Which CATALOG cat are you?

I've created a new book series that could be more someday. I want this to give me an award someday. It's mainly about cats with different personalities.

I also wanted to create quiz on this website. I have proudly done just that. So which important character are YOU the most like? Do you want to find out? Enjoy!

Created by: invisibleme

  1. You're most likely to say:
  2. You just got up. What do you do?
  3. When playing sports, you:
  4. When fighting an opponent you:
  5. In your spare time, you:
  6. If you're bored, you:
  7. If you have little siblings you probably:
  8. When you're in New York, you:
  9. People often describe you as:
  10. Would you wear glasses if you were myopic?

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Quiz topic: Which CATALOG cat am I?