Someday Never p.1

Your name is Phoebe Longo and you and your first love broke up over he summer and he got a new girlfriend and so you start out the year looking for new options or maybe trying to get him back

will you end up with your first love, will he be your only love, or will there be a mysterious new guy that is more promising and maybe even your true love

Created by: iluvme

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  1. Senior year... you thought it would start differently. You thought that it would start the way every year of high school had, walking through the front doors with chris by your side. But its different, and you're running late.
  2. As you walk up the stairs to your ap biology class you slip on the wet stairs and fall on your butt. A hand reaches down to help you up...
  3. You look up and notice you don't know this person. You introduce yourself, "Hi I'm Phoebe." he introduces himself, "I'm Zane, its nice to meet you." he says in a sexy British accent.
  4. It appears that you have the same class so you walk to class with him. There is luckily two open seats, right next to each other. But the bad news is that your ex chris and his new girlfriend kelli are in this class too and they have the lab right next to yours.
  5. *skip ahead to lunch* you decide to be nice and let Zane sit with you and your friends at lunch. Around the lunch table is your twin sister Alexis, her boyfriend Ben, our friend Jane and her boyfriend Will, and Chris and Kelli.
  6. *skip forward* you are getting ready for a date with zane. He shows up looking fabulous and it turns out he rides a motorcycle!!!
  7. *skip forward* you go to a party with Zane and everyone is there. You see Chris half way through the night and you decide to go say hi. Chris takes your hand and drags you up the stairs and into an empty room and starts to kiss you.
  8. You push him away and run down the stairs and straight into the arms of your friend Jarron. He offers to drive you home and you take him up on that offer. 30 minutes after he drops you off your doorbell rings, you open the door and its...
  10. Comment and please tell me whether i should give up now or not kk thanks :)

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