Which "Size Twelve Is Not Fat" Character Are You?

Of all the series created by novelist Meg Cabot, my favorite is the one featuring Heather Wells. The good news is that a fourth book in the series in being written now.

But if you don't know who Heather Wells is, here's a chance to find out about her character and those of seven other important characters in the first book in the series.

Created by: Margaret Orleans
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You feel that size 12 is
  2. Your dream boyfriend is
  3. To you, a good workout is
  4. You think college students are
  5. Your most important accessory is
  6. If students are elevator surfing in the college residence hall where you work, you
  7. Your ideal date is
  8. Your father
  9. Your goal in life is
  10. When you’re in a crowd, you
  11. You think marriage is
  12. Your style is

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Quiz topic: Which "Size Twelve Is Not Fat" Character am I?