Yes, of course. [Your name here], would you please be so kind as to go with us willingly?"
  10. Whether or not you decide to go willingly, you go. You sit down by Eli in the huge car. Eli, as well as Kilian, is known for protecting. Eli looks at you, and whispers, "______, I know you're probably scared. I'm here to tell you- you don't have to be. You'll be okay." Does this make you feel any better?
  11. Kilian signals Eli, and Eli gets up to move. In his place, Kilian sits down. He too, whispers to you... "_____, I'm sorry this is all happening. I promise that we will all do whatever it takes to keep you safe..."

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