Is it REAL love?

What is love? Is it what you say to him or her when there's nothing else to say? Or is it how you describe your incredible relationship that you never want to end. You decide.

Are you REALLY in love? Or are you in lust? Lust is where you think you love someone but your mind is playing tricks. Make sure it's love, it really makes a difference. Double check and tKe this quiz!

Created by: Madeline Anne

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How close do you currently feel to him/her?
  2. Do you think it's worth working on?
  3. What do you consider a necessary sacrifice?
  4. How long have you 2 been dating?
  5. I like him/her because?
  6. Is he/she nice?
  7. Have you ever thought about breaking up with him/her?
  8. Have they ever pressured you to smoke/drink or anything illegal?
  9. Do you enjoy hanging out with him/her?
  10. What are you thinking about when your with him/her?

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