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This story is kind of a mixture of Letters to Juliet and A Cinderella Story. I will add more guys on the next part two and so please look for part two soon! Shoutout to Hailey (Carrotop), Zane (Zane Is Here)

Daisy (AZY) Kierra (Kierra_LOVE) Jayden (SilverTree) And waaaay more people for helping me throughout qotoquiz.com I love you guys. Ok, well just take the quiz now!!!!!!!!!! >:O

Created by: IcyDesignns

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  1. I lay there on my bed, spending a lazy Saturday evening doing nothing but watching Spongebob and eating Corn Flakes in my pajama's. Tossing and turning, sobbing all day, waiting for one thing-my letter. "Stop it Patrick, I'm Claustrophobic," Demands Squidward. "What does that mean?" Patrick asks. "It means he's afraid of Santa Claus," Spongebob Answers. "HO HO HO!" "Stop it Patrick, you are scaring him..." My eyes slowly begin to close although the sun is still shinning. But I feel as if I have been waiting forever. "Allie!" My mom calls. My eyes lash open and I start running downstairs where I find my mom sitting on the couch. "Your mail," She says. I grab the envelope and start walking up the stairs.
  2. I sit on my bed and cross my legs with the envelope in hand. I take the time to perfectly tear off the sleeve, not wanting to rip it. I open it and take out the letter-this was to die for. I unfold and begin to read: Dear Juliet, Will we ever get a chance to finally meet? If so, I hope it's soon. And even if it's just for 5 minutes for frozen yogurt, I'll cherish every minute of it. Ahh, I can taste it now, blueberry swirl with a hint of mint. You know my buddy down the street owns Yogurt Palace in the mall. I'd love to take you there some day, that ok? Haha, well, I gotta go now. Football practice in an hour, I need to get ready. Write back soon. Love, Romeo. P.S. If we go for frozen yogurt, I'll pay for it :)
  3. I look at the letter and all of a sudden I get a big smile on my face that's impossible to wipe of. I walk over to my desk, sit in my chair, get a sheet of paper and grab a pen. "Dear Romeo," I write, trying to think of more words. "Are you tired? Because you've been running through my mind all day. And just so you know, I'm not a big fan of frozen yogurt, but icecream would be great. And say we did meet, what if I'm not the type of girl you were looking for? What would happen then? I don't want to ruin everything before it even starts. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I just don't think I'm ready to show my true colors. I'm off to watching Spongebob, so bye for now, Romeo. -Love, Juliet. P.S. I never heard of blueberry mint frozen yogurt before."
  4. I fold the letter up and put it in an envelope and take a step down the stairs. "Whatcha got there?" Says Hailey, my sister. "Nothing," I say, avoiding her. "Hmm..." She says, eyes still on me as I walk down the stairs. As I approach the door I see my mom, "Another letter?" She asks. "Yeah, another one..." I say looking down at my feet, moving my hair out of my face with a slight smile. My mom just smiles and pats my backs, walking into the kitchen. I slide on my flip-flops and head out the door. I'm standing in front of the mailbox, thinking about what I'm doing. 'Should I do this?' I keep thinking. I've already sent him 16 letters before, and nothing happend. I just slide the letter into the box. There's no going back now.
  5. The weekend flies by slower then ever, but I manage to live through it. Feeling like it's been forever, It's finally Monday. I see my friend, Daisy, leaning against a tree in front of the school and I walk up to her. "Hey," I say. "Hey," She replies. "I got the note," "Really?" "Yeah, he wants us to meet eachother," "Oh, wow. What did you uhh, say?" "I really don't know." "Hmm..." "What?" "Nothing I just-" The bell rang and we all scurried into the building.
  6. My first class is history, which I have with Daisy. I take a seat in my normal spot, in the back right corner, the seat in front of Daisy. I am working on our Civil War project when suddenly she taps my back. I look back, "What?" I whisper. "You don't have to whisper, he said we can talk. Anyways, what if it's Carter?" She replies. "Who?" "Your Romeo." "No, it isn't Carter. He's dating Kierra now, remember?" "Oh yeah," "I, too, wonder who it is," "So your going to meet him...right?" "Daisy, I really don't know right now," "Ugh, fine," I turn forward and sit there, tapping my pencil on my desk. Great, now I can't think of anything but him.
  7. I run home after school and do some of my homework while watching Spongebob and yelling "I'M A GOOFY GOOBER!!" It's 7:12 p.m. and the mailman finally came. I run to the door as fast as I can and go to his truck. "Allie Edwards, my mail," I say, retrieving the mail. I get in the house and look through it and all of them say 'To Selena Edwards', which is my mom. "Where's mine?" I say. "He most have had football practice," Mom said. "No, he has it tomorrow," "Maybe he got a job?" "Ugh.." "Hey, that reminds me. You need to get a job," "What?" "You watching Spongebob everyday makes my electricity bill sky high. I can't afford it," "Then I'll stop watching Spongebob," "And do what? You refuse to go play outside, I don't know what to do with you," "Whatever, I'll find jobs on the internet later," "Fine," I head up stairs and go into my sister, Hailey's, room. "Can I borrow your laptop?" I ask. "For what?" Hailey asks."Looking for a job," "Why don't you just apply at Will's Coffee? Their hiring," A tear of sadness rolls down my cheek just as she said that. Will's Coffee is the coffee shop my dad built and owned before he passed away. "Uh, sure," I say, closing her door.
  8. The next day after school I put in an application to my dad's coffee shop and they hired me right away-they must have been desperate! I started work the next day. And everyday after school, I had to work. I was wiping down the bar when a man came over and said "Black." "Excuse me?" I asked, confused. "Black coffee, you work here right?" "Uh, yeah, Hold on," I poured black coffee into from a pitcher into a glass and hand it to him. He drank it up fast, "Thanks," He said. "Mhmm," The next day he came again, and again, and again the next. I started to think this was absurd, but I did like his company once in a while.
  9. A week has gone by and I haven't gotten my letter. I'm drinking iced tea with my mom one early morning, "Mom, do you think...that he's mad at me?" I ask. "Why would he be, honey?" "I don't know," "Nahh, I think your last letter didn't get to him yet. The mailman is kinda lazy ya know..." "Yeah, maybe,"
  10. Later on that day my friend Daisy comes over. "Haha! Spongebob is so stupid!" Daisy says, watching Spongebob. "Yeahh, I guess..." I say. "What's wrong with you?" "Nothing, I just, I sorta want to meet him now," "Allie!" Mom yells, standing at the staircase. I run to her. "Your mail," She says. I take it from her and she smiles, "Good luck honey," I walk to my room and me and Daisy are jumping up and down. I open it, "Dear Juliet, Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been busy. And ok, It'll be icecream instead of frozen yogurt, if that's what makes you happy. Anyways, I really wanna see you, no joke. I can't wait any longer, it has to be tonight. Can you meet me at the park? Love, Zane. P.S. I Thought it was time to tell you who I really was." I look at Daisy, "Who's Zane?" I ask. "I don't know," She replie. "Should I go meet him now?" "Of course!" "I'll wait her and hang out with your sister, ok?" "Ok," I walk downstairs and meet up with my mom. "Can I go?" She smiles at me and puts her hand on my shoulder. "Allie, I love you. Now go find your prince charming!"
  11. (Hey there! Icy here! I just want to say I hope you liked this part and I'm working on part two and it will be out Thursday, June 28th 2012. Thanks for reading, bye!!)

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